Backlog Attack: Day 4

Kiss x Kiss vol 3 (end)


At last, Nao and Takumu are together! With the KISS code of “no dating” out the window, it seems like smooth sailing ahead for these two…or maybe not, with Takumu planning on moving to America!?

The popular school love story has reached its end in this final volume!


So my theory from tank 2 was half right – we got half pointless drama and background on one of the boys, Shrimp Crackers. The drama involves Takumu wanting to move to America to advance his career. Nao is torn between the pain of losing him and the desire to let the one she loves do what he wants to do. Needless to say it all works out :J

We get a bonus chapter in the form of Shrimp Crackers. He meets a model girl and helps her grow a pair. The model girl was super cute :)

The final bonus short involves a time skip. Shrimp Crackers is now in charge of the school. Wada is living overseas for schooling. Moritaka takes pictures and gets money for it. Esmeralda still telling those fortunes and getting money for it. Takumu is still a model and strutting those buns. He and Nao have a child with a second on the way :) There is no mention of how Wada and Shrimp Cracker’s love lives are, despite both having their own chapters dedicated to a particular girl. It’s up to the readers to decide if they’re happily married or if they’re cranking off in the bathroom to the sounds of their lonely cries for love.

The tank finishes off with a oneshot titled Puri Kare (Pretty Boy or Pretty Boyfriend). A love story between a martial artist girl and her feminine boyfriend…who turns out to be a lot more different than his face and smile suggest. Was cute :J A nice way to end the third tank.

Overall, I’m glad I finally finished this series after *cough* years of having it on my shelf collecting dust. Wasn’t a bad series. Maybe something to read if you don’t want to think much and just need something mindless to do to pass the time :J


4 thoughts on “Backlog Attack: Day 4

      • Caramel Kiss (this is actually in my backlog pile but I cheated a long time ago and read the end – she has babies with her werewolf boyfriend ~)

        Manga Mitaina Koi Shitai! (the first volume was pretty good. The second mostly deals with insecurity and drama lol but it ends with babies haha (side characters also have babies :D))

        I’m interested in trying out her Ore-sama Kingdom and Himitsu no Ouji-sama (<- this one because it's about gender bending and those amuse me ~). Have you read either? :)


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