Backlog Attack: Day 12


Mahochu #1


At first glance, Airu is just a normal middle schooler who just found out she’s changing schools. Devastated she’ll be separated from her friend, she’s in for an even bigger shock when she learns the truth about her new school… It’s name: Mahoraba Academy. It’s purpose: a place for children gifted with the ability of “Maho” to gather and learn. “Maho” can come in several forms: controlling of the elements, mind reading, and teleportation to name a few. Surrounded by all these powers is little Airu, who is confused on why she’s here at Mahoraba Academy. Does this mean she has “Maho” too? And if she does, what is it?? 

Airu better find out what her Maho is fast because there are dangers lurking at Majoraba Academy, and they’re ones you don’t want to face unarmed…


OMG, I finally got off my lazy butt and started reading Mahochu! I bought this SOOOOOOOO long ago (not as long ago as Kiss x Kiss tho) because the art looked super cute and I’m a fan of the magical girl genre :3 However, I never got around to reading it… Mostly because of a character who doesn’t really show up until the next volume – I was a bad Sylphalchemist and flipped through the volumes instead of being patient and reading the tanks in order. :P

But, now that time has dulled that grumble a bit, I was able to jump in to Mahochu without going  gahhhhhhhhhhhh” loudly both in my head and with my vocal cords.

First off, the art is super adorable. From the characters to the outfits, Mahochu is super cute! Secondly, for a kid’s manga, Mahochu actually got a few laughs out of me. Although, this manga likes its panty shots and uh…this:

(do kids even know what this is implying??? Am I just old because I didn’t know about this kind of shit until I was in my teens!?)

Protagonist Airu is your standard ditz with a good heart. Which depending on your tastes, can be a good thing or not (seems like that’s a requirement to be a magical girl :P). The other characters…At first the other students of Mahoraba Academy were kinda dicks to Airu so I didn’t like them too much. But as the story progressed, they pulled whatever it was that had been shoved up their asses and started acting human. That’s when I started warming up to them :J I love the teleporter and his perpetual :3 face

For those looking for some romance in the midst of these magical adventures, there’s Airu’s budding romance with mind reader Mitsunari….that was going pretty good until the doppelganger arc. That’s when the character I don’t like makes an appearance. Fucking Sakura. Goddamn living embodiment of a bitchy tsundere. Think she’s the reason their love story will take all 4 tanks since she keeps cockblocking…You can almost think of her as Meiling Li from Cardcaptor Sakura, clinging to the dude and getting bitchy at the main girl  (<- I just googled this because I forgot her name but wtf she was an anime only character??? Omg, I hated her guts so that made the anime kinda painful for me. That’s why I never read the manga D: With this knowledge, I might actually give the manga a try!)

Her aside, I’m enjoying Mahochu! It’s super cute and I love the magic aspect to it :J Here’s to hoping the next tanks aren’t too painful with new character Sakura…

2 thoughts on “Backlog Attack: Day 12

    • Hello there!

      Yes, the love interest is a little tsundere. He’ll get embarrassed and grumble but then blush and help the main girl out :) He’s actually super adorable. I was sad he got knocked aside for his annoying love interest tho in the later volumes :( There’s romance between the main girl and him, but a good chunk of the time is spent with the love rival being a butthole and cockblocking…

      If you’ve got a good grasp on simple high school shojos, I think you should be fine with Mahochu! :) When they start talking about magical things, you may get tripped up a little but it won’t affect the overall flow of the story. And a plus is Mahochu is actually aimed at a younger audience (which was a wonderful welcome for me since I’m still learning myself haha)


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