December 2015 reads

Originally written 1.04.2016


As I predicted, I didn’t read too much in December, what with my vacation back home for half the month and all. But I might as well post about what I was able to get through :J BTW, I watched that Bishounen Duck movie the other day. Apparently Netflix had it (called Daisy, a Hen in the Wild). Can I just say how emotionally broken I was by the end of the movie? It’s like Lion King, only you don’t cry in heartbreak just once. Oh non non – this movie’s goal is to make you believe and then crush you with reality. The movie was so good but it kept me up at night thinking…like, how come when you help people, in the end you get fucked? Why are we such dicks as kids? How come my love life parallels with that of a chicken? Will I die alone?

It was deep man.

And after learning the movie was based on a children’s book and it’s been translated…well, guess who’s willingly going back to experience that pain again, only in a different format? This crazy fool.

Despite my experience about questioning my existence late at night, I highly recommend watching the movie, just cuz it’s got some good life lessons but damn, you better bring some tissues. If you don’t tear up at least once, then there’s some ice in those veins of yours.

That aside, let’s get to those reads! :J


Hibi Chouchou (1-12) – shit I didn’t realize this had ended! I had been following the series via tanks but then training started so I put off reading. I still collected the tanks thinking I’d eventually get back to reading and by the time I did, the story had finished! (dayum!) Since it had been awhile, I ended up rereading the whole series from tank #1. It was a quick read. Mostly thanks to a lot of pages just being filled with characters staring, either dramatically at one another or at the distance :P The quick pace was helpful cuz the spot I stopped at – the Kawasumi’s SENPAI NOTICE ME arc – went by in a blur (when before it was getting annoying, since dude you have a girlfriend. This isn’t a BL. Knock it off.). I feel like if you’re going to read Hibi Chouchou, you need to marathon it. Cuz waiting for chapters (or tanks in my case), made the process a little painful since things took a while to be resolved. I remember reading a tank thinking “that’s it???” but as a marathon read, the whole experience was an enjoyable ride. I love that this series didn’t get too dramatic or bogged down by annoying shojo cliches (no ex’s, no fiancee’s). There was a sad ass love triangle towards the end but even that barely registered since the main girl was like “no” and the 3rd person was like “oh ok thanks”. The whole story actually is completed in 11 volumes (and yes, they FINALLY kissed!) with the 12th volume a collection of one-shots as well as the original one-shot that eventually started the serialization of Hibi Chouchou. Tank 12 followed two couples as they grew older but it would have been nice to see what happened to the main couple as they got older too. I mean shit, there’s a reason we’ve been following them for 11 tanks. That aside, overall, I’m happy with my Hibi Chouchou experience. If I had to describe it, it’s like riding a lazy river. You just lean back and enjoy the sights, at peace. No 100 ft waterfalls or sharks biting your calf off, causing pain and confusion.


Oh! My Prince (1-3) – I bought this awhile back but only recently got to read it. I liked Mutou Hiromu’s Never Give Up so I wanted to see what her “Oh! My Prince” was about. Pretty much cute fluff. You have a prince from some Middle Eastern country who falls for the main girl after she avoids getting run over by his limo (great story to tell the grand-kids). The Prince was such a cute duffus – since he’s not fluent in Japanese, he’d use lines he reads in books to hit on the main girl. 100% serious when he used those one-liners too. But the materials he was given were from bodice rippers and shit haha. So he’d want to ask her out to eat and he’d be like “I want to eat you until you scream in pure pleasure”. Her: D:/ ??? The main girl was a calm soul so this made everything more fun for me. Had she been more tsun tsun I probably wouldn’t have liked this as much as I did :J

Suijin no Ikenie (Sacrifice for the Water God/Bride of the Water God) #1 – pretty art, as expected of Toma Rei.  Story involves time travel into a fantasy world (though really if it weren’t for the gods, I’d have thought this was just a shitty old school world. The kind you look at and think, how the fuck did people back then manage?). Thus far I really like Asahi and Subaru. For a kid, Asahi remained strong even when she was thrown into the past. She was pretty funny too, calling the water god a pedophile and perv haha. Kinda afraid that while Subaru is a sweetie, his dark side is going to make him go a bit cray cray in future volumes – not that I blame him. His mom and sister suck :/ The water god is a little annoying, in that he’s stupid dumb. Humans eat? Hmmm…is that why she’s dying? Cuz I haven’t fed her in 3 days? Hmmm…

