Backlog Attack: Day 5

Gin no Sereira


In the kingdom of Irugu (ain’t even going to try and English that), all flock to the capital’s sanctuary to receive blessings from the “Silver Maiden.” One day, the Silver Maiden awakens to find herself in unfamiliar settings, specifically in the bed of King Adile! Shocked, she demands to be returned to the sanctuary, but is instead pinned down and kissed by the king. He then utters words that send her to the floor:

“I stole your virginity”

Now a prisoner of the king, the Silver Maiden is given a new name – Sereira. Will she be able to escape the haughty king she hates with a passion, or will she instead find herself drawn in by his charm?


Oh gawd. Now that I’m reading the synopsis, this sounds like horrible shit! Good thing when it comes to manga, I just look at the cover and go!

Honestly, what Gin no Sereira was is pure Disney, only PG (because there was one make-out scene, but that was interrupted by an assassin). I mean, this title was so cornball it was entertaining. So many times I was rolling my eyes, thinking “omg you can’t be serious. Nope, we are lol.”

And since we know this is Disney, you know he didn’t rape her in her sleep. Let’s just clear that out (had this been like Comic Dolce or Missy Comics, absolutely I’d believe that rape – all the guys like forcing themselves on the girls in most of those titles). You don’t find out until the end but you know what, he could have said he was giving himself a Brazilian wax while she was sleeping and it’d still be the same effect. That was one of my concerns with this title because it was as if no one gave a shit that he just said he raped her. It was said and then forgotten until the end where it popped up again for plot reasons. And then again one more time where he says lol I didn’t do that. I just said that to keep you here.

Me: ????????????????????

Also like how the summary totally just leaves out the part about the scam the sanctuary is running and the war that’s happening. How Sereira learns the truth about what it means to be the Silver Maiden…. Minor details apparently :P

There’s a nice Easter Egg for anyone whose read other title, Orlelian no Kishihime. Lucky me that’s currently hidden somewhere in my backlog pile too hur!


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