Backlog Attack: Day 7

Ayakashi Kaitou (Spirit Thief)



A sacred love story between a shrine maiden and a messenger of the gods.
Long ago, protagonist Ichiha made a promise with the fox servant Tachibana. Since then, Tachibana has spent his time stealing away items containing troubled spirits, earning him the title of Spirit Thief. He leaves these items at Ichiha’s shrine, much to her father’s frustration and confusion. Ichiha, now older, becomes wrapped up in Tachibana’s actions to help spirits in trouble. However, she doesn’t remember making any promises with Tachibana, especially one that details her to become his bride!
These two will encounter many adventures in their quest for spiritual assistance, including fighting off the affections of a dragon prince and possible separation at the hands of Tachibana’s comrade Sakura.


OMG, I’m so ashamed I have unread Mizuto Aqua stuff on my shelf :( I’m such a horrible fan.

(don’t look at me Mizuto Aqua >___<)

Before I go to sit under a waterfall and pray my sins away, I will say this was better than Mysterious Tales Garden. At least with Ayakashi, it feels like an end was had. One more chapter to resolve things better would have been nice (like whatever happened to the dragon boy and the exorcist boy after their chapters ended, cuz we never see them again) but I’ve learned to stop asking for that when it comes to Mizuto Aqua x Ciao stuff (most of her Ciao titles had shitty ends…only M.G. Darling ended the best, but even that was rushed…).

Ichiha was a little more feisty than I thought she’d be but since she didn’t do anything more than puff smoke, she wasn’t too bad. Tachibana was the cool fox eared boy looking pretty in the corner. Their romance was super quick and kinda felt underdeveloped but given how much she had to work with and so little page space, the author did what she could haha.

Other thoughts:

  • Loved the little spirits :3 I always love how cute Mizuto Aqua’s art is ~
  • If you’ve read her previous work, Ultramix Collection (unlike me who has that in the backlog pile as well :D), the author jokes that maybe the protagonist of her Ultramix Collection is the mother of the dragon prince boy who made an appearance in chapter 2. That’d be cute :3 Gotta love babies ~ (haha, I’m just remembering what that dragon prince said to his mom at the end: “Hey mom! You won’t believe it! I’m part of a love triangle :D” Mom: ???????)
  • The tank contains a one-shot that is loosely connected to Yume Kira Dream Shoppe (A Dangerous Time for a Pink Spell) so bonus points if you’ve read that too haha


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