Margaret No. 6

omg I finally published something haha! Enjoy ~

Color pages:

Toukyou Palette by Mai Hori (new series!)
Futsuu no Koiko-chan by Nanaji Nagamu
Short Cake Cake by Morishita Suu


Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet by Yamamori Mika
Nanoka no Kare by Tekkotsu Saro, Toumori Miyoshi
Kedamono Kareshi by Aikawa Saki
Mori no Takuma-san by Komura Ayumi
Hinadori no Waltz by Satonaka Mika
Toshishita no Otokonoko by Hiro Chihiro
Konyakusei by Iwa Chika
Tenohira no Sherbet by Fujimiya
Ayu Anagura Amélie by Satou Zakuri
Mei-chan no Shitsuji DX by Miyagi Riko
Boku ni Hana no Melancholy by Komori
Mikko Kengai Princess by Aida Natsumi
Yohou Hazure no Hi by Nanakawa Sarari (one-shot)

Tokyou Pallet (new series)

Main girl: Hotaru
Neighbor next door: Minoru

Main girl Hotaru moves to Tokyo from Hokkaido. The reason being is her dad loves this one drama show and in it, the main guy’s son goes off to Tokyo for high school and has an adventure and shit. Hotaru’s dad wants the same for her.

As a girl from the literal sticks, she has no idea about anything celebrity related or what’s cool. You know, what the city kids are in to. She doesn’t even have a cell phone (got-damn!). However, her hillbilly aura instantly makes her likable with her classmates. While she doesn’t get what they’re talking about most of the time, she’s grateful for the chance to interact with these city-slickers and to create memories with them.

The current craze is with a boy band called “Colors.” When Hotaru’s friends talk about which member is better, Hotaru tells them that she can’t tell the difference between any of the boys – they all look the same. The friends then begin to argue about how she can’t tell the difference – “obvious A is better than B. I mean, look at that dick budge.” “Excuse bitch? C all the way. A and B got boobs and that’s weird.” I mention Colors because they are important to the story.

For living on her own, Hotaru is doing well. She cooks and cleans. She hasn’t gotten shanked and raped. And she’s made friends. However, Hotaru has one thing biting at the back of her mind – her neighbor. In her time living in Tokyo, she has yet to meet him or her. Her father told her it’s polite to say hello and introduce yourself but thus far she has yet to encounter her neighbor. Her landlord, who has the country side burning in his heart, tells her not to fret over it but Hotaru wants to do the right thing – it’s what folk like her do back in her tiny ass town of 500 people (290 of them being the livestock).

One day her wish does come true and she encounters her neighbor while coming home. It’s a dude. She smiles and tries to make small talk with him, offering him some vegetables her father grew and mailed to her as a “nice to meet you” gift. He tells her to pretty much go fuck off.

Her: :D  ?

The landlord comes over and is like, dude don’t be hating. At this point, you’ll die having only your mother as the only woman to have touched your dick :/ The neighbor growls that they had an agreement – no tweens living next to him. The landlord lols and tells him Hotaru don’t know shit.

Hotaru: he right about that :D

Prickly because he’s a prick, the neighbor “hmphs” and slams his ass into his house. Hotaru is a little surprised about what a douche her neighbor is, but thanks to her shojo slowness and her sticks roots, she’s not going to give up on him. Every day she leaves him a present, thinking maybe he rejected her first gift because he’s got allergies or something. But every day he returns the gift back, hanging it on her door. Hotaru decides that rather than guess, it may be best to ask but you might as well ask a lady you just titty honked on the street for a calmer response. He tells hers to go die in a ditch pretty much and she’s like :(

The landlord asks why she’s trying so hard, after another failed attempt to get along with her neighbor. Hotaru expains that in her small village (does 500 even warrant being called a town?), everyone helps each other out. As his neighbor, Hotaru wants to be there if he ever needs help with anything. The landlord is like, lol stupid bitch :) and continues on. Hotaru goes out to buy some groceries and remarks about how she loves the riverbank by her apartment. It reminds her of home, because you can look out for miles at the scenery. Her mind on her hometown, she doesn’t notice the body passed out in her apartment entrance way until she trips on it. Armed with a leek, she gets ready to cry (oh shojo) and notices it’s her neighbor’s meat husk laying on the floor.

Some time passes and he wakes up to find her cooking. He’s like, oh hell no bitch wtf *looks to make sure his legs aren’t broken*. Hotaru tells him to calm his tacos. He’s got a fever. She’s got medicine and good eats – always works at home.

Him: just take me to a hospital.

