Backlog Attack: Day 2

Kiss x Kiss vol 1


Nao is an energetic middle schooler, ready to start her new life at Seirei Academy. While the academy is known as a prestige school for the rich and famous, Nao didn’t apply for the reputation – rather her reasons lay in finding her beloved “Big Brother” Wada-sempai! Wada-sempai is the president of the student council, also known as KISS. All the members have special talents geared to helping out girls in trouble.

While trying to find Wada-senpai, Nao instead finds another student council member – model Takumu – in mid-strip…


Omg, talk about a blast from the past. I’ve had this manga on my shelf so long that were it a child, it’d be in the 5th grade right now. I had bought this way way wayyyyyy long ago when I first started even noticing Japanese. The art was cutsy and I had been going through a Tokyo Mew Mew phase (let’s not go further into details than that, k?). However, I didn’t understand shit about what was happening. I’d just stare at the pictures and laugh at the expressions Nao reacted with.

Now that I’m older and I’ve got some experience under my belt, I can actually enjoy this manga!

One thing I came away with is this first tank is so over the top in the shojo cliches. So much shit happens to Nao that her life is never a dull one. But it’s thanks to these tropes that she’s able to interact with the boys of KISS. Nao herself is an entertaining character, if only because of her reactions haha.

The boys I feel a little sorry for. Because they’re good looking (and apparently accomplished individuals despite being in middle school. I mean fuck, we’ve got a model, a world-renown photographer, a famous fortune teller, and an accomplished karate expert. You know what I was doing when I was in middle school, other than trauma? Proud I didn’t cut my thumb off during wood shop class. Apparently I was slacking according to this manga :/), all the girls want their Ds. However, Wada-senpai has made a decree that none of the boys are allowed to date. Reasons being that if the boys show favor to a girl, the other girls, because they’re bitches, will attack and cause shit. So, to prevent this, the boys have to be nice to all the girls. Which means they have to sit there and smile as girls cling to them, smell them, and pretty much touch them inappropriately… Like damn, a bong gets handled less :/ No one thinks this weird because everyone gets a chance to rub themselves on the guys…how sad.

Of the guys, we only really interact with the model Takumu (cuz he wants to help Nao get together with Wada), photographer Moritaga (when he starts getting interested in Takumu and Nao’s association), and a little bit of Wada-senpai (since he’s the target of Nao’s affection). Karate master Shrimp Crackers only appears for fights and comedy. And even less is “I believe in the heart of the cards” …uh? Holy shit what was his name???

That’ll tell you how much he appeared.

Pretty much this will show how useful he is: in one scene, the boys publicly confront this creeper that’s been stalking a girl who turned down his offer to go out. The creeper gets angry and lashes out violently with his crew. Shrimp Crackers jumps in (love that Shrimp Crackers whispers “I guess even Stalkers can have friends”) and beats them up just as violently. The thugs are now down and out. A tarot card lands on one thug’s face. Someone says “this is the Death Card. It represents failure and loss. *dramatic shot of the speaker’s face* That is your future.”

What were you hoping to accomplish there, good sir? As you can see, these individuals have been beaten so bad, they’ll never chew again…not just cuz their jaws are shattered but also because they have no teeth. Now you think you’re a big boy because you come in after everyone has been taken care of and threw your card at them? That you contributed?


That aside, this was a fun first tank, now that I can understand things lol. Stupid simple and not to be taken seriously.

4 thoughts on “Backlog Attack: Day 2

    • :D glad you enjoyed!

      It’s been a long journey learning Japanese ~ I was studying hard at one point but then went through a long period where I didn’t do shiz at all haha. Mostly cuz my school didn’t have anything beyond Intermediate Japanese and I was in an area where I did not have access to anything Japanese (the internet wasn’t as good as it is now and I didn’t have a credit card to buy things (no digital stuff existed). It wasn’t until time passed and I stumbled upon Sylph that I went back to practicing ~ (I had just gotten a job and could pay for things!)
      I sometimes have days where I think “am I even improving at all?” and then I read something like Kiss Kiss, where when I first got it, I couldn’t understand a thing. Now I’m able to blew through it in less than an hour AND I comprehend what’s going on :D
      Don’t give up my friend! You can do it! :3


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