Ane Lala vol 13


Wow, I literally just read 2 things in this magazine…
Ah well, with this, I have caught up with all the lady mags ~ Four posts in one weekend is pretty good! Especially given my track record of maybe posting 2 things before disappearing for months on end :D You can thank excused sick leave for the time off (and playing Tales of Graces f on the PS3. Whenever I’m grinding for Soul Orbs, I put all my characters on autopilot and read while they kick wildlife ass).

Hinoko by Tsuda Masami
Kawaii Hito by Saitou Ken
Tonari wa Nani o Kuu Hito zo by Fujitsuka Yuki
Koyamasou no Kirawaremono – Returns by Nakaji Yuki (final chapter!)
Inferno by Matsumoto Tomo
Otona no Kobayashi-kun by Morio Masami
Ohayou kara Oyasumade made (From Good Morning until Good Night) by Karasawa Chiaki (final chapter!)
Kanojo to Kare no Maishutsu by Kure Yuki
Kakkou no Naku Mori by Hibiki Wataru (one shot)

Color Pages:

What I read:

Kawaii Hito by Saitou Ken

Remember in the last chapter, the main girl said she wanted to go home with him? It didn’t happen lol. They were too blushy to go through with it. Now a coupe of days has passed and the two haven’t seen each other. The main girl is busy doing things and the main guy is rolling around trying to figure out what to do. Eventually he finally says screw this and goes to meet the girl (at the same time she goes to meet him). They act super blushy and do super blushy things. End of chapter.

Kakkou no Naku Mori by Hibiki Wataru (one shot)

A weird ass one shot. The main dude finds this kid passed out on the road. When asked wtf, the kid responds “I’m you.” That’s not ominous at all. And apparently that’s how the main dude felt since the kid was adopted into his household (you go shojo logic). Time goes by and we see this new kid is a total shojo hero – intelligent, athletic, and has great hair. All the panties fly at him when he’s around. This gives the main dude complexes because he isn’t shojo hero level. But hey, he’s the rich kid around here so all good. Plus he’s got a heart of gold *clicks his heels twice*. But then a lot of fucked up shit happens. His friend robs him. His fiancée is dry humping shojo hero. Shojo hero is his cousin. It’s enough to freak a main character out. Especially when shojo hero tells the main dude all this time he was jelly that the main dude had a good life while his ass was being beaten. So he decided he wanted to take all that main dude had and shit on him. The main dude starts to cry and shojo hero feels bad (wtf). The main dude runs away from shojo hero and goes to tell his mom about his crazy cousin. Mom responds by stabbing him with a ballpoint pen. Why? Because he’s not her child. (but why the pen?) It turns out that the main dude is actually the mom’s sister’s child (*speechless face*). Sis came walking in one day and lol-ed how she switched the kids at birth. The kid mom had been raising with love was in fact the sis’s and the one the sis had been beating daily is the mom’s. Mom goes crazy and bashes in the sister’s head with a Kate Spade vase. Why she continued to raise the main character as her son…*shrugs* Dude she just stabbed the main dude with a fountain pen…. Continuing, we see the mom about to shank the main character with this bedazzled knife (really mom, no need to get fancy with the hilt. It’s just a knife) when shojo hero comes in and skewers her with a poker. But since he just flew his ass in like a fighter jet going mach 5, he dived right into mom’s knife (which is really impressive given that mom was going for a downward stab yet he positioned himself just right to take the blade straight into his chest…despite throwing his whole body forward into stabbing his mom with a pointy object…so if anything, he should have been stabbed in the back, but it’s not something that would deviate from the story. Just my own observation). Shojo hero confesses that he knew the truth all along but after hanging with the main dude, he just couldn’t. And he’s gay for the main dude aka his cousin. He dies and then the main dude now turns gay for his cousin (little too late dude), kissing his dead ass corpse like the incest necrophiliac he is. Main dude gets all possessive of shojo hero’s husk of a body and walks off with it, but not before setting the mansion on fire (the fuck is going on anymore?). Times goes by and the main dude turns into a shojo hero himself. He’s turned from zero to hero. The maids talk about the change and everyone wonders were the original shojo hero went (because while one shojo hero is nice, two is even better). One maid comments that main dude said something weird when asked. He told her that shojo hero is right in front of her, in “here” *clutches man boob* Not sure if he’s saying shojo hero lives inside him or if he ate shojo hero…it’s one of those tricky metaphor puzzles. The one shot ends with him drinking tea. K. ᕕ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )ᕗ

In the next issue, Kyou no Koi no Diamond gets a new spinoff titled “Kyou no Kon no Diaya.” Also, Kyou Kanoko is restarting again, now that Koyamasou no Kirawaremono – Returns is done.

Other pages:


2 thoughts on “Ane Lala vol 13

  1. This is why I can’t trust these magazines. One story will be like “two cuties stare into eachothers eyes and blush a lot” and the next will be “oh look, everyone’s getting stabbed”. Also, I hope you get the chance to read Hitodenashi no Kokoro, because that story does not step on the brakes


    • I read the first chapter :D
      OMG, it’s crazy. I was so confused by what was happening. Especially since the story started out with a man professing his love for the main girl without his pants on.
      I kept going back to the beginning because I couldn’t comprehend why this man was walking around, dick swinging.

      But then the girl explains she has the ability to attract perverts, akin to the way Snow from Shiro Ari attracts animals.
      And while that explained the exposed balls, it didn’t make me feel any better. Cuz I kept double checking to make sure I read everything right (did she mean to say she attracts something else…like…people’s clothes and they become naked? No, she attracts fucking weirdos? K…)

      And then the guy who I thought was the good guy turns out to be bad and he gets his ass shanked. Then some other dude pops out of no where and is like, YOU’RE MY WOMAN.

      Main girl: o__o …

      Definitely insane but interesting haha

      How are you liking the series? :J


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