Backlog Attack: Day 10


Otonari wa 1-ken de 2-do Oishii  #1


First year Azusa has a crush on the student body president Ousuke-senpai. Too bad it’s going no where… However, it seems her luck might be turning around when she learns he’s moved in as her next door neighbor! Even better is when his kimono wearing mystery of an uncle invites her over and offers her a tantalizing proposition: tidy up their house in exchange for spending more time with his nephew!

A love comedy involving not one but two love interests!


Normally I’m against love triangles but I figured I’d try this title out cuz it was completed at two volumes. Meaning it’s not going to be one of those long drawn out love triangles where at some point you just think, fucking go polygamy already or let nature kill one of them off so we can end this insanity…

That said, the love triangle here is kind of random and rushed. Condensing 150 pages into one paragraph: Azusa likes Ousuke. After some time hanging with him (as a housekeeper at his place), she confesses but he’s like, ew no. So she gets sad and beats up the Uncle cuz he told her to go for it (Uncle knew she had the hots for Ousuke, thus why he propositioned her). However, the reason he did that was in part because he was collecting data on her for his upcoming book (little bitch). Rather than get super emotional about this, Azusa just puffs up and tells him to go lick some dog genitals. This gets him interested because apparently he likes it when woman tell him to suck on canine dick. They start getting close but then all of a sudden, Ousuke is like, I want in too. Really out of no where since before he was of the idea that love sucks. But apparently since she smiled at him twice, he’s thrown that notion out the door. Azusa is conflicted because yay Ousuke confessed to her but then there’s that old man dick. Sure she’s 13 years younger than him and a minor, but again, dat D! And uncle ain’t about to let his nephew squeeze his balls in where they’re not wanted. He calls Azusa out to talk and instead they have a mad make out session in a playground. Yet the next day she’s all nervous when Ousuke says he’s going to learn the art of chores from her (he apparently doesn’t know what a broom is…).
This whole time, all I could think was: bitch, quit being wishy-washy. You can’t have all the dicks. Sure you have two hands but come on!

Of the two candidates, even though the Uncle first came off as trash, he’s not too bad. Sure he’s a cradle robber (something about those high school girls that just gets the blood flowing in the nether regions…) and was a smelly maxi pad with that “using you as research material” but he’s a lot better than Ousuke. Ousuke is a stinky fart. He lost points with me two times: 1.) when the story starts, the main girl was knocked down some stairs by some pubes horsing around. Ousuke just happened to walk by and saved her. As thanks, she offers him some starbursts but he’s like, hell no. Keep your opened bag of taint away from me. He later explains his distrust of food is because he ate some candy left for him in his mailbox and got food poisoning, so ever since then he can’t eat something he hasn’t verified as properly cooked.
Me: looks here you hemorrhoid. I’ve had my share of projectile vomiting/jet engine blasting shits, but that hasn’t made me to the point where whenever I go out with my friends, after we order I follower the server to the kitchen and stare the chef down. Also, what stupid fuck eats food from unknown people, sitting for an undisclosed amount of time, in his fucking mailbox? I mean, at that point, you had that coming. Also, if you get sick from something that’s been prepackaged, then there’s bigger problems at stake because it’s not just you that’ll be taken out (also you can join in on the lawsuit happening).
2.) when the girl confesses, he’s like, love is stupid. You’re stupid. Food poisoning is stupid. Get out of my sight. Then ~15 pages later, the main girl learns Uncle is a novelist, the two end up alone in the library where Ousuke is smiling “I’m happy that we’re talking about things” :D <- ???

I was done with Ousuke at that point. Team Pedophile, yo!

That rant done (damn, guess this impacted me more than I thought haha), Otonari wa 1-ken de 2-do Oishii isn’t a bad read. The main girl just rolls towards which ever guy is pulling at her, so that might annoy some folk (:P). If you’re bored, check it out ~

(PS. I like how you can tell who’s going to win the love triangle just by looking at the cover. No mystery here.)

2 thoughts on “Backlog Attack: Day 10

    • I didn’t like the HS boy much either.
      Not sure what his damage was – from being popular or from the shits he got from eating suspicious chocolates left in his mailbox lol?

      It took awhile for Uncle to grow on me, especially that first chapter.


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