Her: don’t be a weak bitch

The neighbor is so confused. What is she planning? But upon looking at her apartment, and only seeing pictures of her dad and cows (<-?), he realizes she doesn’t know who he is. He asks if she knows him and Hotaru asks if he’s a distance relative of hers – when you live out in the sticks, gotta pass the time some how ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  She proceeds to talk a bit about her self but bro checks out. He wakes up later to find her asleep next to him, calling out for her father to corral the cattle. He freaks and then scratches himself.

The next morning, Hotaru wakes up to find her neighbor gone…along with her tv, wallet, and valuables <- lol, no that would only happen in RL :p He did eat her food which makes Hotaru a happy cucumber sandwich with the crusts cut off. Hotaru tells her dad (in her head) she’s happy her neighbor isn’t as scary as she thought.

The first chapter ends with Hotaru going to attend a Colors concert with her friends, so they can prove how better A/B/C/D/Z is prob.. Hotaru is surprised by the sheer number of fans present and their enthusiasm. Girls comment how just listening to their music can bring them out of their funk or even give them the will to live.

Hotaru: damn bitches life that shit that some boys swinging their hips and touching each other’s butts is life saving? o__o

However, the show starts and Hotaru sees the error in her ways. The way the boys sing and dance, the way the crowd screams their enthusiasm at their idols, crying tears of joy, – everything working in concert…it’s just captivating. One of the idols takes his sunglasses off and Hotaru is like, MUR HUR HUR MR NEIGHBOR??? Then she thinks, nah. Can’t be. They just coincidentally look like each other. Yeah. But then while doing a little talk thing before the show ends, the dude says thanks to all his fans who were worried about his cold but he had some Hokkaido veggies and they cured him right up.



Overall, not a bad. The neighbor was such a little foot mold tho that I didn’t like him. He better have mad drama that makes him act like that because otherwise he’s just a turd :/ Thankfully Hotaru is dumb as shit as they work well together. Also, not sure if the manga-ka drew her like that on purpose, but Hotaru looks derpy as hell. Like, her mom did some coke while she was in the womb haha It took a while to get used to the art xD

Ayu Anagura Amélie chapter 2

Main girl: Morikawa Ameri
Dude: Minamizato Teito

Last we left off, Ameri confessed her feels in front of everyone and Teito ran off with her thrown over his shoulders like a sack of potatoes. He then pins her against a wall and they’re now just staring at each other. Teito breaks the ice and asks “what do you mean you “liked’ me – why the past tense?” Ameri explains that it’s just like she said. Back in the day, she was wild for him. But now, meh. They were kids. Times change.

Teito growls that he’s been in love with Ameri this whole time, which almost throws Ameri into a shojo blush until she remembers something – oh hell no you aren’t. Explain the man-slutting.

Him: oh I was just trying to catch your attention


Teito tells her he had no interest in any of those girls which makes Ameri look at him like D: damn bro. Just cuz you have a good face don’t mean you can play it like that…

Before Ameri can say anything else, he grabs her face and squishes her cheeks, pissed. “Then after all these years, I finally hear you confess you like me too but now you’re like, oh that was then. This is now tee hee. NO TEE HEE! I HAVE OVER 10 YEARS OF PENT UP FRUSTRATION AND THE HELL IF I’LL LET THIS GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY ESCAPE MY FINGERS!

This freaks Ameri out because dating means doing all those things she hates. Getting into fights. Being snarky. Forcing yourself to adjust to the other’s schedule. Hell no. Fuck no. She’s happy in her own little world and no man is going to ruin that. She falls onto the back and runs away on her hands and knees (lol love it), leaving Teito to stare after her in wtf confusion.

Later that day, her friends come by to drop of her stuff since Ameri just ran home. Pretty friend tells Ameri the deets – Teito took his newest fling out back to discuss something, most likely they broke up. She then proceeds to yell at Ameri for not hopping on that dick when she had the chance. Singing friends says she thinks Ameri did the right thing. It’s important not to rush things. Her friends leave and Ameri thinks over what happened as she watches tv. Could she maybe still like him? She thinks of him and her heart start to doki doki. A knock behind her reveals Teito standing on her veranda, looking pissed.

Ameri: my heart is doki doki-ing but for different reasons now…

She goes over to tell him wtf. He says he had no choice – she ran from him at school before they could finish their conversation. Literally ran on her hands and feet like some demented spider woman. He lets himself in and then freezes at the sight of her room.

The fuck? ∑(゚台゚lll

Clothes are everywhere. Trash is piled up. And dishes are stalked hazardously. Ameri explains her mom’s been busy and hasn’t had time to clean up.

Teito: YOUR MOM CLEANS YOUR ROOM??? ∑(゚台゚lll

He then notices all the black colored clothing on the floor. Ameri explains proudly that with the darker color, stains don’t show. And she can wear them for like three days and no one is the wiser :D


He then grabs a vaccuum and is like, fuck this shit we’re cleaning. So they clean the room until it’s spotless, impressing Ameri. Just as she’s oogling at seeing her floor again, her stomach growls.

