Emerald Ciel Spring 2015 Issue (Driblet)


One more mag release for the week ~ Then I’m going back to drowning myself in some Kingdom Hearts ~ (I’ve only got one more day of relaxation before it’s back to the study grind!). Random blah but I’m playing the game on super easy and have nearly gotten my ass handed to me several times. I have to be thankful they go after Donald instead of me so I can hide in the corner and snipe with magic :P At first I thought my skills had gone to crap since my first play-through on it via the PS2, but it was during the Wonderland episode that I realized shit wasn’t adding up. A look online confirmed that yes, the difficulty had been beefed so “easy” on 1.5 was harder than “normal” of the original release.

wtf, I thought this was a kid’s game!? Why make it more difficult!? (I still remember the kid I babysat once couldn’t even get passed the tutorial mode on easy of Kingdom Hearts – who are you targeting Disney and Square Enix, because it’s obviously not children!).

While I’m playing the game, I’m reading the light novel released by Yen Press. It’s interesting to see the little differences between the two. They help fill in little games in the other ~

Nerding out on KH done, let’s get to Emerald!


Junjou Romantica by Nakamura Shungiku chapter 39-40
Junjou Romantica mini novel (Afternoon Nap)
Sekaiichi Hatsukoi – Kisa Shouta no Baai by Nakamura Shungiku chapter 7
Sasaki-san wa Kare Ga Suki? (Sasaki-san Loves Him?) by Tammy Hakoishi chapter 3 & 4
Hakkenden by Abe Miyuki chapter 55
Toshishita Kareshi ni Semararetemasu (My Younger Boyfriend is Pressuring Me) by Aiba Kyouko chapter 5
Tonari no Banken / The Watch Dog Which Is Together (The Watchdog Next to Me) by Sugihara Chako chapter 3 & 3.5
Kamisama Darling by Aiba Kyouko chapter 5 & 6
Dousemou Nigerarenai (No Matter What you Do, You Can’t Escape Me) by Masara Minase chapter 3 & 4
Super Lovers by Abe Miyuki chapter 24 & 25
W.P.M. by Nakamura Shungiku preview


Toshishita Kareshi ni Semararetemasu – due to younger bf’s bro coming into the picture, younger bf has been staying over at his man’s place. Which would make the main dude happy if it weren’t for the fact the younger bf is like a horny sex fiend and is always butt loving the main dude. Desperate to get some space between them so he can actually sit without bursting into tears, main dude has been sleeping over at his work place. His coworker, who knows he’s gay and is like whatever, tells the main dude he needs to talk with his bf about this butt hole drilling business because running away ain’t the answer (also his butt is going to cave in at some point if this continues). The main dude nods in head and agrees to talk to him the next day. They go out to the convenience store to buy some snacks and bump into the younger bf who came over to bring the main dude some stuff. The main dude tries to explain what’s going on but for some reason his chill coworker puffs his chest out and yells that this is all the younger bf’s fault because his raging dick has been terrorizing his friend’s mud hole and it’s in therapy right now and that’s not cool. Expecting the younger bf to puff up as well and maybe punch him, neither the main dude nor the coworker expected the younger bf to start crying. “HIS BUTT IS GETTING HELP BECAUSE OF ME D:” The coworker suddenly feels bad and tells the main dude to take the younger bf home and to work out their problems because this is just a sad sight. The main dude does that. After explaining that it’s not the younger bf, it’s his unyielding libido that’s causing the rift (literally), the younger boyfriend says he’ll calm the hell down. The two go to bed but the main dude is like, you know…I know I said the dick was the problem but…I haven’t had that dick in awhile. Hmmm. Conflicted. While he turns to cuddle with the younger bf, he’s nearly stabbed by the younger bf’s stiff semen shooter. After apologizing profusely, the two end up doing it because apparently it’s like BL law to have either a heated make-out scene or sex scene in every chapter. The chapter ends with the main dude screaming “uncle” because his butt hole is getting ripped apart and the younger bf apologizing again because he was just so excited to see the main dude again that his let his dick do all the loving. Seeing his lover depressed, the main dude says they’ll make out every other day (instead of the pure abstinence the younger bf was thinking of undertaking). The younger bf gets super happy and they proceed to round two, much to the horror of the main dude (still!? My poop hole is so big you can store items in there like a car trunk D:).


Sekaiichi Hatsukoi – Kisa Shouta no Baai – haha, this one is actually a lot like Toshishita Kareshi ni Semaretemasu‘s chapter. Kisa gets all puffy about his birthday coming. In his head, he’s worried because that means he’ll be another year older than Yukina (uh, Yukina also has those things called Birthdays, Kisa, so he gets older at the same rate lol). He’s worried about the gap between them and also about being an old man and not being able to keep up with the sexy times. After the usual running away and then confronting one another thing, Kisa finally gets over getting older and he and Yukina celebrate his birthday. Yukina gets Kisa a hoodie with rabbit ears attached to the hood to which Kisa will probably later set on fire (Kisa: no).


