Ugh, I can’t feel my legs. We’ve been whipped so crazy these past weeks that I can barely sit let alone move.

That said, I’ll be putting Spoils on a semi-hiatus for a bit. Training is about to get real here in a few weeks (screw us being behind. We’re taking these tests next week, even if we don’t have the materials back to study with lol). No mag posts or summaries until August or September when hopefully things calm down and all my tests have been passed (*fingers crossed!*). One day, I’ll get to Shiro Ari and Shounen Princess, guys! Honestly!

I’ll post some random things though to keep this blog slightly alive. But really short posts, like maybe a little blurp on something I read or bought.
Or I might have just farted out hot air in that last sentence and won’t post shit until August haha (look at my track record thus far :P). It all depends on how things progress from here ~

Hope you all get to enjoy your summer vacations. Mine will be spent in stress and tears, but hopefully ending in tears of joy and lots of whoops!

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