Ane Lala vol 15

antimagicwitchchickAnother post rescued from DRAFT purgatory!

My main problem with posting isn’t the writing part. Rather, it’s getting everything set up to be posted and read. I’m happy more magazines are going digital. It makes it easier for my lazy butt to get pictures in these posts :p I’d love it if Sylph went digital too. I’d still buy the physical version of course but I’d be able to have more pictures than the ones I use my camera for. And I usually only have a couple pictures because too much effort with photoshop haha xD

Thank goodness I had already written about Ane Lala vol 15 cuz I’m already fuzzy on the details ~ I do remember finally having things to read but everything else is a blur, most likely due to skimming ~

BTW, I’m still shocked Inferno hasn’t ended yet. Each chapter just gets weirder and weirder…


Hinoko by Tsuda Masami
Inferno by Matsumoto Tomo
Inu mo Arukeba (~The Dog Walks Too) by Karasawa Chiaki *short*
Kawaii Hito by Saitou Ken
Kanojo ni Naru Hi by Ogura Akane
Kyou Kanoko by Nakaji Yuki
Kyou no Kon no Daiya (The Schematics for Today’s Marriage) by Kusakawa Nari
Otona no Kobayashi-kun by Morio Masami
Sakura Yoi Machi, Yaban Mae (~ Waiting at night for the Sakura to Fall, before the Midnight Hour) by Akatsuki *short*
Tonari wa Nani o Kuu Hito zo by Fujitsuka Yuki

Color Pages:


Kawaii Hito

Hiyori’s B-day is coming up and Hanazono is trying to figure out how best to celebrate it ~ However, the lingering thoughts of last issue’s BBQ event are still hanging around (mostly drunk Hiyori screaming she wants to get down and dirty with Hanazono). This eventually leads them to have a cute kissing scene in this chapter so yay ~ x3

The chapter ends with Hanazono’s mom winning some tickets to visit an Onsen. If Hiyori’s parents are cool with it, Hanazono and her can use the tickets. Surprisingly the family is good.


Inu mo Arukeba (~The Dog Walks Too) by Karasawa Chiaki

Kid: Hana
Dog: Maru

lol I’m a slow roasting potato.I forgot this was the one-shot written by Karasawa Chiaki xD I was like, man this art looks super familiar! Wonder where I saw it? Hmmmm.

My slow thinking aside, this was a super cute one-shot. I think it is just a single contained story cuz I was able to follow it pretty easily. The story follows a goofball soldier who is also a dad. He lost his wife about half a year ago and is raising their child on his own. His daughter, Hana, is a bright little girl but he learns she doesn’t like interacting with other kids her age. Concerned, the father – Inui – ponders how to address this when he comes across a pup whose mother has died. If not cared for, the puppy is sure to die. That’s when he decides to adopt the dog into his family in hopes the dog will get Hana to open up. Things are going good until Hana starts getting jealous of all the attention her dad is giving the dog, Maru. Dad thinks he’s the one who fucked up and cries about it at work (friend: uh, I know being a dad is hard, but we should really concern ourselves right now on capturing this serial killer… Inui: HIS DAUGHTER PROBABLY HATES HIM TOO! LEAVE THE MAN BE! ;___;) friend: …but he’s killed 10 people… Inui: so will I if this continues…).  Inui thinks about his late wife. She was an interesting women. Very energetic and loved getting her eats on. Through her he was able to get over his fear of becoming a dad. Remembering her words, Inui decides to stop mopping and spend some time with his daughter (friend: uh the serial killer? Inui: no time for that! I have a family to save! Friend: *throws hands in the air*).

The trio of Inui, Hana, and Maru go to a Hanami. There, Inui has a heart to heart with his daughter, letting her know he’s there for her and if there’s anything bothering her, to not hesitate to talk with him. Touched, Hana opens her mouth to tell him her worries when fireworks go off. Maru gets scared and runs off (awww, he reminds me of my doggie ;___; but she goes under things and shakes with her doggie smile on). Inui asks Hana to wait for him and he rushes off to find the dog. He bumps into his soldier/cop buddies who have cornered a mob boss. They tell him to help and he’s like, I gotta find my dog.

Them: ???

His friend grabs him and tells him to stop being a little bitch. He needs to man up. How long does he plan on rolling over and pissing himself? As his colleagues go and get their asses handed to them by this mob boss, Inui thinks about his friends words. He’s just standing around as his friend is getting punched repeatedly in the face. And even his daughter is waiting for him. The whole point of the dog and going on this outing was to get Hana to open up. Yet, if that’s the case, he should be with is daughter looking for Maru.


The mob boss ambles over, thinking Inui an easy punch. However, you don’t fuck with a dad. Inui easily upper cuts the mob with his sword, knocking the mob boss over. However, Inui doesn’t stick around. Instead he runs off to find Hana and Maru.

Colleagues: ???

