Backlog Attack: Day 3

Kiss x Kiss vol 2


At Seirei Academy, where protagonist Nao attends, is an organization known as KISS. The organizations’s 5 members are all handsome young men and are extremely popular with the female demography. Nao went to Seirei to follow her beloved Wada-senpai but recently, her heart has been noticing another member of KISS – Takumu. And if that wasn’t confusing enough, a blonde acquaintance of Takumu’s makes an appearance…throwing a wrench into Nao and Takumu’s budding romance!


Wow, tanks #2 hit the accelerator in terms of pacing. We went from Nao pining over her “Big Brother” to her now in love with Takumu. Then you have a love interest from America popping up and then getting kicked to the corner. Then you have cameraman Moritaka in love with Nao but suddenly lols and gives up. And we skid to a halt with some backstory on why Wada made the ban about members of Kiss dating girls. Was super sad and fucked up (damn shojo bitches).

[Edit: but you know, now that I had a few days to think about it, it was also super stupid. What the situation was is Wada starting going out with a girl and the other girls at the school were huge bitches to her. The girl tried to smile through the shit, but it became too much for her and she eventually left without a word to Wada. Saddened by her departure, Wada installed the law that no KISS member shall date to prevent future sadness (and if his D ain’t getting any, no one’s will). After hearing his sob story, Nao decides to find this girl. She does and eventually the girl and Wada make up. It’s up to the readers to decide if they got back together or not. But what was stupid is how Nao was able to find this girl ASAP while Wada had no idea where she was. Also, the girl transferred to an all-girl’s school. Now that she’s away from the pitfire that is Seirei Academy, she could have continued her relationship with Wada. Was she too traumatized? But it doesn’t make sense since she told Wada had they gone to watch the Christmas lights like promised (before she peaced), she’d have been unable to leave him…Meh I’m thinking too hard on this :P]

The last 1/3rd of the tank involves a short flashback to when Takumu first joined the crew. He and Moritaka butted heads, mostly cuz Moritaka was jealous of Takumu’s popularity (and also by Takumu’s distant behavior). Poor cinnamon roll Takumu – he was afraid to make friends because his old friends left his ass due to him always working :( who doesn’t invite a friend to a birthday party, even if he might not be able to come? Thus the cold shoulder. Glad Takumu finally opened up because of Moritaka and was able to make friends with the KISS crew ~ (from this flashback we also learn why Takumu only has one cross earring instead of two :J).

Finishing up the tank are three shorts, mostly comedic in nature :J One is about the guys (minus Takumu because he’s got a woman now) trying to choose a movie to watch. The second is a pseudo indirect yaoi betweetn Nao’s male BFF and Shrimp Crackers. The final short asks the question “what if the members of KISS had been female instead?”

Honestly, I’m not sure what tank #3 is going to bring. I feel like things wrapped up pretty well in this second tank… My two theories are 1.) needless drama or 2.) we get more backstory on the other members of KISS. Seriously, fortune teller guy…I still don’t know your name because you’re never around except in the background ^^;


For a quick second, I thought “who are these people?” The hair colors threw me :P


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