Lala DX 1.2016

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I always feel bad when I read Lala DX since I only get the magazine for its oneshots. I am 0% invested in the series featured haha. Which sucks since Lala DX is pretty much 50% serialized titles and 50% oneshots. What a waste!

Now don’t get me wrong – there are a couple of titles in here that interest me. But since I buy Lala DX irregularly, I’m unable to keep up with their stories (I just wait for the tank version ~) and so I just skip to the oneshots.

Anyway, it’s been a couple of months since my last Lala DX purchase. I happened to be making a order and threw this in just cuz (it’d be nice if I could buy the mag at my local Kino but it’s a gamble on if there’ll be copies when I go or not. Surprisingly Lala DX flies off the shelves rather quickly :o). This particular issue of Lala DX will stick in my mind forever, not due to shocking content, but since I read this while trying to boil water for over an hour and a half for a bath…cuz the heat in my apartment went out. Yeah, it was like in the 30s outside and my apartment had no hot water or heat to warm my apartment. Only bone-chilling cold water and death…

bird bath2

The first night this happened, I did a ghetto bird bath and just wiped myself down with boiled water (and then huddled in front of a little heater I had thankfully bought last year after a similar incident happened to my friend, only she ended up almost dying of a really bad flu x pneumonia thing since it was even colder last year and her outage lasted over a week). Since this is the City, apartments here are different than what I’m used to. No front desk, no place to get packages, and no on-site super. I called the people who managed my building but apparently they only have 9-5 hours so the Lord have mercy on you if something happens after that. I left a message but didn’t hear anything so I called back a few hours later. When I did get a human after 10 minutes of listening to a staticy radio play while the secretary went off to find someone (or poop, because really it shouldn’t have taken that long), he had no idea of my complainant. Which leads me to believe that answering machine is set to delete any recorded messages as soon as the person hangs up. He contacted the super for my building and the super contacted me. Apparently my building got a super recently who actually lives in the building, which surprised me greatly because the last 203498 supers we had lived elsewhere. One biked here from another borough which was super dumb. He told me regretfully that I JUSTTTTTTT missed the heater inspector guy (there’s probably a fancier title than the one I just used but we’re going with that). The heater guy was inspecting random heaters which sucks because come on, go in order… So that would mean another night of no heat… but on the plus side, I now have the super’s number to call so I don’t have to go through the fools that own my apartment building.

Faced with that realization and the fact it had been over 48 hours since I’ve bathed properly, I decided to old school it and boil water to make a bath. I mean, the fantasy books I read talk about drawing water for a bath all the time. It couldn’t be that hard.

(let me tell you, those motherfuckers need more than a sentence in a damn book to describe the amount of work and patience they have for getting a bath ready. Seriously, I think drawing a bath is more complex than any magic hooddie flying around in a book. All main characters should have to draw their own bath as a humbling experience. Bad guys as a form of redemption)

While waiting for various pots to boil, I read Lala and that helped me get through the wait.

The saddest part of this story is my hour and a half of work gave me a product I could use for ~15 minutes (the heat went away fast ;—;). But it felt so nice to be able to wash my hair and scrub properly.


Anyway…how about we look at Lala DX!

Colored Pages:


  • Vampire Knight short – Love’s Wish
  • Koi da no Ai da no
  • Kanojo ni Naru Hi Another
  • Last Game short
  • Sabaku Harem
  • Kedamono ni Lollipop
  • Sekai de Ichiban Warui Majou
  • Biri Gyaru
  • Yankii to Yandere no Karera ni wa Tomodachi ga Ini
  • Tendou-Ke Monogatari
  • Yuusha to Wagahai no Mujintou Hyouryouki
  • Uchi no Onisensei


Charlotte’s Red Thread by Kugaru – short that deals with demons and reincarnation. Cute but the main girl’s <__> eyes kinda weirded me out…

Kumori no Chi Taiyou (~Partly Sunny) by Kameno – Apollo, god of the sun, gets kicked to earth for being a playboy by his dad Zeus (which is kinda fucked up because…it’s Zeus, the guy that will and has gone the extra mile to fornicate). Zeus also turns Apollo into a nerdy high school student worthy of being placed in Lala DX. Since this was released around Christmas time, the one shot has a Christmas theme in which Apollo thinks if he becomes like Santa and makes people happy, he’ll be welcomed back to god-status. Was super entertaining. Apollo is such a dumbass it’s great. His acts of kindness just come across as lecherous. The female lead was a good support for him to grow as a person. Would love to see this one-shot continued ~

Baby Canvas by Ichikawa Nanau – the main premise behind the oneshot is that being different isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A good moral we should all have ~

Toushindai Centimeter (Life-sized Centimeter <-???) by Orikasa Mami – a super short girl who is all into volleyball gets confessed to by a super tall basketball player. Was super cute <3 I liked that it was her passion for volleyball that got the guy to be more focused on basketball and her <3

Nanashi no Love Letter (Anonymous Love Letter) by Ashina Yuu – involves two people in a club and a white board where they write messages to one another, one who doesn’t know the identity of the other. Nothing much to say. Wasn’t bad.

