B’s Log Comics vol. 38 March 2016


Well would you look at that! B’s Log Comics has gone digital! *clicks heels* And of course I had to grab myself a copy. Love all these digital magazines. Makes it much more accessible to those of us with little room for the physical version (except if they’re region locked *flips off all the Kodansha as well as Asuka*) and they’re more portable (I read them on my commute :3 – except the smut. I’m not going to jail). I’d love if Sylph went digital too – I’d still buy the physical version, because Sylph, but it’d make it easier to post cover pages/teasers (my scanner is shit – thus why I’ve been using a camera instead haha).

Back to B’s Log (I always get distracted by Sylph lol) – unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot I could read in this volume; mostly because a lot of these series were ongoing. However, it looks like a couple new series are starting in the next issue so maybe I’ll have more to say then? :J


Ofuton Boys/Off to On Boys by Kazukabe Akira (NEW!)
Enmusu by Koichi (oneshot)


Idol Master – Side M Anthology: Miracle
Log Horizon – Nyanta Hanchou Shiawase no Recipe by Touno Mamare, Souchuu
Log Horizon – Kanami, Go! East! by Touno Mamare, Kou
Aizoku Blood Birth by Mikoshiba Tomy
Leide Fuufu no Naresome <- basically advertising the light novel
Shounen Maid by Ototachibana
Shinkan, Suri Noborimashita! by Fujimini Shiki
Youko no Omawari-san by Miyao Nyun (FINAL CHAPTER!)
Bakumatsu Zange Devil Killers by Saotome Ageha

Ofuton Boys/Off to On Boys

Baseball dude (black hair dude): Furoi
Baseball dude’s brofriend (silver hair dude): Kutada
Sleepy dude (eye patch): Kaiba Yumiru

Weird story that involves dream hopping. Furoi is plagued by troubled sleep. The source is due to his slip up during some big baseball tournament (and not sure if it’s really a slip up cuz he injured himself while pitching – also, not sure if he was injured before the tournament or if it’s cuz he threw his balls so hard that his arm broke?). When he sleeps he relives the game and finds himself in a dirty bathhouse (because don’t we all?). He believes it’s all his fault and that everyone needs to hate him. One day, after getting beaned by a baseball, Furoi tries to rest at the nurse’s office but instead finds himself thrown into a secret room hidden at the bottom of the school (courtesy of the school nurse). He lands in a bed currently occupied by a classmate of his, Kaiba Yumiru (<- lol his name literally means “dream seer”). Only Kaiba is wearing some questionable clothes – why the short shorts and knee high socks, bro? You’re still at school.

Coupled with that outfit on a large bed and you got some people squinting a little harder now…

Kaiba tells Furoi that he’s part of the Dream Club. By sleeping next to one another on this bed kept down in the school’s basement (not creepy at all), the sleepers can go into one another’s dreams. Furoi is naturally skeptical but doesn’t get a chance to flee when Kaiba hypnotizes him to sleep. Furoi finds himself in the last bit of his reoccurring dream – him standing in a dirty bathhouse. Turns out his family owns a bathhouse…but not sure why there. He looks over to see a naked Kaiba enjoying a bath (dude isn’t the water dirty??). After manipulating Furoi’s dream – making him get into the water and then destroying his clothes down to his skeevies (the goal was to make him naked but Furoi was like nah brah) – Kaiba explains that the dream’s settings represents Furoi’s current state. The dirty appearance means Furoi is in a bad place. By cleaning the bathhouse, they can help clean Furoi’s clouded mind. So they do that and enjoy a dip in the now clean and super fancy bathhouse (like where did those Roman God Statues come from??).

Furoi is confused by what’s going on but after confirming things with Kaiba in the waking world, is more accepting about what just happened. The school nurse appears and is like, hey there sweet cheeks ~ Turns out he’s like…the founder of the club and is working hard to get it recognized. But he’s worried about it getting shut down so he makes Furoi sign a contract to keep mum on everything he just saw. However, jk that was just an excuse (a very dumb one that made no sense) to get Furoi to sign a paper saying he’s going to join the Dream Club.

:D hee

Furoi: I should be angry…but I apparently have no fucks to give at this moment…

The chapter ends with Furoi in a deep sleep at home, and some strange goat man staring at him from an open window near by (Furoi: wut???).

Overall…was super weird. I think if you go into this thinking Ofuton Boys is s a comedy (and ignore the serious shit it throws out), the read will be a little easier going down.

Enmusu by Koichi (oneshot)

Little boy (main character): Koharu
Butler Fox Dude: Nari
Blondie: Ginichi

OMG, this was super cute ₍₍ (ง ˙ω˙)ว ⁾⁾ The story takes place at a shrine said to help lovers find each other. A thug looking dude goes to the shrine because he wants to find the girl he has a crush on. See, he works part time at a ramen shop. Across the street was a bookstore and he took a liking to one of the girls that worked there. However, one day, he finds the bookstore went out of business. In desperation, he asks her boss who she was but apparently the boss doesn’t have any info – he just gives the thug dude (Ginichi) a photo of all the workers and peaces (I bet the boss knew but like, you can’t be giving out personal info like that haha. Guess the photo was his way of saying, I can’t help you but I can help you).

Ginichi asks around and learns about the shrine. However, the master of the shrine is a young boy who’s so precious I want to pinch his cheeks! (*´∀`*) Since the boy is young, if he does the red string of love juujuu, there’s a risk he might break the string; meaning Ginichi and his love interest will never cross paths again. However, Ginichi has faith in the boy, Koharu.

The two, followed by Koharu’s super protective steward, Nari (also a fox spirit), work together to get Ginichi’s love to work out.And it does x3

Dude, this needs to be serialized. It was just the right amount of cute and precious I needed. Koharu was just someone you wanted to pick up and put in your pocket. I want a kid that adorable ;___; And Ginichi was a peach too – he got super prickly  when Nari says Ginichi likes this girl they’re looking for but then Ginichi turned super red (omg, how cute!).

3 new series will be starting in the next issue ~ (which is probably out by the time of this post haha). Until next time ~

One thought on “B’s Log Comics vol. 38 March 2016

  1. I love reading your commentary haha. If you are still doing emerald, is there any chance you could post summaries of hakkenden? eng scans are just at 20 so i’m dying to know what happens! thank you! looking forward to reading more :)


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