Ane Lala vol 14


Still nothing new for me to follow yet ^^; But at least the art is pretty haha…

Kyou no Kon no Daiya (The Schematics for Today’s Marriage) by Kusakawa Nari **New Series
Kawaii Hito by Saitou Ken
Tonari wa Nani o Kuu Hito zo by Fujitsuka Yuki
Kanojo to Kare no Maishutsu by Kure Yuki
Kanojo ni Naru Hi by Ogura Akane
Inferno by Matsumoto Tomo
Otona no Kobayashi-kun by Morio Masami
Kyou Kanoko by Nakaji Yuki
Asa made Matemasen by Tanaka Mecca

Color pages:


Kyou  no Kon no Daiya (The Schematics for Today’s Marriage) – follows that one chick that lost out in the love triangle battle from…I believe it was the second story in Kyou no Koi no Daiya, and her life to marriage. It was cute to learn the winner of the love triangle and her dude are expecting – nice little Easter Egg for those who read the prequel :J Not sure if the next chapter will follow this character more or if it’ll jump to another character? Whichever it is, I’m curious to see if the other characters will make an appearance, either directly or indirectly?


Kawaii Hito – the main couple go on a double date with Hanazono’s friend Hara and his girlfriend. It was fun seeing Hiyori get jealous competitive with Hara cuz Hara has been buds with Hanazono and thus they have a special relationship. Hara’s girlfriend was amusing too. She has a similar issue like Hanazono, in that if she opens her eyes, she looks freaky haha ~ We learn from this chapter that Hiyori wants to take her relationship with Hanazono to the next level but he’s too dunce to realize that (he was out cold from drinking when she screamed this for all to hear haha). Hara tells Hiyori she needs to tell Hanazono directly cuz he’s a dunce and also Hiyori is his first girlfriend so he probably doesn’t know what to do. Love this fluff x3

And sadly that’s it for me ^^;


In the next issue, Inferno is taking the cover *shudders* The manga-ka of Love in the Sticks (Karasawa Chiaki) is going to have a one-shot in the next issue titled “Inu mo Arukeba…” But from the tagline, it sounds like this is a one-shot continuation of a previous one-shot/story? Something about the continuation of heart pounding experiences together with animals. Also, the manga-ka of Sister to Vampire (Akatsuki) will have a one-shot here as well. Hers involves childhood friends who meet again at a class reunion. However, the dude childhood friend has changed and now enjoys messing with her.

Then you have the usual suspects making their appearance :J

Other pages:

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