Zero-Sum 10.2015 (Driplet)

While I’m waiting for something I inked in to dry *touches – fingers come back black – yup not done yet*, I might as well post something since I haven’t in like 2 weeks :P


Makai Ouji devils and realist by Takadono Madoka, Yukihiro Utako
Taketori Overnight Sensation by HoneyWorks, Mogelatte
Strange Plus by Mikawa Verno
Karneval by Mikanagi Touya
Amatsuki by Takayama Shinobu
Battle Rabbits by Amemiya Yuki, Ichihara Yukino
Gaitou Alice by Kurage Ichi
Landreaall by Ogaki Chika
Halcyon by Naked Ape
Heisei Project: Imitation Hero by Emoto Kazuaki, Zips, Ogi Natsumi
Sennen Meikyuu no Nana Ouji by Aikawa Yuu, Atori Haruno
Tales of Zestiria by Shiramine
Corseltel no Ryuujutsushi – Koryuu Monogatari by Isurugi Ayuma
Haimiya Yokochou Tenmatsuki by Miyamoto Fukusuke
Sore ga Sekai no Futsuu ni Naru by Ayana Yuniko, Takagi Shigeyoshi (final chapter)
Telcel by Yugyoji Tama
Hatenkou Yuugi by Endou Minari
Saiyuki Reload Blast by Minekura Kazuya
Akazukinchan wa Ooksami-san wo Nakasetai! by Hachijou Shin (new)
Bokura no Kiseki by Kumeta Natsuo (newish)

Color Pages:

What I read:

  • Battle Rabbits 12 – mostly just a chapter that goes into background on what the group is fighting for and who the enemy is. Doesn’t really explain the weirdness of 07-Ghost people popping up (then again, I wasn’t reading too hard :P)
  • Heisei Project 8 – flashback chapter on how the gang met each other
  • Sennen Meikyuu no Nana Ouji 12 – I obviously need to read the last two issues of Zero-Sum because I am so confused on why there is a dude straddling Lawrence and licking him and shit… O__O;
  • Kaitou Alice 7 – the gang go fight some little kid’s inner demons. We learn a little more about Cheshire. He’s so cute!
  • Makai Ouji Devils and Realist 68 – William is depressed that Dandelion has lost his shit and is ripping ass. Then William’s fucking Uncle just appears and is like, hey girl hey.
  • Shounen x Shoujo Shousetsuka 4 – the main dude’s friend along with his other basketball teammates have to put on a show for some kind school assembly. The show is supposed to do three things 1.) show how awesome the basketball team is, 2.) say peace to the old peeps who’ll be graduating soon, and 3.) recruit new blood to replace the old bones that have left vacancies. Due to hurt man ego, the old peeps tell the younger crew they can’t fuck up  and if they have any problem, learn how to shoot first. So the friend is stressing because he has no idea what they’re going to do and he’s in charge of putting the whole thing together. The main dude has dilemma on whether he should help and risk his cover as a shojo writer getting blown (how? I don’t know…I guess, writes good = YOU’RE A PUBLISHED WRITER AREN’T YOU?!), or just watch his friend roll in the deep. But after seeing his friend work so hard, the main dude finally says fuck it and helps the team put on an awesome performance.
  • Shuuen no Elysion 5 – this jumps too much between serious and relaxed. The beginning of the chapter was all OMG OMG IS HE REVIVED SHIT SHIT SHIT to I’M GOING TO BE A PRETTY PRETTY PRINCESS IN THE SCHOOL PLAY 8D
  • Akazukinchan wa Ooksami-san wo Nakasetai! 1 – a new series in Zerosum. It’s a romantic(?) comedy about a pyromaniac Yandere Red Riding Hood and a timid Wolf. The wolf is adorable. Poor guy…

The next issue with have the start of a newish series called Shounen Shinkaron (not sure if it’s a redo of the old series or if it’s a continuation) along with a title by Shiro Ari’s Pepu (wait what?) – Hitodenashi no Kokoro (Brutal Hearts/Heart of a Brute – I can’t tell right now lol). The tag line says:


Presented by Pepu, this isn’t your normal run of the mill love story, nor your normal run of the mill protagonists.

Well shit, colored me surprised. Damn, this chick got time on her hands (unless this is an indication Shiro Ari is ending? :Y). Hopefully she don’t overburden herself too much like the Shounen Oujo lady with her 12038 other things she had going on haha

Other pages:

5 thoughts on “Zero-Sum 10.2015 (Driplet)

  1. “Presented by Pepu, this isn’t your normal run of the mill love story, nor your normal run of the mill protagonists.”
    I-is this not the plot of Shiro Ari? Honestly, I am excited though. Pepu has such an entertaining storytelling style.


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