Backlog Attack: Day 13


Mahochu #2


Protagonist Airu is a student at Mahoraba Academy, a school for children who possess a special power called “Maho.” Just when she thinks she’s finally adjusted to her new wacky life, problems keep popping up one after another! From accidentally freeing the dark dragon of destruction to gaining a rival for Mitsunari’s affections to the appearance of mysterious teacher’s aide, life is never dull for Airu. And what’s this about students losing their ability to use “Maho???” Can Airu’s “lucky” powers save the day??


Story-wise, the first third of the tank deals with the completion of the doppelganger arc. Due to Airu’s big heart, rather than re-seal away the dark dragon of destruction, she instead opts to take the little guy in as her friend. Only shojo protagonists got that much heart lol. The second third deals with Sakura now freed from the cluthces of the dark dragon and adjusting to life now that three years have passed. I think we’re supposed to feel bad for her, but she’s such an ass I don’t really. Like damn, be grateful to the person who helped you. Stop biting her and whispering dick things :/ The last third of the tank has the appearance of a Brock teacher (the kind who never has their eyes open) and students losing their ability to use Maho. Also there’s a magical contest being held where there’s a legend that the winning couple end up together forever ~

Overall, the tank wasn’t bad. Fucking Sakura is all I can say. Airu and Mitsunari were sooooooooooooo close to confessing. Damn, that was a spectacular cockblock…good footwork, Sakura…

The last third was my favorite because we got to see the love blossom between the teleporter and the wind chick :3 I was afraid this would be like Almighty x 10 where the background characters are left undeveloped but nope! Not here ~ So that made me super happy that they got together x3

I’m curious to know what the teacher’s damage is. If it has something to do with “the girl I attended the magical contest with didn’t end up with me like the jinx said we would so I’m taking all you bitches down,” Imma gonna crawl into this manga and slap a brother :/

Sakura aside, I enjoyed this second tank :J Looking forward to tank #3 ~


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