Backlog Attack: Day 15


Mahochu #4 (final)


Protagonist Airu is a student at Mahoraba Academy, a school for children who possess a special power called “Maho.”

Airu and friends join the music club, but soon after, an incident occurs in which an instrument goes missing! Then there’s Sakura, who keeps disappearing… Could she somehow be involved?

And what about Mitsunari? Which girl has won his heart?

This magical tale reaches its end with this final volume!

Also included in the final volume is “In the Middle of the World’s End,” a short Yabuuchi thought up when she was 12 years old. 


Whoa…this last volume…it felt like we were coasting along when suddenly the breaks were slammed and we were all ejected through the front window (seatbelts be damned), save the driver who then proceeded to drive the car off a cliff D:

I have no idea what happened. Literally we were storying like usual when the plot just stopped and there was no where else to go…

The first third of the story deals with the resolution to the “mystery of the stolen instrument” arc. Turned out the whole thing was orchestrated by the seniors in the club as a way to get the newer members to bond together – or in my eyes, hazing. Whatever the reason, because Airu is a shojo heroine, she works hard to clear Sakura’s name which causes Sakura to warm up to Airu. But they’re still love rivals…

Cue the second part of the story where Mitsunari accidentally ingests Sakura’s truth potion and works hard to avoid the girls until the effects wear off (both girls want to use this god-sent opportunity to find out who he likes).

The last part of the story is pretty much the confession. We learn that while one eye of Mitsunari’s allows him to read a person’s mind, the other eye lets others read his mind. Wind causes his eye to be exposed and this is when Sakura learns that she and him are twins.

Me: ??????????????

Turns out there’s some weirdass tradition with their family where the girl twin is kept with the birth parents while the boy twin is sent off to live with other people. The only explanation was because girl’s are the heirs in that family so I guess fuck the guys? Before this, the two thought they were cousins (Mitsunari learned the truth when Sakura disappeared). Which is less creepy but still creepy, Sakura.

Oh and Sakura has some sort of health problem (never explained) that leads her to collapse and start dying at random. That’s why Mitsunari lets her hang on him all the time – so he can rush her to the hospital to stop the dying.

Me: ??????????????

Those explosions behind us, after a dramatic scene where all the friends help Airu get to her man, Airu and Mitsunari confess their feels. Everyone celebrates and end.

Me: wait, that’s it? What happened with school? I don’t think even a semester has gone by. Where did all the teachers go? I have not seen a teacher since the Brock arc :Y

The manga gives us three bonus chapters – one is Airu and Mitsunari’s first date (where both are self conscious about wanting to kiss and hold hands. But never fear, there is a kiss that is had ~), the second is about getting water chick to laugh, and last takes place in the past, where Airu is curious what is up with Mitsunari’s hidden eye.

Included in this last tank is a one shot called In the Middle of the World’s End, but I think it has a continuation in another tank of the manga-ka’s. Weird story where a fire breaks out at school. 5 students evacuate but find the door to their classroom connects to a deserted island. When they go back through the door, their classroom is empty and abandoned. While the kids work together to survive, the main protagonist tries to figure out her purpose in life (because why not).

Overall, I’m still suffering from whiplash. Mahochu was a super cute manga but damn what happened in the end? It just threw me out of the moving car. I want to say give it a try but don’t get too attached because the end just leaves you hanging. I feel another volume or two would have been nice to settle things…but then I think of 1-2 more volumes of Sakura and that makes me hesitate…


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