Zero-Sum May 2015 (Driplet)


Two Zero-Sum down, one to go!


Makai Ouji devils and realist by Takadono Madoka, Yukihiro Utako Chapter 64
Taketori Overnight Sensation by HoneyWorks, Mogelatte Chapter 8
Shitsuji M by Sakura Botan Chapter 17
Strange Plus by Mikawa Verno Chapter 157
Karneval by Mikanagi Touya Chapter 90
Amatsuki by Takayama Shinobu Chapter 127
Battle Rabbits by Amemiya Yuki, Ichihara Yukino Chapter 7
Gaitou Alice by Kurage Ichi Chapter 2
Landreaall by Ogaki Chika Chapter 143
Halcyon by Naked Ape Chapter 10
Heisei Project: Imitation Hero by Emoto Kazuaki, Zips, Ogi Natsumi Chapter 4
Sennen Meikyuu no Nana Ouji by Aikawa Yuu, Atori Haruno Chapter 7
Tales of Zestiria by Shiramine Chapter 3
Corseltel no Ryuujutsushi – Koryuu Monogatari by Isurugi Ayuma Chapter 49
Haimiya Yokochou Tenmatsuki by Miyamoto Fukusuke Chapter 139
Boku to Kanojo no Kankei wa by Nakata Mao (oneshot)
Sore ga Sekai no Futsuu ni Naru by Ayana Yuniko, Takagi Shigeyoshi Chapter 16
Telcel by Yugyoji Tama Chapter 14
Bakumatsu Rock by Marvelous AQL, Ueda Shinshuu Chapter 12
Memento Mori by Kusanagi Toshiki Chapter 29
Hatenkou Yuugi Chapter 109



Boku to Kanojo no Kankei (oneshot)

Color me surprised. I actually enjoyed this one shot! I figured from the cover page it was going to be something not up my alley but don’t judge a book by its cover indeed!
The story follows a bit like Kare Kano, only it’s the boy who has his school persona and his at home persona. One day, after getting his ass handed to him on a test by a fellow female student, he goes at home to fume. When his sister tells him he has a guest, he doesn’t bother changing (at home, he’s like the rest of us – dress like you ain’t got a shit to give), not thinking the person who came to visit was the student who defeated him on the test! After some hilarious confusion, she tells him she’s here to confess to him. The main guy is thoroughly confused and spends the whole chapter in confusion. The girl doesn’t help when she over hears his friends joking about his tastes in women and asks the boy himself:

IMG_0974Girl: Ayabe, are you a lolicon?


Girl: No? So you’re into madams then?



The rest is cute fluff ~ Man, it’s times like this that I love one-shots. It’s always a gamble if a one-shot can convey a complete story in one chapter well but when you find one that does, it sticks with ya ~ I hope someone translates this as it’s too adorable not to share with the world :D

Gaitou Alice – talk about a 180 in direction! Thought this title was going to be about fighting evil by moonlight but instead this turned into the Hunger Games! Last we left off, Alice (I forgot his real name already so he’s going by Alice) sees someone in his class who looks suspiciously like the mahou shounen he ran into while stealing dat darkness. His suspicions are confirmed when the boy (Mad Hatter) has a little Familiar with him (March Hare). Their introductions are cut short when they are summoned to the demon world (and this is where things just get weird). There, the two learn the purpose of their mahou costumes and power – they have been selected to take part in a game to entertain bored demonic fucks. Naturally both of them are staring like everyone did a joint defecation and are now swinging their dicks side to side. Neither remembers signing up for this, however, apparently they did because they wouldn’t be running around in flamboyant costumes with cute mascot creatures by their side.

Them: true

Whoever wins the game gets to have their deepest desire come true. Whoever doesn’t…it’s hinted they die but the guy explaining everything was kinda shady on the details.
Still, I wouldn’t put it past them. This IS Zero-Sum we’re talking about :P
But the deepest desire can be a double edged sword. We’re given an example where a chick played the Gaitou Game or whatever it’s called and won. Her wish was to stop her father from being a rapist pervert (me: ewwwww). However, in her heart, what she really wanted was for his slimy ass to die. And so he did. And she died too because she killed him (not sure how they knew she used a demonic contract to kill him since I’d expect there to be no evidence but there was no details on HOW dad the sick fuck died so maybe it was by her own hands. She was just given some hulk strength to snap his dick and neck off for a temporary amount of time? *shrugs*).

