Backlog Attack Part II: Day 3


A Waltz Three Turns with the Prodigal Prince (Houtou Ouji to Waltz wo 3-kai Odoru) by Asakawa Nao

[Not sure if I translated that right. According to wiki, a waltz is a dance that’s done in triples? Since I can’t dance to save the world, I have no idea what that means…feel free to correct me if you happen to be a Waltz-er :J]


Sera is an unremarkable girl who works at the kingdom’s library. However, she also has another job…to serve as an attendant for the Prince Cafe, a place where royalty gather for a chance of pace.  

In this second book, Sera sets out to the kingdom of Athens on library business and encounters a handsome but rude young man. It turns out he’s the rumored first prince of Athens – “rumored” because no one has actually seen his face before, for it’s said the prince spends his days dozing off and not living up to his title. 

However, the prince starts to feel something in him change through his repeated meetings with Sera… From their banters to their first dance at the royal ball, she makes him realize he can do great things and to stop closing his heart.

Hopefully he gets his act together because lurking in the shadow is a sinister plan…and Leo may be the target…or is he?


So this was the book that made me realize The Secret Prince Cafe had a continuation (well, two continuations). It was just coincidence I had bought all the books at the same time – my logic was to buy all the Next Comic F books via author based on oldest publication. Hers came first so all three books went into my cart.

As I started my reads with this tank, I thought “hmmm, this chick looks SUPER familiar.” At first I chalked it up to shojo face (that case where characters from a particular manga-ka look the same) but the pigtails was a give away. This was the character from the cover of The Secret Prince Cafe! Then I got confused because wait, I thought pigtails got together with that grumpy prince in The Secret Prince Cafe (yeah, I cheated and looked at the end first. Fight me) – who the fuck is this assclown on the cover? Did the grumpy prince get a  hair cut and change his grumpy to cocky in this second book??? Also changing his name to fit his new identity? That’s when I did research and found out, oh shit, there are three books in the Secret Prince Cafe – each focusing on a different prince. Would have been nice to know this. You know, maybe having it somewhere in the title so simple folk like me aren’t confused the hell out of our minds.

Honestly, even after reading the first tank, I’m still confused on the point of this second tank. Literally I think it was just about adding another prince to the roster – like how skittles will come out with new flavors. Here’s the new tropical flavor – cocky prince! (so tempted to just put ‘cock’ lol). What the point of having him fall in love with the main girl is I don’t know. Because she’s not interested in his cocky cock. She’s got a grumpy one at home she’s waited 10 years for. TEN YEARS!

And yeah…that’s pretty much it. Grumpy barely had 5 panels to himself (hell, fake cockblocking prince had more time than Grumpy <- yeah, fake cockblocking prince is still with the crew. Why? Kinda like how everyone is repressing Happy Prince going evil from their memories. We’re just ignoring logic and going with it). The romance wasn’t interesting because we all know it wasn’t going any where.
Welcome to One-Side Love, population, you and your penis, buddy :/
The world building was kind of cool but it sucks that due to lack of furigana, again, I could only grasp certain bits. Once we started going down “back in the day” I had to keep walking because I ain’t going to bust the kanji dictionary out for that.

All in all..why? xD

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