We jump over to Hana who is halfheartedly looking for Maru. She spots him barking furiously but hesitates to go over to him. Just as she’s about to turn and leave, a stray dog appears and tells Hana “your money or your life” pretty much. Maru pops up and is ready to kick some ass. Doesn’t matter his opponent is 60 pounds heavier than him and is thug. Bring it, homes! Hana is scared of Maru getting hurt and grabs him before he can lunge at the stray dog. The stray dog, not hindered by anyone like Maru, takes advantage of Hana’s actions and lunges. But thankfully daddy appears and scares the dog off.

Hana cries at the sight of her dad and she tells him her worries. He’s like, no man, I’m the one who should be apologizing. I’m sorry for being so shitty ;___; but you’ll never be replaced. No matter if you hate me, I’ll never hate you. Cuz I’m your dad. The two work out their issues and head home. Maru falls asleep after his big adventure. Hana asks her dad if she can  hold the dog, cuz he’s family.

Me: ;_____; how cute!

The trio walk home and all is well.

Such a good one-shot! As expected of the manga-ka of “Marriage in the Sticks” x3

Sakura Yoi Machi, Yaban Mae (~ Waiting at night for the Sakura to Fall, before the Midnight Hour) by Akatsuki

Main chick: Kayano Toono
Dude: Moriya

At a Class Reunion gathering, Kayano meets her old crush, Moriya. Back in school, Moriya was a sweetie. Everyone liked him because he’d always be ^__^ But he suddenly transferred and moved away, leaving Kayano torn up a bit. But now he’s back. Only the Moriya before her is a man, and damn was puberty kind to him. Tall, regal, and handsome. Kayano gets so flustered about seeing him again and how much he’s changed that she ends up taking in too much liquid courage and blacks out. And you know how it goes when you’ve drunk too much alcohol in a josei… She awakens to find herself in bed, half naked, with Moriya, who is also dressed the same…

Him:  (▽ ‿ <) ‿♥

Not sure what’s going on, Kayano understandably flees the crime scene, dropping behind a bookmark in her haste. The bookmark means a lot to Kayano because it contains pressed Sakura flowers (saying Sakura flowers sounds weird but I’ve already typed this far so we’re doing this). Back when she was a student, Kayano wanted to bring her granny some Sakura flowers, cuz granny was in the hospital. While looking, she accidentally smacked her noggin on a tree. That’s when Moriya passed by and is like, sup? After hearing Kayano’s plight, he conveniently pulls out some Sakura flowers from his bag and hands them over (perhaps he was holding on to them until the Kayano side quest opened up?).

Anyway, all I know is fuck granny cuz Kayano ended up pressing those flowers into a bookmark lol!

Moriya gets into contact with Kayano through some friend of hers. He uses the bookmark as leverage to get Kayano to go on a date with him. She does so reluctantly, cuz bookmark > almost naked in bed together. The date turns out to be fine. Pretty much just Moriya flirting M style with Kayano who is like (゚台゚the whole time cuz hawt crush x naked in bed with him memories).

Since this is a short one shot, drama comes crashing through the front door via her friend telling Kayano she thinks Moriya has a crush on someone else (friend: I have no basis for this but I like shitting in pots and then stirring them). This pisses Kayano off a bit because she thinks she’s just being toyed with. She tells Moriya via phone to chuck the bookmark and piss off pretty much. Afterwards we find her crying under the Sakura tree Moriya gave her the flowers from his bag. Adult Moriya appears and is like, wtf? ^^#

Kayano tells Moriya he likes someone else and to stop being a buttfart. He tells her yeah, the person he likes is her, and kisses her with the bookmark between them.

Kayano: wow didn’t see that coming

They go back to his place where Moriya explains he was always ^^ because his parents were strict and wanted him to be better. He found ^^-ing all the time made things easier. However, the only one who ever say his suffering was Kayano. When she offered some chocolate to him because she thought he looked a little tired, he fell in love with her too. He’s happy to learn that she loves him too (though he’d still have gone after her had she not :P).

The one-shot ends with them about to make out. Oh, and Moriya didn’t stick his dickie into a drunk Kayano’s lady hole. Turns out the reason they were both half naked was because Kayano barfed on both of them in her drunk state and he took her back with him to look after. Crawling into bed with her half naked was a little werid but apparently in his book, that was payment for the barf?

The one shot wasn’t bad ~ I knew Moriya hadn’t taken advantage of a drunk Kayano. Who puts someone’s under garments back on?? Also, they tried to play him as a typical shojo hero ass but he was really just a nice guy who, when he flirted, went in HARD. He could benefit from toning his game down but hey, there are worse people out there haha.


The next issue has a short from Vampire Knight’s Hino Matsuri. Not sure what to expect from this story as we see a bride throwing a glare our way while holding a…chair(???) on her shoulder…The tagline calls the story “An Escape Love Attack”, whatever the fuck that means??? @__@ Sadly, it looks like I’ll just be reading this and Kawaii Hito in the next issue. One day something new and not a sequel will come my way in AneLala…someday…^^




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