Margaret No. 5


I’ve been skimming through Margaret on the side but never fully committed to reading and posting about it. For some reason, recently I’ve been wanting to post about it. Thus the creation of this post :P Nothing fancy beyond that. Enjoy ~


Anagura Amélie by Satou Zakuri (NEW!)
Mei-chan no Shitsuji DX by Miyagi Riko
Boku ni Hana no Melancholy by Komori Mikko


Short Cake Cake by Morishita Suu
Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet by Yamamori Mika
Nanoka no Kare by Tekkotsu Saro, Toumori Miyoshi
Futsuu no Koiko-chan by Nanaji Nagamu
Kedamono Kareshi by Aikawa Saki
Kanakoi Doubutsuen by Moritsuki Ame
Mori no Takuma-san by Komura Ayumi
Hinadori no Waltz by Satonaka Mika
Toshishita no Otokonoko by Hiro Chihiro
Konyakusei by Iwa Chika
Tenohira no Sherbet by Fujimiya Ayu
Sora wa Tobenai kedo by Nagahara Yoa (one-shot)

  • Anagura Amélie by Satou Zakuri (NEW!)

I’m really interested in this new series. You have three friends who to the outside world are wastes of space. However, online, they are completely different people. One is a gorgeous model. Another has a youtube channel for songs she composes. The main girl has a twitter where she works on critiques of movies she watches (she loves watching movies). All three don’t really have any interest in dating people or trying to be like everyone around them. The main girl especially is jaded on love after her first love broke her heart. Fate is a cruel one in that her first love (also neighbor and childhood friend) is now a bishi who goes through girlfriends like a person does clean underwear in their drawers. She hasn’t had much interaction with him since that incident but one day, after watching a movie and writing down her thoughts (she does this before tweeting about them), she sees him with his new girlfriend and flees to the girl’s bathroom for refuge. For some reason, he also comes into the bathroom and she’s like ALKEFJAOIFAHGLA;HGALK;SDF????? He hands over the notebook she left behind and comments on her watching a movie by herself. She takes it the wrong way and sneers that hey, just cuz she’s going alone doesn’t make her a sad person. Not many people want to pay $16 to watch a movie  ಠ   Ω  ಠ   He tells her she’s dumb to which she responds he’s dumber – 1.) for being here in the girl’s bathroom like that’s normal and 2.) for being a manwhore. She adds if it’s cuz he’s never been in love, that’s why he acts like a slutty penis? He corners her (which isn’t hard since the bathroom is hella small) and tells her he’s been in love. He still is. He turns to leave and the main girl is like, wait, weren’t you joking with me when you said that back when we were younger? He pretty much gives her the finger and walks off before security can get him. Later that night, the main girl goes over her thoughts of that day oh so long ago. Could it be… She remembers some boys asking if she liked the main guy and her getting super embarrassed. The main guy tells the boys he’s not sure how she feels about him but he likes her. This got too much for her and the main girl denies liking him. She then started avoiding him. So…FUCK! THIS WHOLE SITUATION IS CUZ OF HER! Realizing this, the  main girl decides she needs to be honest and give him a proper reply (not before stubbing her toe and rolling around in pain haha). The next day, she gets super nervous, but grabs her balls and goes for it. She jumps on top of a desk and apologizes to the main guy (she’s doing this dramatic style because he confessed in front of their classmates, so she should do the same as well). She actually really likes him. She liked him then and still likes him now (she shows him a notebook she had back in middle school. There was a jinx that if you wrote the name of the person you liked in sky blue ink enough times to cover the entire page, you’ll get together. She had done that and had kept the book even now). Her two cents done, she gets ready to hop down but the main dude’s groupies start hissing at her. Main dude swoops in, throws the main girl over his shoulder, and runs for it. The chapter ends with the main girl asking what’s going to happen next?