Tanteijimusho Cassandra (Investigation Agency Cassandra) by Onda Shiduru – reminded me of those old school noir detective films, except we have Onda’s humor mixed in plus super seeing eye powers. This title too would be awesome to have a sequel, just cuz the main girl is so sweet to the main dude.

Yukiusagi no Hitomi ni (In the Eyes of the Snow Rabbit) by Sakura Natsuki – generic romance story about a sick girl and a grumpy guy ~ the art was super cute, especially the bunnies <3

Yami-iro Seitokai (The Student Council of Darkness) by Naonaka Sen – honestly didn’t read this because there were speech bubbles everywhere and I wasn’t interested enough to dig through the novel amount of words spilling out of the pages…

Taigi no Medicine (Moral Medicine) by Youka Akiharu – beautiful art but I should have known things were going to be weird when a doctor goes to someone saying they need blood to test on and the person complies by biting themselves (me: I think someone needs to put on one of those cones of shame dogs wear because that’s not normal). Involves trying to find the secret to eternal life and things not going too well with that…

Watashi no Senpai by Meruko – a short about being honest about yourself. If you like anime, don’t hide it. Let the world know (me: nah that’s now how the real world works…unless you’re in a setting that allows that, you hide that shame with all your might and only subtly let on so as to find others of the same taste).

Giant Cinderella by Narumi Maika – cute story about a tall tough girl and a short guy who helps her realize that it doesn’t matter if she can throw men twice her size over her shoulder, be proud of who you are.

Gya-fun by Yasuko Yamaru – stupid amusing story about a student president who asks out a thug so as to dump him and break his heart to humble him.

Next issue:

  • Yuusha to Wagahai no Mujintou Hyouryouki is ending
  • Kedamono ni Lollipop is ending
  • Kiniro no Corda 4 is starting (again)
  • Idolish 7 TRIGGER – before the radiant – is starting
  • Akagami no Shirayuki-Hime short
  • More Vampire Knight (I thought this ended like years ago?) – deals with Kaname telling his kids about emo stuff

4 thoughts on “Lala DX 1.2016

  1. Dude, no heat in your apartment = breaking the law.
    @_@ You should get compensation for that shit. (Actually getting it is a different thing and WTF this shouldn’t happen in the first place.)

    Also, I do something similar during super cold weather. I wrap a towel and wash one area at a time. Shampoo and conditioner, lean head into the spout.

    AND YES, ZEUS–HE’S the one who is the promiscuous asshole and rapist swan.
    Curious about Vampire Knight. Immortal kids and all. HOW’S HUMAN LIFE KANAME?



    • This is the City. They could give a care :( I’m just lucky they fixed the heat…my friend was left a week without heat in the heart of winter. WTF?

      They increase the prices of everything but don’t do anything productive. I mean, the mayor or whatever is currently making it his war to fight horse carriages in Central Park…fuck the increasing homeless population or the spike in subway attacks…gotta get rid of those horses…

      Really? :o Weren’t you cold?? Maybe I was supposed to go one body part at a time instead of getting completely naked and doing it all from there? I kept having to huddle in front of my space heater cuz I was so cold T__T

      Oh Zeus…I remember he was so determined to fuck a lady, he turned himself into a shower of gold. Like, damn dude. You literally turned yourself into pollen. Is that even considered sex???

      I’m surprised no one has any scans of these new VK side stories. Or maybe I just don’t know where to look lol? :P


  2. Kedamono ni Lollipop is ending! Aww…. T_T This is my favorite! So cute and sweet like lollipop… Though I don’t like ‘slave’ cliche and all Shionji’s mean words before! But this is my most memorable manga.. T_T I’d really love to have these in my shelves as well once published in English! (if that will ever happen T_T)♥


    • I’ve been meaning to read Kedamono ni Lollipop. It looks cute :J If the ending is decent, I may go and buy the tanks ~
      And agreement on the scarcity of translated shojo ;___; it’s one of the main reasons I keep pushing myself to study Japanese since lots of titles won’t ever see stateside… (though I’m happy other publishers are branching out into the shojo realm, like Yen Press with “The Secret Sakura Shares” and “Fruits Basket” :J)


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