Backlog Attack: Day 1

Tokimeichatte Gomen ne?

Summary translation (I played around with it to sound better so FYI not literal :J)

He’s supposed to be loser…so why is he so cool!?

Mirai is a lady of both brains and beauty (<-in her mind anyway) who loves to be showered in accolades. When asked by her teacher to look after the shut-in Riku, she’s ready for the challenge….but does she really know who she’s dealing with?

Thoughts: Shoots, I’m hoping the rest of this Backlog Attack fest is going to be as entertaining as Tokimeichatte Gomen ne? was! And to think, I was kinda hesitant to buy the tank because the cover looked kinda bland. Thankfully the back cover illustration was so cute that I was swayed (and the girl was smiling while the guy didn’t look too “punch in me the face cuz I’m an ass” as he held her).

The summary does this tank no justice. It’s hilarious as clown shit, complete with giggles and confetti (everyone knows clowns don’t actually poop – they fart laughter and expel sparkles). Mirai was the main reason the tank was fun. She’s definitely different from heroines I’ve encountered thus far. She loves being praised but she works hard to help those around her. She doesn’t back down when someone needs a hand, which leads her to some interesting situations. Example – while protecting Riku from some bullies and their leader, she fights the leader by playing rock, paper, scissors, look, this, way  – and then tiger palming her opponent when he let his guard down, giving her a chance to escape with Riku (this also awakens the leader’s interest in her cuz that beating stirred something 50 Shades of Gray within him). I’m happy she wasn’t wishy-washy or a bitch, cuz no. The male lead himself – Riku – was a precious cinnamon roll, no raisins hidden. He pulled off badass and adorable very well. Also the side characters were fun, from the failure dads, to the dork leader, and even Riku’s older brother (who I was worried was going to be an ass but it turned out he was a cinnamon roll too lol).

It’s a short story but I think it’ll satisify those who read it.

Unless you’re looking for hardcore drama. In that case, put the book down, find a mother with her child, punt the child in the air, and ready yourself for some hardcore drama lol

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