Super excited to see what happens in the next chapter. I like the idea that you have characters with two sides – their real-life self and online self. Kinda feels like me x3 You have sylphalchemist and ******** ~ Unlike these characters, I’m not hella popular but I like what I’ve done thus far :D This blog has introduced me to many people I’d have never met had I never made it so I’m thankful for its existence x3

  • Short Cake Cake

I’ve got tank #2 ready to pre-order in my cart. Just waiting for Lala DX to be listed before I place the order ~ Man, I did this with Hibi Chouchou! I was following well until I got lazy and then next thing I knew, the whole thing had ended Dx

  • Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet by Yamamori Mika

Same with Short Cake Cake. I ordered tank #3 so I’m hoping to play catch up cuz I really like the art :3 (yes, I am fickle like that)

  • Nanoka no Kare by Tekkotsu Saro, Toumori Miyoshi

Pretty art as well but shit talk about dramatic. I mean, even scratching an itch involves varies characters screaming and crying and someone being slammed into a wall. Doubt I’ll be reading it too closely :/

  • Futsuu no Koiko-chan by Nanaji Nagamu

Not sure how I feel about this one. Koiko is kinda annoying. Constantly whining about wanting to be normal…I like the older sister. She looks interesting.

  • Kedamono Kareshi by Aikawa Saki

How is this still running? From the varies skims I’ve done, the main girl keeps fucking things up. She tells the “step-brother” (I think) she wants to stay as siblings because she doesn’t want to break their family. Then she spends the whole time crying about that decision. And apparently the girl and boy are some hot studs because everyone is after their taters…EVERYONE. Like, even the old love interests that get rejected just can’t stop trying to cup a feel…

  • Mei-chan no Shitsuji DX by Miyagi Riko

I have no idea what’s going on. This being a sequel doesn’t help xD

  • Kanakoi Doubutsuen by Moritsuki Ame

The animals are super cute. The couples can be hella annoying tho. The whole premise is the animals working to get the couples to be lovely dubby with each other. The first character had a tsundere girl that wouldn’t be honest with her feels. This one had a weirdo pretty girl who was acting stiff around the guy she was going on a date with (not sure why…I didn’t look too closely since I missed the details in the first chapter – I’ll probably tank this cuz I like animals :3). I like the wolf the best hee ~

  • Mori no Takuma-san by Komura Ayumi

The fuck is this?  ಠ_ಠ  Dude skips one meal and he loses 239 pounds? But if he eats that one meal, he’ll balloon back to 239 pounds heavier. How???? Then you have the main girl who is in a dilemma cuz she told dude if he got skinny, she’d kiss him everyday but now finds she can’t because she can’t decide if she likes his fat form or his bishi form???? Yeah, no. I’ll be walking pretty fast on this one too :I

  • Hinadori no Waltz by Satonaka Mika

Then you have this thing. How can you have 4 volumes where the love triangle hasn’t even moved an inch? The dudes are so busy with their pants down cockblocking one another, they’ve made no progress in their own relationship with the chick.

  • Toshishita no Otokonoko by Hiro Chihiro

Hmm. Not sure what’s going on. So…no comment ^^;

  • Konyakusei by Iwa Chika

Finally! Familiar territory! (* v *) so glad we’ve left the annoying “I is stupid” arc behind us. Now it’s just been cute lovely dovey stuff ~ In this chapter, the two are looking after the child of Landlord’s relative. Rich chick comes over and sees the three – freaking about the fact they have a child (uh…babies don’t come out 4 years old after baking in a mummy’s tummy for 2 months…).  They all then go to the beach where rich chick helps Landlord bond with the kid (cuz the kid is jelly of the main chick’s affection for the landlord). Things are going all good until the kid falls off a cliff. Why a cliff? Cuz shojo. Little shit better be lucky it wasn’t a car. You don’t survive cars in shojo unless someone is throwing their body like its a frisbee at you…

  • Tenohira no Sherbet by Fujimiya Ayu

No idea what’s going on with this one but am I mistaken in that the main guy has a girlfriend but he’s still chasing after the main girl?

  • Boku ni Hana no Melancholy by Komori Mikko

Oh gawd, this art. It’s way too Ribon for me. *covers eyes and runs*

  • Sora wa Tobenai kedo by Nagahara Yoa (one-shot)

Super cute oneshot – the main girl is a forgettable person who has a crush on the outgoing guy in her class. To her, he’s her hero because he’s always helping her out. Will she be able to overcome her embarrassments to tell him how she feels (spoiler: she does lol)

No preview because the Margarets sold on BookWalker come in 2s. Which is a really great deal since the whole thing comes to like $4 :J

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