And Now You’re Back, From Outer Space

Hello all!

Talk about leaving without saying good-bye. Apologies. I meant to put up a post saying I was heading out but then good ol’ life happened. I had major career initiation thing happen (it happened to all my friends, so I was up next haha), then Christmas shopping since I was so caught up in the thing, then trying to tidy things up at work so I can go on my vacation without giving a care what happens afterwards, lots of social activities (’tis the holidays!), last minute Christmas shopping, last minute battle at the post office to mail off gifts, packing in like 2 hours, and rushing off to my flight. Then it was two weeks of visiting family, cuddling with my dogs (it’s been over a year since I last saw them ;—-; my babies), nerding out with friends, and just relaxing overall.

But time flew and now I’m back up here in the cold cesspool that is the city haha.

It’s now 2016 and I’m sitting here eating breakfast so I thought I’d write a blog about 2015. WordPress kindly sent me an email about my stats from 2015 that pretty much said “why are you still blogging?” It’s quite hilarious because I can see the exact day I fell off the blogging planet (even more than I had before). Now, let me explain what happened to me and why Spoils pretty much died last year (it’s long and pretty much RL based so you can scroll to the very bottom for the TL;DR version of this post :J):

2015 saw me get promoted and going through the most shittiest halfassed yet painfully stressful training period I had ever encountered. The majority of the blame goes with our new “leader” who took a training period of 1 and a half years and crunched it down to 2 months (hypothetically 3 months but that last month was all testing). We literally did not know shit when we came out of that “training” class. Everything had to be learned on the fly. It was so bad that during lunch sessions, someone would start with “guess what I learned you shouldn’t do today” and we’d pass our stories around to help prevent further error. We’re still doing it even now and that’s really sad because had we the old program, we would have known the do’s and don’ts.

(also the training was stressful because one of my coworker friends went mental and alternated emotions of extreme depression, paranoia, hysterics (tears and everything), and anger at an eye blink. There was no helping her because she’d get crazy on why we thought she needed help. And to make matters worse, we were all shoved together on a conference room table so we couldn’t avoid one another. My saving grace was hiding in the corner… Once the training period was over though, she went back to normal, but it left a scar on us… me especially… (.___.;)

Once “training” was done, we got sent off to our new respective “groups.” I don’t know how to explain the new structure of our workplace other than there are many groups that are doing the same thing. I was placed in a specialty group (that doesn’t do the same thing) involved with databases which was really stupid because I had no experience with anything so I would be of no benefit to that group. I was extremely disappointed I didn’t go back to my old “group” with my other friend but there was only one opening and I had caught the possible favoritism of someone in management (yeah…it’s something like the “groups” are ruled by different people and had I gone back to my old “group” it would be ruled by a person different than the one I was put in). But the reason my old “group” was fun was because my friend was there so if she hadn’t been in there, it wouldn’t have been the same.

So I was in this specialty group being of no use since I have no experience in anything. I also didn’t really like this group because I wouldn’t be doing any lab work or writing reports which is what I need if I want to add that to my resume :P However, misfortune luck would have it, around September, someone in one of the groups was leaving and we just got back someone who was on leave. This someone was on part-time schedule instead of full. The management person decided to move me to that now vacant group and put the part-timer into the database group. Which would have been awesome…had the supervisor for the group not been on my list of top 3 people who I don’t want as a supervisor.

And just as I expected, I was stressed as fuck. He’s the type of guy who has to say what’s on his mind, even if you don’t want to hear it or he shouldn’t have said it in the first place. Hell, he told me I reminded him of a song that I looked up and the lyrics were about fucking a half Asian.

Me: :I ?????

He’s super micromanaging to the point where he sucks at it. He’ll say tell you to do one thing but you turn around and he’s already shipped someone else off to do that task. However, lot of times he’ll do this to me just within the last 30 minutes of my time to leave, making me stay after :/ There are also times he’s so quick to micromanage, you can only think “dude just spend the extra 5 seconds to check on that…you’ll see it’s done.”

It got to the point where if I was emailed about something obvious, I would just ignore the email since he’d just go look it up himself because he can’t wait.
(I learn this is what others in the group do too haha…how sad…)

So you’ve got Speedy Gonzales up there, wanting things to be done now. I really think he has an adult form of ADD. He cannot sit still and will bother you constantly about if things are done. Which is a bad pairing when you have me, new as fuck, thus slow as fuck.

(Still am too because rushing has taken too many of us down. I’ll do the extra time if that means getting better results (huh, now that I think about that. It’ll probably say on my evaluation that I was slow and need to speed up but…fuck it). I mean shit, I didn’t know how to write a report, how to interpret results, how to fucking make a table. I used excel and then after all that work someone told me we had a computer program for that. THAT’S WHAT WE DID IN TRAINING! YOU TELLING ME THIS WHOLE TIME THERE WAS A PROGRAM SMH VIOLENTLY).

However, lots of white hairs and booze later, I’ve slowly been getting better at my new position. That asshat doesn’t help – I cringe whenever he goes by or I hear his voice which is really sad – but I’m getting less insane (I hope) whenever he emails me asking for something and all I can think is, read the email I sent 30 minutes ago, you pecan.