Sasaki-san wa Kare Ga Suki? – mainly deals with Sasaki coming into terms about being real with his new partner. All the people he’s dated in the past only got to see the him he wanted them to see – the reliable, charismatic, gentlemen. With Igawa, he tries to play the gentlemen but doesn’t want to fake it. Sasaki’s internal turmoil almost causes a rift between the two but thankfully shojo tears save the day and Sasaki explains his probs. They then work things out and yay ~

Super Lovers – why did I flip through this pedo crap…chapter has the boy suck off the older dude and the older dude makes the kid wash his mouth off because wtf. You’re too young to be sucking dicks. The kid is like, well you suck mine so wth? Older dude: stfu do as I say not as I do.
The chapter deals with the older dude worried he’s a bad influence on the kid. But that doesn’t stop him from giving the kid head :/ Later, the kid pins him on the bed and tells him he wants to bang. The older dude freaks and says no, because the kid is a minor and he’ll go to jail.
Dude, you sodomized a kid not even 10 pages ago…that’s illegal. It doesn’t matter who gave who what. Don’t fuck with minors.
They get yelled at by some dude and the end.
There was another chapter about stuff but I peaced. I had to shower in holy water and read the bible to cleanse my self of that shit…gah!


Tonari no Bankenwe have two chapters in this issue of Emerald. The first deals with Kiyo thinking he’s a horny bastard and needs to keep his need for anal sex greed on the low. So he spends the whole chapter in sexual frustration to the point where he makes himself sick. That’s when Hana comes over and tells him, dude, just butt love me already. And they do. The next chapter is about Kiyo’s birthday. Hana and Kiyo have always celebrated his birthday together. However, no matter what Hana buys Kiyo, Kiyo never uses the item. Determined to make this year count, Hana tries to find out what Kiyo wants for his birthday. When asked straight up, Kiyo replies with the typical answer of “you <3”. Hana: NOT HELPING!
Hana tries to be sly and shake off Kiyo, hoping to follow Kiyo on his way home to see what he does. However, that doesn’t work because Kiyo has the “Find My Friend” app and was stalking Hana in real time (omg creepy). Eventually Hana tells Kiyo what’s up – about the b-day thing, about trying to find the perfect present for Kiyo since all his other presents thus far have sucked, etc. Hana apologizes to Kiyo for being a shitty bf. Kiyo laughs and pulls Hana close to him. He says Hana hasn’t done anything wrong. He’s happiest being with Hana. Also… Kiyo flops on his bed and pulls out one of the drawers under his bed. Inside, in see through containers made of the world’s toughest material so nothing can break them and has properties that deter bacteria, mold, and insects from entering are all the gifts Hana ever gave him. All in pristine condition due to the circulating 3 times purified air from the alps filtering through the containers.

Hana: oh that’s so sweet!

Me: holy fuck this guy has problems

Hana is moved by Kiyo’s really not normal actions and they make love. The chapter ends with Hana buying Kiyo a pair of matching mugs that they both can use. Kiyo has a mental dilemma because he wants to add the cup to his HANA collection but knows he can’t do that because Hana will get sad.

Hana…I’m glad you’re a fool because everyone else would have left the building long ago…


Hakkenden – (I’m super behind on this series so I can only wing it :P) Shino goes cray cray from too much blood loss. He finds refuge in a church where he bumps into Ao and his talking ferret (??). They chat until Shino falls asleep and goes back to normal. The old nuns find Shino and contact the squad. Three eyes tells Sousuke that his third eye gives him the ability to see things others can’t, like Sousuke’s dog form or the lightning bros. With Shino, he doesn’t have a distinct “other” form. It wavers between his child form, his adult form, and a form not human. They have to be careful because Shino is not stable.

Shino himself dreams about the past. When he wakes up he’s like omg I’m so hungry I’ll even eat some Arby’s. While chowing down, he explains what happened. Sousuke excuses himself while Shino and Kobungo have a heart to heart where Shino tells Kobungo he escaped because he wanted to eat Sousuke. We then jump to that nun chick that attacked Shino. Ao appears and tells her not to mess with his boo. Sousuke appears too to say the same thing but then the two Sousukes lose track of what they came for and start jabbing their swords at each other and not at the nun.


Douse Mou Nigerarenai –this train wreck was saved for last. I was thinking of skipping it but I wanted to see how messed up this series can go. Story continues with Ryou still sleeping with/seeing Haruo due to not wanting his one friend to know he was raped essentially…by Haruo… I’m not sure if Stockholm Syndrome has taken ahold because Ryou just continues on like having someone forcing themselves on you is a normal first date thing. Then you have Haruo who thinks they’re lovey-dovey bf x bf because he’s a fucked up individual.