Sunrise! – a short story in which a girl who was hospitalized for lung issues returns to school. Only catch is due to the amount of time she was out trying not to die, she ends up having a repeat a year. She doesn’t really have any friends but due to a cat, finds friendship with a boy who acts like an old man and his salty friend. While only three chapters, the story was cute. I like all the characters and it ended just right :J

Fushigi Tales Garden (Mysterious Tales Garden) – so disappointed this was only one tank :( the story involves a school haunted by a witch. If you catch her eye, she’ll curse you. Catch is that the curse relates to a fairy tale. For example, one boy is cursed to grow small whenever he smells flowers (Thumbelina), or a girl turns into a kid when she lies (Little Red Riding Hood). There is never an explanation on why the witch is cursing people nor is there any resolution. The manga-ka said she wanted to write more but alas…

Haru to Mahou no Kagi (Haru and the Magical Key) #1 – got this because it screamed magical girl series. The focus is on how there were 5 powers that lived in balanced. One day, one of the powers (Silver) said fuck this and went on a rampage. Another power (Gold) sealed away Silver at the cost of its own life. However, Silver is back and shitting in the stew. Main girl Haru, after appearing in this magical world via a transporting broom closet (<-???) is given a golden key and named the inheritor of Gold’s power, tasked with stopping Silver from further chaos. Not sure how I feel about this series. Main girl Haru has been told she’s a fuckup her whole life (great positive influences here) and she believes it to the point where she doesn’t do shit when a shit needs to happen. Like, can you at least scream for help or show any form of resistance? No? Because you’re a worthless shopping bag of crap? Y-you’re only 11. Who taught you this? D: But thanks to one of the guy characters who appears halfway and pep talks her ala Shia LaBeouf style (DO IT!!!), she starts to gain some confidence. And does stuff. But I’m confused how this is all going to end in one more volume. They haven’t even introduced the other powers! Or what Silver’s damage is, cuz that’s kinda important?

Sayonagidori Renya ~ Amai Michi no Ori ~ (The Nightingale’s Night of Love ~ The Prison of Sweet Nectar) – bought because the cover looked interesting but… *shakes head* I have read many stories out there, and this is the first I’ve come across where a man fingers a women because he suspects she is armed and dangerous and is storing sharp objects/weapons in her vaginal cavity. Like, I’m sorry. Can you please say that again? The police officers investigating this rape case just want to confirm what they heard was indeed what you implied. You thought she was keeping a gun down there. Okay. Thank you. I mean, sure, a girl can shove a tampon up in there or a dick, but a sword? A dagger? A fucking crossbow? Sir, do you even know what a vagina is? I was so stupefied that had I not the pictures drawn out in front of me, I wouldn’t have been surprised if he was poking at her asshole because he doesn’t know what hole is what. Then you had this like…freaky ceremony where the main girl had to get naked in front of the whole royal court (we’re talking the dude’s “mom” is watching), then straddle some incense holder that makes her horny and wet (like, she was dripping all over the holder with her vaginal fluid), and then she had to fuck the emperor again with the whole royal court watching. And you have weird ass toys, like some egg that’s a music box and it gets shoved up the cooch to pleasure the lady (but I’m so confused because 1.) how do you get it out – it literally went in and unlike a tampon, there’s no string to pull it back out. It’s a fucking oval. What can you grab???  & 2.) how did the main guy, shove his DICK in there, when already the space was occupied by the sex toy!? Does the person who made this manga not realize the vagina is NOT a damn Glad Jumbo Sized Trashbag???? Or does the main guy have a microdick???). Also, why was any of this necessary? “To make sure she’s a virgin” – yo there be better ways to go about this… And the story? What story? It’s only at the end we got an evil fucking twin appearing and forbidden singing magic. But by the time you get to a plot (literally 20 pages to the end), you don’t care. You’re too confused by the stupid smut things. Even the art wasn’t worth it. I just kept being distracted by the main dude’s nose. It kept moving and changing sizes on his face…

And that’s it!

2 thoughts on “December 2015 reads

  1. In regards to the last one, apparently there have been cases of drugs and weapons being smuggled like that. Don’t ask me how or why, because I’m too busy cringing


  2. OMFG
    “Sir, do you even know what a vagina is?”
    “Does the person who made this manga not realize the vagina is NOT a damn Glad Jumbo Sized Trashbag?”

    Are two of the best lines I’ve seen in a blog post ever xDD

    Gosh, you’re so entertaining to read haha


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