Backlog Attack Part II: Day 1

nibiiro (dark gray

Nibiiro Musica (Musica Scuro Grigio) vol #1



“You were the only one I didn’t want to find out about this desire…”

10 years have past since Takumu lost touch with his good friend Yuki, who left for Italy to become a Cellist. Now working as a home aid, Takumu is shocked to find his next patient is none other than Yuki himself.
Yuki, who is now semi-blind after an accident left him injured and his eyes trapped behind bandages until his surgery. 
Due to mixed feelings about their reunion, Takumu keeps his identity a secret as he tends to the injured Yuki. But how will he react when he learns that his friend was in love with someone when they were kids…and still holds a torch for that person even now?

A Cellist who has kept his feelings hidden in the recesses of his heart and his childhood friend…the music of their clumsy yet pure love begins to play…


I’ve been wanting to read this title ever since I saw the cover. Didn’t care it was BL. I’m a shallow person that will go with the covers all the time haha.

Nibiiro Musica read like a cheesy josei. Actually, it surpassed shojo level cheese haha. The two characters…omg, they didn’t even meet for two pages before they started gushing over each other haha. If it weren’t for the sex (towards the end), I’d have said this could have been almost Disney in their romance hur.

Really didn’t understand why Takumu kept his mouth shut on who he was. At first I can understand due to how awkward things were with Yuki going silent on their friendship. But after Yuki began talking about his crush on past Takumu, it should have been time to let the cat out of the bag and give yourself up to PETA for animal cruelty. It was getting to the point where the only reason I could see Takumu keeping quiet was for drama reasons and sure enough, that’s what happened haha.

But that didn’t stop the two from going “omg Takumu suki ~” “boku mo, suki Yuki” “iya <3” “hee <3”

Me: *wipes sparkly pink josei vomit from cheek

Super curious to find out what the heck happened to Yuki when he was in Italy. It looks like someone lured him out onto a rooftop to attack him and ultimately pushing him off said building, thus the wounds but so far nothing is said in this first volume beyond that little snippet.

The art was beautiful, just like the cover :3 And surprisingly, the story was very easy to follow, despite the kanji not having any furigana. I’m wondering if that last Backlog Attack project helped increase my vocabulary??

Until next time! :J

(ps. surprised this hasn’t been scanned :U)

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