After spending the night at Haruo’s, Ryou hops in the shower to wash off their love funk and when finished, is greeted by a grumpy Haruo. Haruo wanted to shower with Ryou and even tried to sneak in but Ryou had locked the door (Ryou: that was the whole reason why I locked the door). Harou, being the fucking weirdo he is, goes tee-hee and hops off into the shower. WHY ARE WE ALL ACTING LIKE THINGS ARE NORMAL!? THIS TITLE CONFUSES ME
While showering, the door bell rings. Ryou decides not to answer it because I wouldn’t either (actually, I wouldn’t be there period because this isn’t healthy but who am I). However, the person on the other side of the door screams for his brother (Haruo). Justifying that this is actually family member and not some creeper yelling things to lure people to open the door and then shank them, Ryou answers the door and is greeted by what essentially looks like a pissed off Green Giant. The man looks down at Ryou and asks who he is. Ryou introduces himself and says Haruo is in the shower. When asked if Ryou is a friend of Haruo’s, he says no which understandably the Giant is like, then why the fuck are you here, smelling of Herbal Essence Coconut Hydration Shampoo x Conditioner, a fav of my bro.
Ryou: …that’s a good question
Me: yeah, that’s a very good question *looks pointedly at Ryou*

Before Ryou can answer, Haruo comes out and the Giant goes KYAAAAAA BIG BRO! SOMYGOSH KAKKOIIIIIIII DESSSSSSSSSSUUUU ~ The two chat but Ryou can tell something’s off. Giant man – Souta – is the treasurer, secretary, vice president, sergeant at arms, and president of the Haruo is the Best Big Bro fan club, that’s how enthusiastic he is about his brother, while Haruo has his polite man’s face on with a hint of I fucking hate you dabbed behind the ears. We learn Souta is an up and coming soccer star but that’s it cuz Ryou has class to go to. Later he receives a text from Haruo asking to stop by. He does because why not. He finds that Haruo has a bruise on his face. When asked wtf, Haruo says his bro punched him when he learned Ryou and him have been butt loving.

Ryou: apparently you guys are a lot closer than I thought if the discussion of anal sex is one of the topics covered since the 3 hours I’ve been gone.

Haruo says that while cleaning out his trash, his brother found a used condom in the trash from their love shabang last night (who the fuck takes out their host’s trash!?). And apparently, rather than think, oh someone got lucky, brother was like, THIS WENT INTO A MAN’S ASS, and Haruo, being Haruo, replied, “yup” :) That’s when bro punched Haruo and stormed out.

And since we’re on the topic of brothers, Haruo talks about how he doesn’t like his brother. Rather, he’s jealous of his brother. Before Haruo used to be the star and the brother the shit stain on the carpet. Haruo felt bad and got his brother into soccer. But then the brother started to excel at soccer and Haruo got insecure. He didn’t want to be the one to be looked down upon. So he quit soccer and convinced his parents to mail off the brother to a fancy academy for soccer, to get the brother away. Ryou tells Haruo he’s a piece of shit but hey, he wouldn’t be Haruo if he were anything else. Haruo: aw, thanks bro ;,) Haruo then tackles Ryou onto the bed and snuggles against him before falling asleep. Once confirmed that Haruo is asleep, Ryou mumbles how he hates Haruo but maybe doesn’t?


Ryou stays the night since he can’t really move, not with the meat sack known as Haruo passed out on top of him like a giant steak blanket. The next morning they part, with Haruo giving Ryou a good-bye kiss. Ryou goes off, screaming like a shojo girl. He bumps into big bro which then starts the next chapter. In the next chapter, big bro tells Ryou to stop making Haruo gay (because that’s how being gay works – totally not a two way street at all). Big bro says if the family knew about Haruo sticking his penis in a man’s butt, they’d kill themselves in shame.

Ryou: that’s a little dramatic


Ryou thinks back on his family history which was basically nothing. He doesn’t want Haruo to have the same thing.

Later that day, Ryou invites Haruo to his place. He cooks for him, they hang out, and then have happy fun times. Haruo tells Ryou he’s so happy ~ Had he known this, he’d have violated Ryou sooner.

Ryou: what?

Haruo: nothing ~

Ryou leaves for school. He tells Haruo to drop off his key in the mailbox. As he leaves, he stops and tells Haruo he loves him. Ryou closes the door to which Haruo starts to roll on the floor in happiness. However, the happiness doesn’t last long when he’s unable to get ahold of Ryou. Desperate, Haruo tries Ryou’s only friend – name forgotten! The friend says Ryou quit the whatever club they were in (the one that got Ryou and Haruo to meet) and he’s been concentrating on his part time job. Ryou: the fuck I’ll let that go!

