Backlog Attack: Day 16


Watashi no Koi wa Chocolate (My Love is Chocolate)


“I want a romance that’ll melt me ~” 

Middle schooler Tsugumi is just a girl who wants to fall in love. 

To boast her spirits about having no one to enjoy Valentine’s Day with, Tsugumi creates a life sized chocolate man. When she gives her creation a quick kiss on the lips, it turns real! Her new chocolate creation is as handsome as he is sweet. He’s the very image of a fairy tale prince. And he’s only got eyes for Tsugumi…

With spring on the way, Tsugumi worries about him melting…but is that all that’s on her mind?


? (゚ペ) <- this this emoji best represents my feelings on My Love is Chocolate. Honestly, I thought what was going to happen was the chocolate prince was going to help Tsugumi with her crush – since he’s chocolate and touching him for prolonged periods of time causes him to melt so why would he even be considered as a possible love interest? The story was really going that way too until the plot took a tight right and floored it through a park, hitting some children and old folk who were unable to get out of the way, before finding tree to ram into. This is one of the few times I read some of the author’s little thought blurbs cuz usually I can’t read their handwriting. In one blurb, she mentions how she had a hard time deciding who the main girl should end up with. One minute she was for the crush, but then she’d feel bad for the chocolate man. In the end, she asked her friends who the main girl should get with. The friends said the chocolate man because it would be sad to see him thrown away.

Thus the main chick gets with the chocolate man. In retrospect, I can even pinpoint the exact page where things shifted from Tsugumi x crush to Tsugumi x chocolate man. It’s kinda annoying because, like, stick to your guns, lady. Don’t be swayed by other’s thoughts :Y

(though honestly the crush was a bit of a dick so not feeling too bad for him…)

The next chapter after that mess was really stupid. Chocolate man goes off to star in dramas and shit and leaves the girl by herself even though they’re a couple. The main girl gets depressed because wtf but then they see each other again and he’s like, hey girl hey. They’re back on and the end. What the point of this chapter was, I do not know D:

Included in this tank were two oneshots – “Loving Fingers” and “I Want to Say I Love You”. “I Want to Say I Love You”was pretty cute – the main girl crushing on the popular boy’s friend instead of the popular boy himself was a nice change of pace. “Loving Fingers” was meh for me – it was like My Love is Chocolate, too quick and all over the place.

In the end…nah. I can’t recommend this. The art is adorable cute but that’s all this tank got going for it. The stories were too jumbled. Nothing really made sense – how do you make a life-sized chocolate man from a 10 bars of Hershey’s chocolate? Also, how did you make the chocolate so detailed? You literally threw the bowl in the fridge. How did she make him come to life? How come he’s still chocolate? How come he can touch her sometimes and not melt, but then poke her and his finger starts falling off? The heck happened to the crush? He confesses and everything and then he’s just chillin as Tsugumi goes off with chocolate man. How is their love even going to work D: Literally he is moving food. If she tries to kiss him, his lips will melt onto her face. (omg that’s creepy) So many questions…but I don’t really care. Skip this unless you really want to read it.


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