Hello…it’s me

[Note: this was supposed to have been sent out yesterday but the WordPress app sucks and it was doing weird things. So I had to use my computer to fix things. This is why I’ll never convert fully to a tablet. Give me a laptop any day!]

(I have a coworker that loves using that as her email header haha – ah Adele)

Been awhile since my last post! Hope all of you have been well :J I’ve been pretty productive- from working 12 days straight* (with OT (overtime) included) to sleeping over and binge watching tv w friends to hanging out everyday after work, I haven’t really had time to sit down and blog.

*was not planned haha

Friday’s are especially draining cuz I do OT hard (ok so it’s ~3-4 hours but that’s 3-4 hours more than I’d normally do at my 9-5 job). The reason I’ve been doing so much OT is for 2 reasons – my friends are doing it and extra $$. I figured I’d use the extra $$ to improve life things. For example, I’m updating things in my wardrobe that should have been updated years ago (Things I kept hanging on to despite the holes and sag). I’m also buying things for the kitchen (like a spatula!) cuz I ain’t no caveman. We live in a time of modern conveniences and why not use them? My next purchase is a duvet cover because I didn’t know duvets needed covers (or that what I had was a duvet – I may not be a caveman but I never said I was cultured :p).

Anyway, I wanted to update that I’m alive and well (tired but well haha – I blame the green tea ice cream I had foolishly eaten last night. That shit kept me wired all night D:).

I’m toying with the idea of posting mini snippets like this every Friday. They’ll probably be mundane like this post but you can get a glimpse into Sylphalchemist’s life :J

I’m always worried my work friends/co-workers will find me out one day (ex I had to change my Instagram info when they came sniffing (and make a whole new side account for my nerd side) cuz it linked to this blog and had my online name – I keep wondering if I changed the info fast enough so no one noticed. Or are they reading this blog now trying to confirm if Sylphalchemist is really *********??) – that’s why I rarely blog about life things here. But maybe I’ll change that because hell, the only other info they’ll add to who I am is that I read girly/smutty manga. My friends know I have a potty mouth and I’m a special snowflake ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And yeah, I’ll leave things here. If I’m productive, I’ve got 2 more mag posts in the works and I may get them out this weekend.

Or I may be a lazy shit and play video games and do squat.

It’s up in the air right now hur

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