It was towards the end of October/November that I started to have free time to do things. I noticed my Japanese was hurting, my blog was abandoned, and I had not been exercising or eating right. Also, my apartment looked like shit. I slowly started working on these issues using the hours of overtime I had accumulated (remember, we don’t get paid dollars for staying late, only time) to get my life back together (thus why November had posts in it haha). Still in the process of fixing things but I’m hoping to be a better blogger in 2016. With that in mind (to any of you still reading this), let me share with you my reads and goals for 2016.

Magazine summaries: In 2015, I followed the following magazines:

  • Sylph
  • Emerald
  • Ane Lala (digital and physical)
  • Jossie (unhealthy crack but it’s too hilariously bad to stop)
  • Lala DX
  • Wings (digital)
  • Margaret (digital)
  • Zero-sum (digital)

I’ll pretty much be sticking with the same magazines, unless Kodansha feels the need to stop being an ass and open up their digital manga magazines for world-wide access, instead of region-locking the darn things :/ I dropped Comic It because I wanted a digital version (I wasn’t interested enough to collect the physical format). I know I can go to their site to read but I like it all in one package instead of spread out and having to find the newest chapters (stupid I know but that’s just me).

My goal with mags is to blog Sylph every month like I used to. That’s the main goal, with Emerald, Ane Lala, Jossie, and possibly Lala DX in the background (these mags, except for Jossie, are all either bimonthly or quarterly so it’s not as demanding for me). Zero-sum, Margaret, and Wings are just for pleasure so I’ll probably keep it like that.

Tid-bits: I bought Shounen Oujo #4 before leaving and was going to blog about it when I got back but damn Hachimitsu kicked it. They wasted no time and that’s awesome :J That said, I’m dropping Shounen Oujo since it’s no longer in Sylph and by the time I get the tank version, it’s already been scanalated. My goal for the series was to get it exposure and exposure it got :J I can now move on to other titles…

Like Shiro Ari. I’ve gotten a lot of requests for Shiro-Ari and I think this is a good time to get back into the series. I’m guessing I’ll start with tank #3 and do tank posts until I catch up with the most recent tank release, then go on a chapter-by-chapter basis?

I’ll also work on Sore wa Iromeku Fukyouwaon because even though no one cares about that series, I love it. Just because the main girl is so nuts haha.

No time frame for the posts tho. Maybe one tank post a month? But I won’t put that in stone until I see how I am first :P

My last goal is to do a monthly “what I read” post. As the title shows, it’ll highlight JP manga I’ve read (I have English ones but there are many review sites for those ~).

Those are my goals for Spoils. I hope to keep with them along with improving real life stuff and having fun drawing again ~ Let’s work hard to bringing our goals to life, everyone! BTW CNN was an ass and sent me a thing saying that on Jan 1, only 77% of New Year goals were going on. Like, thanks CNN. Just because you fucked up your diet don’t mean you have to take others down with you…

Oh, and before I leave, big thanks to everyone who still hung on with this blog despite my absence ~ You guys make blogging fun :3 I’m sorry for not responding to comments or doing anything remotely considered activity on Spoils. I point to the above for my reasons.

Have a great day, everyone!

TL;DR – 2015 I did shit because work sucked.
2016 goals – Sylph post every month, no Shounen Oujo, yes Shiro Ari, monthly reads.

4 thoughts on “And Now You’re Back, From Outer Space

  1. Holy crap, talk about sailing on the S.S. Shitfest. I hope you can make friends or at least have an okay environment with your new group. And I hope you can find a way to balance your work schedule so you can do the things you love again.


    • It definitely was and still is an experience, my friend.

      My group is an interesting one. I find that Winnie the Pooh is a good analogy to describe everyone. I have Piglet who is so busy thinking we’re all out to get him that he’s basically dying of stress. There’s Rabbit who is there to help but is always stressing about having to get the harvest done right then and there. Rabbit is friends with Kanga, who is super sweet but super oblivious – like where did Rue get to? Haven’t seen that child in a week, hmmm. Meh. My boss I’d say is the heffalump/woozle nightmare scene from the old old cartoon, where basically he’s all over the place and you’re confused but the only thing you know you’re feeling is dread and wanna run ( Then I have a Christopher Robins because we never know where this dude is. He does stuff but if it weren’t for emails, I’d have thought he left us along time ago.

      I’m slowly adapting to the chaos. Thank goodness for Happy Hour tho haha :J

      I hope to balance things better than how I was with 2015. Fingers crossed! Because I wanna enjoy things instead of being ruled by my work :U Don’t get paid enough for that stress :P


      • I hear this a lot so maybe Christopher Robins is taking a dump on company time in the “hundred acre woods”.

        Oh yeah, and congrats on the promotion! =)


        • Christopher Robins is a strange being. He’s never around but he does work (so I can’t complain ^^;) – if he’s dumping too, he’s a multitasker then haha
          I’ve heard people describe him as “The Ghost” – he does his work but you never see him. Only the results of his finished work.
          My friend used to work with him and said that’s just how he rolls. Also also, I think there’s a strange rivalry between him and Rabbit. Also you have my boss poorly micromanaging.
          I’d be hiding too if I could…

          Thanks :D


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