November 2015 Reads


I’ve been meaning to do one of these but I kept pushing this idea off. But now things have changed! Cuz I had the energy to actually do what I set out to do lol!
We all know I buy a lot of manga from all the pictures I spam (my instagram account is pretty much all manga hur) but I rarely talk about my purchases. Mostly because my version of a review is “love love loved it” or “this is stinker than the shit I took this morning.” Think because I bought a new wall shelf to keep my reads for the month on that I finally got the drive to try this out. Each month I’ll try to blog about what I read and my thoughts on each book. I’m not the greatest of reviewers so take my words with a grain of salt.
Without further ado, let’s begin!


Kemono wa Tsume de Hana wo Daku – think we all know how I feel about this title. If not, I have a post dedicated to it. That should tell you how messed up it is.

Otome Junjou Erotica Heaven: (totally didn’t pay attention to the title until after I bought it and rolled into chapter one greatly confused. I only glanced at the cover when I saw the tank at the bookstore and said fuck it, blind buy! Yeah….no). Honestly, this shit was dumb as fuck. I was hella annoyed more than I thought I’d be (it only got worse as I got to the end!). The main chick gets married off to this kid who’s squished his dick into every woman in his neighborhood. It’s so bad that when his possible child showed up, no one questioned it because that’s how much of a manslut he is. And he’s the kind to stick it and leave so he had no idea who the mother of the child could be. Honestly, this just felt like a really unhealthy shojo. The whole thing was about sex, but the girl was so dumb she don’t know how babies are made (fucking ho thought you went to the garden and pulled one out like a carrot :/ prime example on why sex ed is important. Go on to be 20 and not know why you bleed everyone month smh). The dude is such a slut, that he pressures the girl to spread her legs all the time or he’s off to find a prostitute to do the job for him (man, his dick is probably just a std ridden gas station shriveled hot dog by now). The parents sucked too – the girl tried to go back to her parents after a fight with the dude where he said he never promised to give up on hos despite their marriage plans and then his maybe baby showed up, and those fools turned her away. They said gtfo. Say what mom and dad? Conclusion: I’m disappointed. The pretty cover lied :(

Otome Junjou Erotica Heaven ~ Saiai no Hito ~: So when I bought the first volume, I bought this one as well because fuck it, why not? However, after reading that first tank, I had many regrets on my hasty decision. As luck would have it though, tank #2 wasn’t as bad as #1. In fact, I rather liked it. Mainly cuz the main girl isn’t a dumb fuck like the first chick who is probably as we speak browsing the vegetable aisle of a supermarket, trying to find babies on sale, and the main dude isn’t a manslut. He’s a dork and I loved it. The chemistry between the two was cute, with the girl driving the relationship with her wall slams lol (guy: girls aren’t supposed to do that! Her: oh well *flips them around* that better?).FYI tank #2 is sexy as well, though not as racy as #1’s, but that’s just cuz of manslut and his dick needing constant attention :/ But it’s still a title I wouldn’t read in public.

Tokikaku Kimi ga. 1-2: a shojo romance between a girl who believes in justice and serving the public, and a guy who could give a fart about that. Volume one was nice to introduce the characters and seeing their interactions. But then volume 2 took a completely different turn. It’s like…picture this experience as a car ride. Helming the wheel for this first volume is a calm driver who obeys the speed limit and actually stops when at a stop sign. But then his crazy friend Steve took over for volume 2. And Steve don’t believe in shit. Go as fast as you can. Turn signals are for the weak. And who needs GPS when you can just plow through people’s yards to find your way? By the time you get to your destination, the car is half destroyed. Steve is likewise half dead but proud of himself, even though he’s lost the ability to use his left leg. The calm driver from the first volume had been ejected out of his seat about 5 minutes into the ride when Steve slammed into a cyclist and flipped the car…but still kept going somehow. And you’re in the trunk wondering wtf just happened.

Fukurousou Aki Arimasu 1 – ah crud I lost my notes I had written on this one. I recall (1) liking that the main girl was a seiryuu nerd. (2) Not quite understanding what’s up with her eyes since as far as I can tell she’s able to see pretty ok thus far. And (3) the main guy needs to calm the tsundere. The only reason their relationship is going to work is because the girl is so laid back the main guy’s constant screams and puffs just roll off her like water on a cucumber. But I liked this title enough to grab the second tank ~

Konyakusei 1 – really adorable but unnecessarily dramatic. Also the plot is stupid. The drama is mostly due to pencil dick on the cover. His excuse for being a fool is because he doesn’t know what love is (that was actually explained in the 2nd tank but I read the magazine this title is serialized in so thus how I know the deets). But that doesn’t explain over 12 chapters of this shit dude. If you can ignore his dumb ass, it’s really quick cute when he’s not doing dumb shit. Mostly thanks to the chick. Oh, the reason I said the plot was stupid is cuz the main girl’s parents die and the dude, who is her apartment’s landlord (wtf), tells her she has to get (like while the funeral is happening, real fucked up buddy). OR, she can marry him and stay. Her: D:\ uh…s-stay?

