Betsuma June 2015 (Driblet)


Oh gawd, took big test #1 and somehow made it. Have some stuff I have to fix (so it’s like I have to take test 1.5) and pass so I don’t get demoted lol great encouragement. Then it’ll be on to big test #2. My brain…I’ve forgotten what a life is anymore…

Anyway, to celebrate getting through hurdle #1, here is a post that I wrote up a while ago but never got around to hitting that “publish” button :P This is something a bit different from the usual.

Little back story: After reading Emerald (I’ll get to posting that one day), I pondered to myself over the gentle caresses of the air conditioning (damn summer is coming) why I seem to read Emerald lickity split but other mags I tend to drag my feet on. As my hair whipped in the artificial wind, I finally got it: it’s because Emerald is a light read. There’s nothing hardcore about it. No government takeover plots, no evil coming to destroy the world, or long winded discussions about JUJUBI (who the fuck knows what/who/where that is). I didn’t need my dictionary out to enjoy the plot and when I did have to whip it out, it wasn’t that often. And lastly, I like the focus on relationships. Thinking back to the mags I’m currently reading, almost all of them are not relationship focused at all. It’s got all the fantasies and steampunk and whatever but they just barely touch on the relationship bit (unless it’s incesty *side-eyes Comic It and Ane Lala).

Now don’t get me wrong, I love the mags I get, otherwise I wouldn’t be buying them lol. But I could tell I wanted some shojo in my life. Not light shojo, like Sylph or Ane Lala. I’m talking the works – shojo sparkles, roses, and tears up to my asshole.

That mystery solved, the next step was to figure out what shojo mag I wanted. The bad thing with a lot of shojo mags is that content wise, they tend to have majority never ending series so it’s hard to just jump in. I tilt my head in Lala’s direction for this. After some thinking, I figured I might as well grab something from Margaret since I’ve been enjoying a bunch of their titles recently. Now, I didn’t know Margaret was like Hana to Yume, in that you have Margaret (bi-weekly), Betsuma (monthly), The Margaret (bi monthly), and Betsuma Sister (Quarterly?). After wrapping my head around the different titles, I bought myself one issue of Betsuma and one issue of Margaret to decide which of the two I wanted to possible collect.

In the end, I chose Betsuma because it has more titles I’m reading and also it’s not bi-weekly. I can barely keep up with a monthly magazine so why torture myself with a bi-weekly lol

Here is a little summary on the issue I bought:


Nijiiro Days by Mizuno Minami chapter 35
Wolf Girl and the Black Prince (Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji) by Hatta Ayuko chapter 47
Sensei Kunshu by Kouda Momoko chapter 23
My Love Story (Ore Monogatari) by Kawahara Kazune, Aruko chapter 32
Sora wo Kakeru Yo Da Ka by Kawabata Shiki chapter 9
Kimi ni Todoke by Shiina Karuho chapter 100
ReRe Haro by Minami Touko chapter 27
Seishun Note by Ayase Umi chapter 7
Midori-kun wa Junjo by Matsumoto Kaori chapter 1 *new*
Honey by Meguro Amu chapter 34
Haru x Kiyo by Ozaki Akira chapter 25
Machida-kun no Sekai by Andou Yuki chapter 3
Aoyama Tsukiko desu! by Yuki Nojin chapter 8

Freebie: Stickers and dcolle #2



Midori-kun wa Junjo – Main girl Mirai attends an all girls school. Their school is separated by a wall from an all boys school. One day while cleaning, some classmates of Mirai’s randomly start yelling over the wall to see if any boys answer. Their reasoning – they want to meet some cute boys ~ Mirai stares at the girls like their butts started laughing. The boys in the all boys school are rumored to be delinquent no good little shits. Scum Mirai wants nothing to do with. She just wants a normal guy. At this moment, someone calls out to them. It’s someone from the boys school. He asks if they want to hang out and the classmates, eager for some dicks, agree (much to Mirai’s horror). The boy tells Mirai she doesn’t have to come if she doesn’t want to.

Mirai: *middle finger*

But she comes along because she’s worried about leaving the classmates alone with some thugs. The crew meet at a park and hang out. The guy that invited them is surprised to see Mirai there. She explains she’d rather draw pictures on the sidewalk with her own turds than be here but she was worried for his friends. He jokes about how manly she is and she snipes back about how girly he is. The two banter and randomly it’s mentioned that the boy – Midori – used to be in a gang but he quit cuz he was tired of it. Mirai can tell he’s lying and mutters under her breath about that. He hears and instead of getting angry, he just smiles. One of the dudes decides they should all play the King-game (basically a game where you tell people to do things). He tells whoever is #3 to kiss #1 (he’s #1). Mirai is #3 and hell no does she want to kiss anyone. However, Midori  steps in and kisses the dude instead, joking about how he’s always wanted to try it. Lucky him ~ Due to his antics, the atmosphere lightens up and everyone has fun. Mirai is surprised because she wonders if he did it on purpose to help her.

