Backlog Attack: Day 14

airu3 copy

Mahochu #3


Protagonist Airu is a student at Mahoraba Academy, a school for children who possess a special power called “Maho.” However, currently, there’s a problem blowing around school where students have lost their ability to use Maho! And if that wasn’t enough, the Academy’s “Maho Contest” is going to be starting soon! Will Airu be able to save the day?

And what’s this? New troubles are awaiting our friends with their…after school curricular activities???

Also included is the popular oneshot story featured in Caio DX, “Can I confess my feelings one more time? An age of honesty” – a tale of winning love.


Let’s see…the first third of the tank closes up things with the Brock teacher. Even gives him a happy ending. His motivation for trying to seal everyone’s powers is kinda vague. Something about the girl he was with didn’t wear her ribbon when she was using her powers – and I guess in this magical world, girl’s need to wear ribbons to keep them from going cray cray with their powers (if you’re wondering, boys don’t need to wear any hair accessories because apparently they ain’t that hormonal like girls lol k) – this lead her to lose control and she was expelled. It’s not explained how she lost her powers – cuz she went cray? And also, I’m confused how cray the power of “talking to animals” can be? Uh? I can see “controlling fire” or “teleportation” but “talking to animals?” Did she make them talk shit and that pissed everyone off??? Regardless, Brock teach wanted everyone to be like her, have their powers sealed, and be kicked out. But the power of shojo stopped him, and it got him back together with the girl of his past.

The middle of the tank deals with Sakura being a little dick, not that she’s any different than usual lol. But she’s particularly penis-like due to her insecurities about how 3 years have gone by and everyone has gone ahead of her. Airu uses the power of shojo to console her and gets the finger in reply.

The last bit of the tank, before the oneshot, involves the dark dragon learning about appreciation and how happiness varies from person to person. Also, we find out the dark dragon is a boy, despite his appearance (Airu was very surprised to see  his slong lol). The dark dragon is cute ~ I’d be annoyed with him cockblocking all the time, but he’s slow on understanding people and their feelings.. At least he learns from his interactions. Sakura is just a dog turd that is only there to annoy :/ Speaking of Sakura, she like, disappears or something and that’s were we leave off here.

We end with a one-shot about a girl who confesses to the boy she likes but she gets shot down, being called ugly. She resolves to become a beauty and make him regret breaking her heart. However, is there a reason he was so quick to reject her…? Was cute :J The main girl tittered on annoying and cool. The fact she kicked ass was pretty awesome ~ (from all her training to becoming popular haha).

Man, one more volume and Mahochu is done :O Will Airu and Mitsunari FINALLY get together?? (oh, and wtf is with Airu confessing and Mitsunari going “thanks” in reply?? Better be an explanation in tank #4 cuz I confused!).

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