After waiting 20 hours in the cold for Ryou to get home, Haruo confronts Ryou, raper most activated. He demands to know why Ryou hasn’t been answering his calls or texts. Ryou looks at him point blank and tells Haruo that he loves him. Ryou: yeah? Thus their association with one another is over. The deal the two made (well, Haruo forced upon Ryou) was that Ryou and Haruo would pretend to be a couple until Ryou fell for Haruo (lol really? Ha, wasn’t paying attention to that bit :P). Now that Ryou has fallen, it’s done. Over. End of story.

The chapter ends with Harou look like he swallowed his own dick plus some snails and Ryou calmly waiting for an answer (which I’m pretty sure will involve violence and possible forced sex since that seems to be the way arguments are done in yaois…).


Kamisama Darling – we learn the main dude may or may not be immortal due to having ingested some of the main god’s blood as a child. Also, more love interests appear. Like damn, how many guys are after this dude’s dick? Think this makes 6??



Next issue comes out in August. Dousemou Nigerarenai and Sasaki-san wa Kare Ga Suki? are ending with the next issue. Two new series from Sugihara Machiko and Hashiba Maki are planned. And then there are the usual suspects continuing along ~

After three issues, I’ve decided to stick with Emerald. Strangely enough, it’s fun and weird. Sad by the lack of shojo, but the stories are interesting and I’m invested now a bit in a couple of them so I might as well commit. Plus I like the fact it comes out only 3-4 times a year so it’s not too much of a hassle ~ Thus, expect to see more Emerald posts in the future :D

8 thoughts on “Emerald Ciel Spring 2015 Issue (Driblet)

    • I decided to stick around with Emerald in the end ~ The stories are interesting and I like how super shojo everything is haha!
      (Amazon.jp just shipped the newest issue I ordered, after holding it hostage for like a month owo;)

      I’m super concerned with Super Lovers. It’s super…creepy ^^; I find it hard to believe it’s by the same manga-ka of Hakkenden. But to all their own I guess?

      How are you liking Emerald? :J


      • I just thumbed through Super Lovers again and I somehow can’t help but laugh at the kid when he’s like, “It’s nasty.” and my train of thought goes along the lines of, “Congrats, you special snowflake. *sarcastic clapping*” If anything I feel sorry for the dogs that appear in this story. xD

        So far I’m actually pleased with Ciel Emeral and Ciel. o: (Fair warning, the Juy issue of Ciel has a shotacon called 兄さん that made me put it down for a while :’D) A nice variety of art, interesting themes and I feel it’s worth the money for a magazine. Especially when a single volume for a series is around the same price for an entire mag volume.


        • Omg, yes that made me laugh. Like kid, he pees with that. And he fires baby producing juices from that too. What bodily fluid from the human body doesn’t taste like nasty shit? Have you never heard the saying, “ew it tastes like dick”? No connoisseur of food has ever said “this tastes like dick :)” in association with really delicious food.
          Also, you’re too young to be sucking dick.

          :U ah, sounds disturbing. Heck, you saw how I freaked out over little bro licking older bro’s penis like a lollipop. Thanks for the warning haha!


          • Ahh! Sorry for the delay! I didn’t get a notification for you response >___<;;;

            I honestly imagined Gordan Ramsey saying that line with a straight face and then smiling afterwards. xDDD And yeah, it was disturbing. Poor dog had to suffer by being in the same room as those two rowdy rascals. I honestly want to see a chapter where the dog is like, "Human, what the hell? Human?! HUMAN?! DAS NOT CANDY! HUUUUMAAAANN?!"


  1. I’d just like to add that Ren from Super Lovers is 16 so it’s not illegal. This is the law of consent in Japan: “The Japanese Penal Code sets a minimal age of consent of 13. However, all prefectures and districts have (largely similar) “obscenity ordinances” (淫行条例) that forbid “fornication” (淫行) with anyone under 18 years of age, but exempt sex in the context of a sincere romantic relationship (typically determined by parental approval).

    The age of marriage is 16 for girls and 18 for boys, with parental consent, or 20 otherwise.”


    • I personally look much younger than I am, just like Ren, so…yeah I get it. You look at him and you see this lil kid sucking his bro (I didn’t get as far as that, I don’t know Japanese), but that’s just not it.
      I’d be more worried about the incest, not like this is the first incest-y manga though, and they’re not actually brothers.


  2. I just found your blog from a random misclick while searching for scans but I am so glad I did! Your little summaries are HILARIOUS and so on point. I know this is an old post but I am so looking forward to following you and reading your other posts! <3


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