The day ends. Midori and Mirai walk home together because they live in the same direction (Mirai: lucky fucking me…). Mirai thanks Midori for helping her out during the King Game and he tells her she’s high. He didn’t do it for her. Mirai snipes that she didn’t realize he just did it because he wanted to kiss a dude. Both banter more until Midori realizes he forgot his phone. He tells Mirai to wait for him while he runs off to grab it. Mirai thinks about how dumb she was to think Midori was a good guy and doesn’t see the guy in a mask come up and grab her.

Midori rushes back but can’t find Mirai. Thinking she left, he gets a text on his phone.

So it turns out the dude who grabbed Mirai is from Midori’s old gang. They’re a bit pissed with Midori leaving. He said his reason for leaving was because of a girl but no one knows who the girl is. So they reckoned that since Mirai was with Midori, she must be the girl in question. Although all the guys are looking at Mirai thinking Midori could do better.

Mirai: fuck you virgins too!

The boss of the gang says he won’t forgive Midori for leaving until he gets punched in the face (very specific request but ok).

Mirai thinks she’s fucked out of luck since she ain’t Midori’s woman. She starts to freak, making the thugs angry. But that’s when Midori comes in. One of the thugs grabs Midori, and he coolly asks if they’re about to do something kinky. The other thugs must be used to his shit because they don’t blink. They tell Midori he needs to get his face punched in for leaving. Midori doesn’t care until he sees Mirai. The fuck bitch, what are you doing here? The thugs tell Midori they have his woman but Midori tells him she ain’t. He sighs and tells them to just get their punch over with. The head thug gets pissed and does that. After doing the deed, Midori looks at him and asks if that’s it. Surprised that Midori isn’t crying, the thugs just numbly nod their head and let Midori walk over to Mirai. He throws the thug holding Mirai and tells him to get lost. Mirai stares at Midori in admiration. But the moment is ruined when the thugs get pissed by Midori’s attitude. Midori grabs Mirai, throws her over his shoulder, and they make a run for it.

Despite the situation, the two banter (haha this couple!). Eventually, Mirai thanks Midori for helping her and gives him her handkerchief to wipe the blood from his face. When asked why he didn’t turn those thugs into his bitches, Midori tells her it’s because she said she didn’t like violent men.

Mirai: =__= there’s a time for peace and there’s a time for ripping a fool’s dick off. That situation called for the latter.

She tells him to stop joking and he says he isn’t. He apologizes for dragging her into his problem and scaring her (we can’t see his face when he’s saying this because he’s wearing the handkerchief like it’s a veil (don’t ask)). He then gets goofy and places the handkerchief on Mirai’s head and tells her they should go home. This breaks Mirai out of her surprise. She tells him she wasn’t scared. She pulls out her rape buzzer and tells him she was seconds away from using it when Midori appeared. Midori laughs and tells her she should have used it right away as he ruffles her hair. Mirai looks at the smiling Midori in surprise and he stares back. He breaks the tension by asking if she wants to kiss, with Midori replying NO and both of them laughing.
The chapter ends with Mirai remembering the thugs mentioning a woman and asks Midori about it. He does a quick 180 and pretty much screams WHAT DO YOU KNOW?!

I’m surprised but I actually liked this chapter. I thought from the art I wouldn’t (Mirai looked too grumpy) but I think it’s because of Midori’s goofy personality that the two balance each other out ~ Their banter is just priceless too. I will definitely be keeping an eye on this series :3


Nijiiro Days – it’s been awhile and I don’t remember everyone’s names but…I’ll try. Anna gets confessed to by Mochiduki. She gets conflicted because she likes Natsuki but she doesn’t want to hurt Mochiduki. In the end, she sticks to her guns and rejects him. Mochiduki says thanks and leaves, off to kill himself. Anna starts to cry and is found by Mari. Natsuki and the gang are waiting for Mochiduki. Mochiduki, riled up from rejection, does a dick move on Natsuki and tells him that Anna has someone else she likes so sucks to be us. Natsuki gets flustered and runs off. Mochiduki’s friend tells him that was a dick move. Mochiduki says it’s because he’s a dick he got rejected. His friend then tells him to turn off the Three Days Grace music and calm his balls and Mochiduki does.
Over to Natsume. He’s rushing to find Anna. When he can’t, he calls her. We flips to Anna’s POV. She sees her phone is ringing but she doesn’t want to answer it. At the same time she doesn’t want to not answer it lol. Anna tells Mari that being in love was supposed to be fun. In the end, it’s just painful. Mari tells Anna she’ll answer the phone. Natsume bathers 50 words a second when he sees Anna picked up. Over the Evanescence music playing in the background, he learns it’s not Anna on the phone but Mari. She basically tells him to give the chick some space. Before Mari can hang up, Anna asks for the phone. Natsume is surprised and asks if she’s alright. He then tells her he has something he wants to say but before he can, Anna says peace and hangs up on him.
Natsume: *gets Linkin Park album playing*

The chapter ends with Mari approaching Natsume and telling him they need to talk.