Sekirara ni Kiss 1 – grabbed for the cover. Not quite sure how I feel about this one. The main girl hides her true self behind a smile. One day, she’s saved from a pervert by the good looking dude on the cover. She unconsciously falls him to an art school where he goes to. At first he’s annoyed but when he learns she’s the artist of some trinkets he buys, he becomes interested in her. The first half of the book was awkward since the girl was always putting herself down and the guy was a dick (he was blunt to the point of being a dick, put it that way). Once the girl started to get her act together, then the book started to grow on me.

Kisu Saserareru 3 Byoumae (former title was: Tenohira ni Suisei): Sadly and utterly forgettable. Reads like a long one-shot. The main story is comprised of three chapters that span over the course of 2 days. Girl gets a job interning for a graphic design place but is so nervous that she goes drinking the night before her first day (never a good thing). She meets with a dude like a player, drinks like a player, and flirts like a player by spewing the entire contents of her gut on him. She blacks out and wakes up nekkid in a hotel room with him nekkid as well. Naturally, she thinks, omg I slept with this dude?? But what isn’t natural is that she adds the comment: damn, go me. This dude is sizzling hot! (Me: what?). In the spirit of shojo, it turns out this guy is going to be her boss. What is this Gray’s Anatomy but whatever. Things get weird when the main girl asks the dude to keep quiet on the she-bang thing and that it’s totally cool, no hard feelings. Well, dude gets hard feelings because wtf ho? So he acts like a douchebag for most of the story and she acts like a clueless shoe. The one shot in the end (Trick or Kiss) was just as bad. The art got better but the story telling became more toxic. Fucking rapist cry baby…gah!


Kiniro no Word Master 1 – I read this in a free mag somewhere and I liked the main guy’s look enough to see what his story was all about. Main dude along with four of his classmates get summoned to another world to help them but the main dude is like nah, you all shady. Plus, my status screen says nothing about being a savior. It says “bro got his ass dragged into this mess by mistake” so peace! Thus far, the main dude’s “I ain’t doing shit for no one but myself” personality is pretty entertaining, but I think it’s mostly due to how the characters he interacts with react to his callous behavior.

Setsuna Graffiti #1: blind buy – the cover caught my eye. The plot is about a boy with fire phobia getting mixed in with the firework business (which you’d think would be the last thing someone with a fear of fire would do lol). Thus far the story feels like a bro-friendship, which is my second favorite type of manga to read about – friendships ~ We got a lot of the main dude’s backstory shoved into our face during the first chapter so I’m curious to see what’s up with his white hair friend’s story.

Oji-sama Koushaku wa Koisuru Otoshigoro 3 – holy snaps, if you thought Hibi Chouchou was slow, meet its competitor. Three volumes in and the deepest thing that’s happened is a kiss on the cheek and a hug. And these two are married for goodness sake! I still enjoy the series for the cute factor tho. And as a fan of Hibi Chouchou, I can handle slow glacier paced romances as long as I’m entertained :P

Shuwa Shuwa Kirari – lol so this is a BL. Oops. I just thought the cover was pretty and threw it in my cart. Ah well. It was pretty tame for a BL. No one getting raped. Both stories inside played out like a corny shojo with humping.

Boku to Kiseki to Houseki to 1 – not sure what kind of title this is. Reminds me a bit of Hakkenden, in that you have a bunch of good looking dudes hanging together. But then this is slightly more suggestive, in the fact the main guy – to break a curse he’s under due to his brother buying some sketchy amulet and making the two of them agree to a contract with said sketchy amulet which in turn gives the main dude bad luck to the point of near dying many times – needs to make these gem dudes to fall in love with him. Why are there gem dudes? I don’t know. Curious how many dudes are going to show up though. Thus far 2.

(oops forgot to take a picture of these two – ah well :P)

Nemurenu Ouji wa Midara ni Sasou– nice art ~ Fun josei title. Long time ago, this magical being fell in love with a dude and left him a magical beast to protect him. The magical beast has been inherited via the royal family (the dude’s descendants). However, the beast is kinda cray at times. The main girl has a very soothing singing voice, to the point where she can calm the beast. So now both the beast and the dude are corn dog for her. Was a good josei read. There be humping but it wasn’t distracting or wildly facepalming (I still remember the one josei where the guy had to teach the girl about orgasms, penises, and vaginal secretions…smh. Or the one where the dude and girl had to hump in front of the family because that’s just family tradition when bringing a new bride into the household smh again).

Koisuru Harinezumi 4 – thought I’d be more frustrated with the appearance of the love rival but since I got everything in one gulp, the experience wasn’t as bad as I thought. Honestly, the love rival was just pathetic. Like, move on, sister. We got to see lots of cute scenes with the main chick and dude towards the end :3

And that’s that! I’m not sure if I’ll be doing a “Decmeber 2015 Reads” as I’ll be gone for like half of the month visiting family (and getting no reads done!).

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