Backlog Attack: Day 22


Ore ga Mahou wo Kaketeyaru (I’ll Cast a Spell on You) #2


What should have been the perfect time to confess her feelings to her crush Naoya instead ended with Chibaru butting in where he wasn’t wanted! Given another chance to meet with Naoya, Fuki asks Chibaru to do her make-up. He complies…and kisses her on top of that! What??

Her journey to learn about make-up and style has hit a bump in the road – a love triangle to be exact! With Chibaru stepping up to battle for Fuki’s heart, what will happen to poor Fuki herself? Will she remain true in her affection for Naoya, or will she be swayed by Chibaru’s determination?

The love story about making magic with make up ends here with volume 2!


Ended as I expected ^^; Fuki stayed true to Naoya all the way until the last chapter. Then, cuz the clock with ticking, she switched to Chibaru at the last second. Which kinda sucked since Naoya was really warming up to Fuki and even confessed to her. And her vise versa. But since he wasn’t on the cover of the manga, he was doomed from the start. The manga ends with a 3 year time skip. Chibaru is still doing his thing with make-up, only now he looks like he just came out of a Miami Vice episode, and Fuki now works at the salon, helping him out. Who knows what happened to Naoya.

I still don’t really like Chibaru. He was a little cactus all the way until the end. Him forcing his feels on Fuki kinda rubbed me the wrong way, but then again, that’s usually how a lot of shojo guys do it haha. Fuki was still cute :J She made the read fun.

All in all, I’ll Cast a Spell on You #2 wasn’t a bad read. And shift in gears with the last chapter may throw some folk off but otherwise it’s something to pass the time ~

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