Him: let me guess…

Her: mom does the cooking…

Him: (゚台゚ …

Teito makes some dinner, impressing Ameri more. As she gobbles his grub, she jokes that he’s just like a mom.

Teito: “Boyfriend. That’s what I’d like.”

Ameri turns red, the conversation spiraling back to what they were discussing at school.

Teito tells Ameri that he doesn’t care if she doesn’t like him right now. He wants her to give him one month. One month for them to go out. If she doesn’t like him in the end or if it becomes too much for her, he’ll stop and keep his feels to himself.

The chapter ends with how does she feel about the proposal…


x3 gahhhh!!! I’m really liking this manga! Also, it makes me super ashamed because I have piles of laundry on my floor too. I did the laundry, but it was too late in the night to fold them so I just dropped them on the floor. Gah now I’m going to clean up because hur embarrassed ([EDIT: ended up cleaning my whole apartment haha])

Hazure no Hi by Nanakawa Sarari (one-shot)

A cute and very short one-shot about a girl and boy walking in the rain. They both work as members of the student council and reminiscence how much they like each other. Eventually dude is like, date me! and the girl is all, hell yeah!


Short Cake Cake by Morishita Suu : Slowly moving along. Book Boy is hoping for main girl and pretty boy to get together fast because he’s starting to question his own feels on the situation.

Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet by Yamamori Mika : We learn a bit about Sensei’s past. While he’s quick to land a girlfriend, he can’t keep them long because he’s not very tact (or interested in that matter). His friend reminisces on this and comments how it’s probably because Sensei doesn’t know how to love. He remarks about how if a girl that finally catches his heart does appear, then… (he doesn’t finish, so I’m not sure if he’s implying Sensei will be all love-love or fail again haha).

Nanoka no Kare by Tekkotsu Saro, Toumori Miyoshi

Futsuu no Koiko-chan by Nanaji Nagamu : even if  you gathered all the manga out there where the protagonist either says he’s a normal everyday guy or is screaming she just wants to be normal, the number of times they use the word “normal” would not equate the number of times “normal” was used in this chapter. I’ll tell you what, if you were studying Japanese, you’ll forever have “normal” remembered in your vocabulary haha!

Kedamono Kareshi by Aikawa Saki : took like 5 chapters but the stupid main girl is like, ok fuck this, let’s get back together. Step brother: *rips pants off* MY BALLS ARE READY!

Mori no Takuma-san by Komura Ayumi : everyone wanted him fat (they’re like, ew skinny wtf let him be who he wants to be) so the girlfriend was like, ok go back to being fat. But apparently, if he gets turned on, he’ll lose weight too??? The hell????

Hinadori no Waltz by Satonaka Mika : more cock fighting between the guys….

Toshishita no Otokonoko by Hiro Chihiro : siblings of both main characters are telling the main characters to stay away from their family. Guess this is supposed to be dramatic?

Konyakusei by Iwa Chika : everything is fine from the last chapter. It was only a cliff with like…a 5 foot drop into the water. The landlord ends up hurting his hand but it’s just a minor scratch. However, his injury and actions won over the little cuz who pretty much has thrown away his dad to replace the landlord as his father figure (real dad: ∑(゚台゚lll). The rest of the time spent together is super adorable, probably a peek into their future when they have children. But the dream has to end at some point. After hearing about the landlord’s injury, the cuz’s parents come by to pick him up earlier than planned. The little cuz throws a shit fit because he doesn’t want to leave. Fuck his shitty parents.

Parents: ∑(゚台゚lll little shit!

Together, the landlord and main chick are able to convince the cuz to go back home and not to fret because they’ll see each other again. One member less in the household, the main chick comments on how quiet it is. The landlord jumps on her, hips ready for some babymaking.

Her: but according the schedule we made, we’re not getting babies until at least 5 years from now. Specifically on the 30th of June at 8:15 pm.

Turns out he just wants a little family like the one they had with little cuz. The main girl tells him they’ll go visit the cuz and when the time comes, they’ll make a great family together. Aw.

The sweet moment is ruined by a phone call from landlord’s…dad??

Tenohira no Sherbet by Fujimiya Ayu : so wait…the main dude has a girlfriend but he’s skirt chasing the main girl. And it looks like his girlfriend has history with the main girl’s male BFF…so confused.

Mei-chan no Shitsuji DX by Miyagi Riko

Boku ni Hana no Melancholy by Komori Mikko

Kengai Princess by Aida Natsumi Yohou

A new series starts in the next issue – Tabe-bu ni II ne! Then you have Toshishita no Otoko no Ko is ending. Why that is ending and not Kedamono Kareshi, I’ll never know. Other than that, nothing much to report :J

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