Koi-Suru Harinezumi #2

The beginning had me a bit pissed off with “not even worth the time to remember her name” walking in and trying to cute woo her self into Hedgehog’s pants during some random school field trip. I puffed up so much when she stole the credit for finding the phone Hedgehog lost – when Rabbit was the one who did the effort and got the battle scars to prove it. I had to stop reading a few seconds to calm my crazy ass. Thankfully, new third wheel Fox is technologically dumb and took a picture of Rabbit giving the phone to him to return (oh we’ll talk about that little shit later). Hedgehog finds this and tells the girl to get her shojo trash out of here.

Things were cute until Fox decided it’s his turn to make some waves and does so with his cock. Turns out he’s the younger brother cousin (hur brain fart – thanks renxkyoko! ^^) of what’s her face’s fiancée (love how I don’t remember anyone’s names lol – the lady with the baby, the one that Hedgehog wants to bone…or used to). And let me tell, the way he plays his games to get Rabbit and Hedgehog apart…. All I could think was “You sly motherfucker.”

I’m worried for these two now. Fox got into Hedgehog’s head. Hedgehog is so worried about his thug face bringing misfortune to Rabbit that he’s trying to push her away but he’s not communicating and Rabbit is confused and hurt over this. But I have to give props to Rabbit for trying to figure out what’s wrong. Poor girl has a huge cock Fox has lying in her path to block her but she’s already got the hiking gear ready to get climb over.

The last chapter is a one shot of Hedgehog when he was younger and met that chick he likes. Honestly I didn’t see any kind of romance for her from him. If anything, it was like a brother x sister relationship in my eyes. It was interesting to see how he tried to better himself due to his meeting with her tho ~

I’m still enjoying the series, love rivals aside. Let’s hope Hedgehog gets his shit together in tank 3 because come on, bro.

4 thoughts on “Koi-Suru Harinezumi #2

  1. By the way, the Fox is Haruko (???) and he’s the cousin of that girl’ s fiancé./groom ( the mom of the baby ).

    The art is indeed cute.

    Hmmm, you’re at that part where Haruko starts getting in the way……. brace yourself. lol


    • Oh shit! I did put brother instead of cousin. My mind kept thinking brother because whenever Fox/Haruko referred to his cousin, he’d say キヨ兄 or Kiyo Nii (that 兄 is used when either referring to an older brother or someone you treat like an older brother).
      Hur I’ll go fix that!
      Thanks for the heads up :)

      I’m almost to the point you warned me about.
      I’m about to post about tank #3 and it ends with the appearance of Hedgehog’s ex D:


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