Backlog Attack: Day 18,19,20

My Fair Neighbor


In the spring, high schooler Momo became neighbors with salary man Sakura. They meet again after 10 years. How has time changed the two old neighbors?


My goal for this Backlog Attack was 1 tank a day but friggin My Fair Neighbor took me 3 days to finish D: I’d sit down to read and when I looked up, time had gone by but I made barely any progress. Sometimes I’d think I actually was getting further from the end!

The main reason, I believe, for the slow progress was due to all the angst. My goodness. I did not see the emo coming at all. The cover made me think everything was going to be syrupy sweet but shit, the syrupy went down the wrong pipe and left one suffocating on it instead of enjoying it. The story made it seem like it wanted to contest which of the two leads had it harder. However, the girl’s was literally nothing. Ohhhhh mom was scary when she was a kid and that’s lived with her all these years. But it turns out mom is just a tsundere and loves her child very much. Yay. Now dude? His mom left the family and dad beat him cuz dad lost his job and barely made shit at McDonald’s. The guy got a job too at Denny’s or whatever to help feed the both of them, and finally one day punched dad back. Dad was like, oh shit, and left – so guy, who is a fucking high schooler at this time, is left to pay rent and fend for himself. Years later, dad comes back and is like hey (well, the girl intervenes and gets the two to meet again). After DAD tries to fucking emo – oh you see it was hard on me with your mom leaving me and my cashier position at Burger King paying me in old fries instead of cash so I just let my feelings out physically – he tells the guy that after main dude decked him, dad realized it was for the best he get his shitty dad ass out of there. He was going to off himself when he met these peeps who helped him out and got himself a new girl and is happy with her and her kids.

Me: so you found happiness with some lady and her kids while you left your own child alone to survive on his own (didn’t even send him a birthday card with some cash at least?)? Also, are you even allowed around kids? I mean, you were beating your own after all…

Dad tells main dude he can punch him but main dude is like, we got like 30 pages left. Do what you do best and walk out on me.

Dad: will do :D <- literally never mentioned again

How do you fight that? Main dude totally won.

The romance…meh? It wasn’t until the end that “romance” happened but not really. Maybe it’s because the girl came off as a persistent stalker and the dude was like, an angry pickle? He’d be a snapping at her (I can understand since he’s pretty damaged with that past, but dang did he like taking it out on the girl) while the girl just clung to his face like a wet towel no matter what. I mean, when you’re breaking into a guy’s apartment, cooking food for him when he doesn’t want it, and appearing at his work place…hmmmm… >__> It got to the point where when the main girl mentioned a friend, the main guy was in shock – you have friends??? (me: you interact with other people??). I mean, if you were to dissect her brain, the only thing in there would be him ^^;

I think because I had these biases – the main girl was too clingy and the main guy was a pickle, and there was lots of unexpected angst – that it was hard for me to enjoy the story. One of the good things I’ll say about the manga is at least they got together when the girl was older, instead of in high school (gah creepy uncle from Otonari wa 1-ken de 2-do Oishii Dx). And I say “get together” but really, I think the main guy just gave up xD He realized she was like herpes. She’s never going to truly go away. And he was a shojo hero. It’s his duty to either get with the main girl, or die tragically, and he choose marriage instead of death haha. Also, she kept coming back despite his snaps (that’s the good thing about stalkers :P).

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