Backlog Attack: Day 21


Ore ga Mahou wo Kaketeyaru (I’ll Cast a Spell on You) #1


First year student Arai Fuki has a dream – to become the girlfriend of her much crushed on Naoya-senpai. However, when Fuki does work the courage to talk with him, he mistakes her for an elementary school student due to her child-like appearance!

That’s when classmate Okada Chiharu enters her life. Known as the class Beauty Prince due to being a beautician in training, he agrees to help Fuki become an eye catch in exchange for using her as a practice model. But Fuki is in for a rough ride as Chiharu is as tough as he is dedicated to his training. 

Welcome to the start of a story about a girl who wants to change herself but doesn’t know the first step on how to and a boy whose talents are described as magical.


A blind buy cuz the cover looked interesting. I knew from the get-go the main dude on the cover was going to be prickly (it was the eyes) and he sure was. Kinda sad I haven’t gotten around to liking him. The girl grew on me. At first I was thinking, wtf how do you not know to brush your hair, but then I remembered how long it took me to learn how to proper maintenance  (rolling out of bed and pulling the hair in a ponytail was my go to move :P) and quickly shut my mouth. Her positive attitude and determination to learn how to girl is what won me over in the end :J (PS. her little make-up journal she made was adorable x3)

I’m curious to know how this will end:

1.) The girl gets with her crush, with main dude bowing out/getting his heart crushed

2.) The girl ends up with the main dude, since he’s now all into her cuz she smiled at him a couple times lol

My money is on #2 because that’s usually how it goes ~


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