Wolf Girl and the Black Prince – I haven’t read anything of this manga so I’m winging it. It’s Wolf Girl’s B-Day. When asked what she wants, Wolf Girl tells the Black Prince she wants him to decide what they do on her birthday as her b-day present.
Him: …can’t I just get you some candy or some toys or…something not involving work? No? Fuck…

He plans this whole day with her and everything they try to do is ruined. The amusement park was closed, some old lady hogged their time by being old, the restaurant they went to had roaches and eventually caught on fire, they missed the movie they were to watch because the elevator they were riding in got stuck (damn that’s a huge ass theater!), and they overslept on the bus ride to a fancy restaurant the Black Prince had made reservations with and ended up in the middle of no where. Despite everything, Wolf Girl had fun because the Black Prince was with her. The Black Prince is happy she’s happy and suggests they make the night special and stay at an inn. Before things can get hot, Wolf Girl’s dad calls and tells her to come home because her family wants to celebrate her b-day with her. So nothing was accomplished but they walk home laughing (Wolf Girl in happiness at spending time with her bf, the Black Prince at the missed opportunity to bang his gf)


Sensei Kunshu – yeah, no. I’m not into student x teacher things so skipping ~ Plus there’s some kind of love triangle (which doesn’t make sense since one of them I guess is getting married but whatever…)

Ore Monogatari – some pastry chef dude confesses to Yamato and she says no. End.

Uchuu o Kakeru Yodaka – no clue what’s going on but the main guy is a cutie. And something about the main girl going to confess her feels after something called the Red Moon is done?
The art for the main girl reminds me a lot of Haru from Accel World.


Kimi ni Todoke – holy fuck this is still going on?? Damn ~ Go Kimi ni Todoke :o


Honey – ok, I’m a bit behind (tank #3) so I don’t know really what’s going on (lol how many times have I said this? #4?) just yet but I guess there’s some fireworks festival going on and Taiga gets separated from Nao and the crew. He’s with some chick who reminds me of a shitty version of Sumie from Hibi Chouchou – she’s quiet and appears cute but she’s a ho who’s trying to go after someone else’s man (Taiga). I guess Nao had been feeling weird about the whole thing until she had a talking with Futami who tells her to say that shit to Taiga lol. She runs off and finds them just before Ho-Sumie tries to kiss Taiga (Nao blocks with kiss with her hands. Not sure where Taiga was mentally cuz he made no move to avoid the attack). That’s when Nao says her two cents – basically, keep your man stealing hands away from my bf. Taiga steps in and says yeah no I like Nao. I like you Ho-Sumie too but in a sister way. Nao is in more of a “I want to hump her a lot” way (Nao: what?). The two leave Ho-Sumie. Futami appears, ya ho ~ He comforts Ho-Sumie who cries and the end.


Machida-kun no Sekai – for some reason, this title catches my eye. Maybe it’s because of Machida’s meh personality? He just goes with the flow and it’s amusing ~ The first tank is supposed to be out next month so I’ll definitely be checking it out :3 (it’s already in my cart).


Haru x Kiyo – I’ve never read this manga series so I just flipped through ~ I got tank #1 (bought it after I went ham and got the rest of Honey haha) so I’ll hopefully have a better understanding of the plot some time in the near future :P


