Blatherings ~ (couldn’t think of a better title hur)

Hello all ~

Just doing that weekly update thing that I said I might do a month ago. Ah, I really gotta work on my procrastination hah…ffxi

Work has been busy as usual. We were all hit by an unexpected storm of re-organization. No group in my office was safe. I myself have been removed from the clutches of my should be clinically diagnosed maniac boss…to someone who might be lower on the shit pole than him. I say “might” because in the past, this new boss sucked ass, but it seems he’s gotten better after being told “stop that,” and his little core of people changed to folk who are more patient and distract him with sparkly things while they do the work. I like his core people so at least I’ll have folk to have normal conversations with (versus my old group where no one talked, only bitched and lied…hell, one was so tired of it he was only present in the work he left completed. I took to following his example. Less poisonous hur).

Also at work, we’re trying a new workflow. Thankfully I am not really part of this new workflow but it reminds me of the first attempt at a new workflow we did 2 years ago. I think that first workflow is what first started the cracks you see in people today. I nearly broke from that workflow because it was not feasible. It relied on everything working correctly, never failing. And at our work place, that ain’t possible. Between ancient machines, limited space needed for tests, and praying the tests passed, not having wiggle room was just asking us to age 30 days an hour. I was thankful I was in a great group back then because even though everything was falling apart, we had each other to shoulder through and laugh through the tears and blood.

Good people are what can make a shitstorm bearable.


I’ve recently taken to reading audiobooks. I can thank Disagea and its endless restarting to find pirates for the interest. I wanted to do something productive as I pirate hunted and a conversation with my friend lead me to sniffing around at audiobooks. Now, those mothers are hella expensive, but shit they’re worth it ~ At least the two I’ve gotten thus far.

The first was “The Siren” by Kiera Cass. The narrator did a great job at storytelling. I like how she had a different voice for each of the characters. This helped me tell who was talking :J The story itself could get a bit dramatic at times, but the audiobook helped me push through those points where, had I the physical volume, I’d have set the book down to rub my brow and walk away.

The second was “Stolen Songbird” by Danielle L. Jensen. I freaked out with this one because I didn’t realize it had dual protagonists talking. Most of the story is told from the female Cecile’s POV but every now and then, the male lead Tristan had like 5 things to say. However, the guy who voices Tristan’s POV had some serious ball droppage cuz he voice was deep and full of testosterone. So you’d go from little Cecile to TRISTAN RAWR MONSTER TRUCKS SMASHING ALL THE CARS AND BUILDINGS. I swore in surprise when Tristan’s POV first came up. I was like, wtf how is this lady able to do that with her voice?? Only later did I learn it was indeed a man talking haha.

“Stolen Songbird” was ok but damn was it over the top dramatic. Like, fucking shojo crazy. I agree with a reviewer on amazon: once Cecile succumbed to Stockholm Syndrome and Tristen got off his period, the story was more enjoyable. However, that doesn’t happen until the last 1/4 of the book :(

I want to continue on with the next book, but 14 hours of these two being hella dramatic kind of turned me off for a bit so I’ll wait a bit before I continue onto book #2. Also, I didn’t like how the narrator for Cecile talked like a normal person but then said everyone’s name with a French accent. So it wasn’t “Cecile”, it’d be “CE-cillllleeeeeEEEE”. Or, not Marc  but “MAHHHKK.” Was kinda distracting. Like, shit, just stick with one or the other.

My next book is going to be “The Mermaid’s Sister”. Amazon currently has a nice little sale going on and I’m grabbing whatever catches my eye. Hey man, at $2 an audiobook vs the normal price of *cough* – that’s a steal! :j


Rightstuf had its semi-annual Yen Press sale. Damn did my wallet not cry with the scream of someone who had their little pinky stubbed. The reason for the pain is not just for the pre-orders (for there were many), but also because I’m trying to catch up on series I never got but wanted to try. With Yen Press, cuz I love them so, I’m more willing to try a titles I’d normally not get. This time I got 13th Boy, the first couple vols of Black God, My Girlfriend is a Geek manga (I’ve read the novel and greatly enjoyed!), and the Ugly Ducking’s Revolution.

(I wonder how many volumes of manga I own? Since a large share of my older manga are in boxes due to moving and limited space because city living, I haven’t had a chance to count everything. I have a list here but still…meh I’m sure it’s not that crazy >__>)

I was hoping for a break between the Yen Press sale and the soon to be coming Viz sale but nope! Hot on its heels is Viz. Now I have to cry a little more again because I got lots of shojobeat stuff to order. Somehow a sale involving shojobeat stuff hadn’t been on RS for a while. It’d either be Viz solo or their BL imprint (Sublime?). The good thing is after this Viz sale, I’ve only got the Seven Seas one to worry about since the Vertical one already came a while back.

The only reason I have a job is for food, shelter, and manga.


My little garden I planted out in the communal area – since my apartment gets as much light as a butt hole – has been doing quite well. Somehow, despite living in the Big Apple, my garden has been invested by aphids, whitelace, and these weird spider things. The spider things, thankfully when removed from my basil, never came back. The basil since then has been thriving very beautifully. The cilantro and parsley have been trimmed down and are fighting the aphids. Too bad there are no lady bugs around to gobble them. Only my fingers to squish the life out of them in anger is what’s reducing the population. The whitelace was dealt with by harvesting my mint plant and washing off all the leaves. Thankfully mint is a weed and will thrive where others would die. Already the plant is growing back up :j


Alright, think that’s enough blattering for one post haha. I’ve got a Love Jossie post that should be out today. Possible another Love Jossie post, depending on how productive I feel :p

In the mean time, I’m off to read the February issue of Sylph!

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