Backlog Attack: Day 9

Sekai wa Kimi o Sukuu!


The me who hated myself met you who also hated yourself.

Due to her constant reprimands and nags to follow the rules, Hiro is an outcast with the label “Savior-chan.” One day, she castigates a member of the feared Group C. However, instead of getting angry, he wants to be her friend! Who is this weirdo?? 

Also included are 3 stories to boast your confidence!

  • My Candy (Boku no Candy)
  • Clear Note
  • Green Boy and Blue Girl


My first exposure to the manga-ka Maki Youko ~
I’m really surprised by how much I liked this collection, save the last one-shot. That one was kinda dumb. Her art is really nice and the comedy is golden! Of the oneshots, the titular one was my favorite :3 The characters really grow in their limited pages. It was sad to say good-bye to them when I got to the last page.

My next favorite would be Clear Note, just cuz it was cute ~ The main guy liked the shy main girl first and it just so happened class chores brought them together ~
There was one scene in here that was super fucked up though. This shojo bitch likes the main guy because he’s got a shojo prince face, and picks on the main girl because the main girl is partnered with him for class chores. The shojo bitch gets so jealous she actually tries to beat up the girl IN FRONT of the main dude! The hell!? The dude tells the girl he doesn’t and will never like her (especially after seeing her go crazy in front of him). Embarrassed and a bitch, she instead beats the dude up D:/ shit bitch, take your pills!

Next is My Candy. The main guy asks this super pretty girl out and she agrees. But she’s a little firecracker despite her cute face. He puts up with her abuse, which surprises her because most guys dump her the second they learn about her personality. She starts falling for the guy when this shojo prince pops up and wants the main girl for himself, because she’s cute!
Her: go fuck yourself :/
Him: I can make your boyfriend starter on the soccer team, if you do as I say.
Her: …go on.

For the sake of the boy, she hangs with the shojo prince. This almost ruins their relationship but thankfully the girl rages on the shojo prince, and the boy and her talk things out.
For a little fireball, the main girl was super cute! I usually don’t like her types but she was too fluffy to be annoying ~ The main guy was a good counterpart as he just takes her abuse and continues on. I’d love to see them as old people. The wife nagging and the husband just taking it haha.

Last is Green Boy and Blue Girl. About a tsundere girl who can’t be honest with her feelings for the boy who sits next to her. It takes him exploding and yelling at her in anger (bitch I like you and you like me, just get over yourself and say it for goodness sake!) for her to be honest as well. Meh. For me, this was the weakest of the 4 one-shots. Not bad, just not as awesome as the others.

Now that I’ve gotten a taste of Maki Youko, I’m interested in trying out her other series. I’ve been eyeing Romantica Clock for a while but I kept hesitating for some reason :Y Or should I try Pika*Ichi? Hmmm…

4 thoughts on “Backlog Attack: Day 9

  1. Can’t believe the mean girl beats the guy she likes up xD then why bother liking him? !
    I like seeing your posts everyday x) Btw ,I recommend you try Pika*ichi :D (yakuza,cute,friendship,justice-kinda feeling )


    • It was super random – I guess she was so embarrassed her inner bitch just came out D:

      Thanks :D I’m trying to post everyday for March (to slowly wheedle down my backlog). Then I’ll break in April to catch up on mags (there was an issue with my Sylph subscription and Kino where I hadn’t gotten anything. They’re backordering for me so I’ll have lots of mag catch ups here soon haha).

      I love me some cute :3 I’ll see if I can find a Pika*Ichi set on ~ (saves on shipping). Thanks for the recommendation :D


  2. I’m not sure about Romantica Clock.

    About Pika ichi…. I started reading but for some reason that I ‘ve now forgotten, I dropped it. I remember there was a reason…… boring maybe.


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