Aoyama Tsukiko desu! – oh dear, I forgot how this series irritates me a bit. Both leads are fools and don’t communicate well. This leads to many misunderstandings and grumpiness. They usually work out things in the end but not before you want to smack both of them upside the head. This is another one of those situations. I’m waiting for tank #2 (I’ve only read the first tank) so for the fifth time this post, I don’t know what’s going on (:P) but I guess Kagami gets confessed to by some girl but he turns her down. And for some reason, Tsukiko gets grumpy about this because I believe she wanted him to confide in her about his woes. Essentially she wanted him to treat her like one of the bros and talk about things like this with her. She eventually lets Kagami know this and things get better between the two. To the point where they go off to watch some fireworks. While there, the chick who confessed to Kagami says yo before awkwardly leaving. Tsukiko tells Kagami to tell her what’s on his mind. Does he need help deciding to go after the chick? Is he worried about her not liking him? She’s there to help him. And hopefully he’ll be there to help her when the situation is reversed and Tsukiko is the one dealing with a confession. But Kagami, motherfucker, is like NO.
He could have worded that better but just NO is what he’s going with.
Things get weird between the two. Tsukiko leaves to go anger pee. In the toilet she bumps into the girl who confessed to Kagami. She asks Tsukiko to get lost and let her hang with Kagami. Tsukiko, wanting to be Kagami’s bro, goes sure and switches places with her. Understandably, Kagami is pissed and calls Tsukiko. Tsukiko tells him she wants to help him – the chick totally has a thing for Kagami. This makes him angry. He tells Tsukiko that apparently his opinion doesn’t matter. She doesn’t get it. When it comes to him, she never gets it. He hangs up and Tsukiko is left to walk home, lost in her thoughts.
Does she love Kagami? Maybe. But what about the old her?
And so what if she loves Kagami. It’s just love…

OMG I WANT TO THROTTLE YOU ALL! DAMMIT! (this shit is too addicting…)



A new manga will start in the next issue. It’s by the manga-ka who did Strobe Edge and Ao Haru Ride. The title is Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare. I’ve never read any of her stuff but for some reason, looking at this spread makes my gut flinch. I feel like there’s going to be a whole lot of shojo drama and Sylphalchemist don’t like drama. So don’t be surprised if I skip over this in my future posts ^^;

(or who knows – look at me and Aoyama Tsukiko desu. I have a love hate relationship with it haha)

Nothing big to report. Seishun Note will be ending in the next issue. There will be a one shot in the next issue called Sore Demo Kimi Ga (But Then There’s You).
The freebie in the next issue will be a clear folder of ReRe Haro and the next volume of a collection of one shots titled dcolle (or The Danshi Collection)

3 thoughts on “Betsuma June 2015 (Driblet)

  1. I think I’ll take a break from shojo. My kokoro can’t take anymore these relentless heartbreaks shojo mangas have been throwing my way. . Also, I don’t think I’m going to read that one by Sakisaka Io ( Strobe Edge, Ao Haru Ride ). Her plot has a pattern. She really loves to hurt the heroine. Even her short stories are like that.

    And believe it or not….. there’s this manga where the heroine finds out the guy she loves has a past. It’s no ordinary past,mind you. They are both first years in HS… I assume they must be what ? 15 years old ? 16 ? Whatever. Anyways, the main guy has a 3 year old kid. ! ! ! he had a girlfriend first year of middle school, but disappeared, and that made him really sad coz he loved her. he didn’t know he got her pregnant when they were just 12 years old. and because she was so young, she
    died when she gave birth to their baby. he couldn’t accept the main girl’s feelings because of this, oh , and by the way, he didn’t even know he was a father at age 15 or 16. What the heck. This is BS romance. He found out almost at the end of the story.

    And then there’s this one where they were in a relationship in middle school, but the girl is older by one year. When she graduates, she decides to break up, not because they will be apart, but because the guy is kind of stiff who doesn’t even hold her hands . After graduation, she decides to talk to the boy again to tell him she really loves him and wants to be with him, but she sees his ex being confessed to , and he accepts. Then one year passes , she’s now a second year, and surprise, the guy is in her HS….she tries to talk to him, but again he’s cold and tells her he has a girlfriend, the one who confessed to him. Then later, she sees the two talking, and listens in , and finds out that the girl who has been trying to befriend her is the girlfriend. However, she hears the guy wanting to break up with the girlfriend. The girl says how can you do this, we have been sleeping with each other. The main girl is shocked. The guy couldn’t even hold her hand, and they had been together too for one year, and then finds out that he’s been having sex with this girlfriend. Anyway, the story’s not done yet,but the next will be the last. I have a feeling they will not end up with each other. The theme is ” right timing. “


    • OMG, those are some crazy stories! (a kid at 12!???!?!?!?!)
      Who comes up with plots like that??

      You should totally blog or make a separate blog about crazy shojos out there! To either warn others or entertain them haha!!:D
      Tumblr would be hilarious for that cuz others could contribute too with insane shojo madness they’ve encountered.

      Hurt her heroines? Like…emotionally or physically, as in she’s now got a peg leg and blind by the end???


      • Alright, let’s do the math. The story begins when the two protagonists are both in 1st year high school. So, lets assume they’re 16 max. The kid is 3 years old. So he must have been born when the ex girlfriend was 13 , or first year middle school. But, pregnancy is like 9 months , right ? In other words , they had sex in 6th grade,. It’s mortifying. Even the Blessed Virgin Mary got married at 14.

        I want to have a separate blog for manga and animes. My blogsite is not about this stuff, and hence I have different type of followers and readers.


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