Zero-Sum April 2016


I was debating on if I should publish this or not but the desire to show off the pretty cover pages won out :J There’s not going to be much talking on my end since I mostly just flip through the magazine – seeing as how a lot of the series I’m following in English (Karneval, Makai Ouji, soon-to-be Battle Rabbits and Sennen Meikyuu no Nana Ouji, etc.) are behind in terms chapters.

Color pages:

Hitokiri Share House by Ninomiya Ai, Katagiri Ikumi (NEW!)
Shunkan Lyle by Tanemura Arina, Kikuta Yui
Haimiya Yokochou Tenmatsuki by Miyamoto Fukusuke
Landreaall by Ogaki Chika


Makai Ouji ~ devils and realist by Takadono Madoka, Yukihiro Utako
Amatsuki by Takayama Shinobu
Karneval by Mikanagi Touya
Haru no Noroi by Konishi Asuka
Hitodenashi no Kokoro by Pepu
Love & Hate by Usa Yoshiki, Kurono Yuu
Shuuen no Elysion by Hasumi Natsume
Sennen Meikyuu no Nana Ouji by Aikawa Yuu, Atori Haruno
Loveless by Kouga Yun
Tales of Zestiria by Shiramine
Akazukinchan wa Ooksami-san wo Nakasetai! by Hachijou Shin
Corseltel no Ryuujutsushi – Koryuu Monogatari by Isurugi Ayuma
Kakure Boku to Kakure Neko (oneshot)
Halcyon by Naked Ape (LAST CHAPTER!)
Hatenkou Yuugi by Endou Minari
Bokura no Kiseki by Kumeta Natsuo
Gaitou Alice by Kurage Ichi
Strange Plus by Mikawa Verno
Kamiori by Suzumoto Jun
Shounen Shoujo Shousetsuka – Danshi Koukousei no Kaku Shigoto by Takasato Shiina, Kiyose Yura
Shounen Shinkaron † by Kusanagi Toshiki

Hitokiri Share House by Ninomiya Ai, Katagiri Ikumi – Not quite sure what’s going on. From what I can gather, aliens arrived in Japan long ago. This changed history so now you have a world that’s part old skool Japan and part modern Japan. There’s technology, but you have folk walking around with swords and shiz. Then there’s all the monsters/aliens who have integrated into society as well (not sure if the aliens are the monsters or if the monsters just came out of hiding or something and were like, hey people). The story follows a young boy Naguri (not sure if he’s a monster/alien or human – judging by his eyes and shark teeth, I’d say he’s the former), who left his home to strike it out as a samurai (also, I think he has a grudge against this grasshopper man?). However, the city is a lot more different than he thought (expensive and relatively peaceful, a bad combo for a guy looking to dish out some justice). However, being the shounen-like protagonist he is, he decides to take things one step at a time. The first step being to find a place to live. Now this is where I got confused because apparently Naguri goes to a place called UK and thinks, hey I got a place to stay, but then it turns out he’s not living alone. The one dude he meets – who is a neat freak and likes to slice his sword before saying hello – says he’s a K – a government official. Their second roommate (Naguri: there’s a second!?) is a U – and that’s never explained.  The last letter given to person #3 is blank and I guess that’s going to go to Naguri if he decides to stay (my mind must be dirty because all I see is U-K-? and I’m instantly thinking BL lol). Before Naguri can get a good grasp on the situation, he learns he needs to pay rent or the giant shinigami skeleton landlord will reap his soul. To pay his rent, he needs to have a personal little piggy bank (just like U, it’s not really clear why…). The chapter ends with him running out of the apartment to look for said piggy bank, and a girl looking at a mouse…because why not?

Not sure if I’ll be following Hitokiri Share House too closely ^^; it’s super confusing haha.

[EDIT: omg, I did not realize Naguri was wearing Crocs…wtf…?]

Kakure Boku to Kakure Neko – a cute oneshot about a boy who goes with the crowd discovering that his scary classmate is actually a bakeneko. Was a good story about not judging others and don’t let others make decisions for you. Plus, friendship ~

The next issue will have Saiyuki on the cover. Hitodenashi no Kokoro is ending (guess I might as well wait for the tank – I fell super behind on this one haha). And dat pretty much it. Bookwalker alerted me the next volume will be ready for my digital reading pleasure here on the 10th ~

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