Backlog Attack: Day 17

An Insolent Courting ~ The Bored King’s Queen to Be


Lured into a tantalizing trap via an aphrodisiac. And now a participant in a game to be the queen.

“If you become mine, I’ll make sure you win.”

Protagonist Lyra is the daughter of a fallen noble family. To earn money, she gambles in races using her pet wolf, garnering her the nickname “Wolf Princess.” When a once in a lifetime opportunity presents itself to restore her family’s honor, she does not hesitate to take part. Now Lyra finds herself in a contest to become the future queen of King Ciado. She must use everything in her power to seduce him to her favor. But what’ll happen when it turns out he’s the one seducing her!?

And when all is said and done, what would he think of her if he learns of the truth she holds deep in her heart?


Shit I did not realize Ciado was squeezing Lyra’s melon on the cover. Or that his yaoi hand was getting ready to cop a feel on dat thigh. Cover aside, the inside art was super shojo. To the point where it’s a waste this manga-ka is drawing smut. Her art is much for suited for Dessert or Margaret! Hell, even Next Comics F – because it’s like shojo for women haha

Content wise – honestly I don’t remember much. 1.) because it’s been awhile and 2.) because there were lots of words spoken and no furigana and I had no desire to look all them up via kanji dictionary so I just tumbled through :P I know the country the main character lives in is kinda like No Game No Life, where games/gambling is how the city works. The king of the country is blessed by Lady Luck in that he always win. There was talk about forbidden medicines and assassins but meh that was too much for me to understand :B All I know is I laughed so hard that the king, who also liked to walk around town in a mask, got jealous of himself. Cuz the girl liked both his king self and his masked self but he didn’t know that and thought she liked someone else so he got jelly in both states. Like, dude, you’re angry at yourself haha.

But then I stopped laughing when he started to strangle her due to his jelly…

Nothing much to add. Probably when I have a stronger kanji vocabulary, I’ll go back and reread to actually understand what’s going on. But for the time being, I’m good.

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