Backlog Attack: Day 8

Jimi Koi

“I’m in a plain-old one sided love” 
Or at least that’s what they think! With the school as their setting, their sweet love stories are about to begin!

4 one-shots by “Watashi ni xx Shinasai!” (“Missions of Love” in English) Tooyama Ema:

  • Jimi Koi (Joe Lunchbucket x Flashy Girl)
  • The Melancholy of Columbus (Undercover Hottie x Plain Jane)
  • Love at First Word (Popular Boy x Plain Jane)
  • The Cleaning Secrets of the Gojouzaka Family (Flashy Twins x Plain Jane)  


OMG, I laughed so hard at “Joe Lunchbucket.” I went to the internet cuz I didn’t know what the male version of “Plain Jane” was (or if there even was one!) but apparently there is one as Joe Lunchbucket was the first to pop up (there was “Average Joe” but fuck that when there’s “Lunchbucket” xD “Joe Sixpack” was also an option that tickled my gut as well)

(Lol sixpack…).

And then there was “the opposite of Plain Jane”

  • Fancy Nancy
  • Unique Monique
  • Wild Kyle
  • Randy Mandy
  • Sexy Lexy
  • Saucy Suzy
  • Hot Mama

Gotta love the internet sometimes xD

That aside, to my thoughts on Jimi Koi! I usually have a love-hate relationship with Tooyama Ema. Some of her titles I like (ex. Gokkun Pucho, Kami Kami Kaeshi) while others I can’t (ex. Watashi ni xx Shinasai, I’m Here! (<- cuz of the bitch characters)). But I decided to take a risk and pick up this tank, if only cuz the cover was really eye catching :J

I can safely add this to the list of Tooyama Ema titles I like ~ All the one-shots were precious and adorable. They’ll make you laugh and gush ~The first three were definitely romance orientated while the last one was more family love .

Of the four, my favorite I think was “The Melancholy of Columbus.” I identify with the main girl, in that people view me in a different way than I normally am. Only people I’m close with know the real me (the me you see on my blog), even then I’m selective about who knows the real me and the “real” me. Most people think I’m a sweetie who volunteers at the Soup Kitchen and helps old ladies across the street. I probably don’t know what sin is.

Me: ????????? (are we even talking about the same person here?)

But hey, if my life has to be like this one-shot, where’s my undercover cutie??? :P

Overall a fun read. If you have the chance to read it, I’d say go for it :3 Remember to brush your teeth afterward from all the sugar!

(I am suddenly reminded that I need to play catch up on Kami Kami Kaeshi…)


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