Koi-Suru Harinezumi #3

Continuing where the 2nd volume left off, Rabbit has made no progress with Hedgehog. She has been laid up in bed with a fever so she hasn’t been able to tell Hedgehog to have several seats. Nor has she spoken with Fox who confessed his feels for her right before sickness took her out (that was the cock he was swinging before her, blocking her search for Hedgehog. Forgot to mention that in the last mini post).
Despite her sickness, Rabbit goes to what’s her face’s wedding (shit I’m just going to call her Kangaroo). There, Hedgehog ignores her, leaving no competition for Fox to come in and swoop her away. However, in mid swooping, Rabbit starts to get lightheaded and in comes Hedgehog. He takes her away to rest. She asks wtf and he’s like, go the fuck to sleep.

(Don’t ask why happens to Fox – the shojo sparkles got him. He currently being treated by the EMT)

Rabbit does fall asleep due to the war happening in her body. She wakes up to find herself alone. She stews for a bit but eventually, after hearing one of the wedding people mention Hedgehog watched over her while she slept, goes to find Hedgehog and finally gets through to him. This is where he kisses her and Rabbit flies off to cloud 9 ~
The rest of the tank deals with the two getting into their new relationship, with lots of blushing, tears, and shojo flowers.

Also included in the tank is a story about Hedgehog’s buddies from his middle school days. Since he went to high school he’s been distant with them but after some hilarity and shit, the bros bond together again ~

Last but not least, we have the appearance of an ex. Guess since we already went through generic love interests for both leads, the next step was either an ex or a fiancee.

About the ex – I had a feeling this bitch was going to be trouble because she was drawn wayyyyyy too detailed to be a random side character. I can see from the preview that she’s going to be annoying (“I’m not going to give up!” – son, get your man stealing ass out of here and sign up for match.com if you’re so desperate for some dick :/). The next tank comes out in July so let’s hope this ex arc is a quick one because no one wants to see that.
Also wtf where did the ex come from? If he had no time for his friends then how’d Hedgehog suddenly find some spare minutes for a woman??

Wonder if she’s crazy maybe? I betcha she is. She’s one of those who thinks they’re a couple in her head. My evidence is when Hedgehog gets freaked out by Rabbit trying to learn everything about him and recording it all in her notebook of creepiness and when Rabbit gave him macaroons (who the old girlfriend said her ex loved).
But only the next tank will tell…

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