Two big shot demons make their appearance – some snake lady who likes showing off her titties, and some dude that likes covering his titties and everything else, and likes dramatic entrances involving fire. These two are the ones the winner will make a contract with if they win to get their wish granted. Snake tits goes to Mad Hatter and Fire No Show Tits goes to Alice (there’s a running gag that Mad Hatter gets all the hot girls (even though he doesn’t want to be near them) while Alice either gets man broads or just men (Alice: ;—; it’s the name isn’t it? Can I please change to White Rabbit or Cheshire Cat?)).

Before the two are returned to the human world to sort out all they’ve learned, they are given two items. A book that gives info on people who are high on darkness and a bracelet with a glass charm containing liquid. The liquid inside represents how liked the participants are by the audience watching them. The more they are liked, the stronger they are. The opposite if the audience is tired of their shit. At the current moment, Mad Hatter is in the lead.


To win the game, the boys have to collect darkness (in the form of chess pieces). The one with the most pieces gets to have their wish granted along with psychological trauma free of charge ~ !

With that the boys are returned to the real world and that’s where things end.

Damn, I didn’t think I’d get so into Gaitou Alice but it was a fun read! Looking forward to see how the boys deal with this new turn of events (kinda sad that we won’t be seeing more participants though. From what eggie said, sounds like it’s just going to be Alice and Mad Hatter squaring off).

Heisei Project – We back track a bit to see why the Heisei Snipers had such an itchy trigger finger. While investigating from the air, Mikage spots someone in a cloak that looks a lot like her brother, right down to the heterochromia eyes. She pursues along with forgot her name. Eventually, the crew bump into the Heisei Snipers, the cloaked figure hiding behind the leader I guess (Haku) . When asked why the gang is chasing after Sakuhi, Mikage tells them to fuck off. The cloaked figure runs away. Mikage tries to pursue but that’s when one of the Snipers starts to shoot. Thus this explains why the bullets were fired.

Me: o__O;

We jump to the present. The gang decides to continue their search in the morning. However, one in their ranks, Kagura, decides to go off on his own. Not to find Rei, but to find himself a nutsac or something. *shrugs* His bromance Diesel is freaking out and bumps into a chick named Sakuhi. He tells her to fuck off (I’m noticing a thing with these guys…) and she responds by kicking his ass. She tells him that Kagura has been captured by the Heisei Snipers. She tells Diesel that if he brings her a member of the Heisei Snipers – Fuyuto – she’ll get him Kagura (not sure why he’d do that when he can just go get Kagura himself if he’s going to their hideout but whatever ~). Toki appears, grenade ready (Toki, you’re not going to do anything helpful with that explosive unless fatally injuring/killing Diesel is part of your plan). Sakuhi grabs her head in surprise and stares at Toki. He notices she has eyes similar to Rei’s. She vanishes. Toki is confused about what he just saw. Was that Rei? Sure the person had boobies but hey, surgery can give you them. But he remembers that Mikage mentions that the Heisei Snipers have Rei captive (what!? That never happened…unless she thinks they captured him (the cloaked figure) during their fight? That’s my guess because no where was that said :W).
The chapter ends with Diesel saying they need to raid the Heisei Sniper’s base and Toki thinking, did Rei ever mention not liking his dick?

Tales of Zestiria – man, Sorey is a little bit of a bitch now that he has his Shepard powers. He keeps blowing off his bestie who wants to fight side by side with him, citing that only Sorey can kick ass since he’s a Shepard.

Me: calm the fuck down, bitch :/

During the fight with said thingie from the last chapter, Sorey and Laila fuse and become a mahou shounen. They defeat the thingie which turned out to be a Seraph, only it had been possessed. Then Alisha comes over and is made Sorey’s disciple so now she can see the Seraph and yeah…


From what the colorful advertisement tells me, there will be two new series starting in Zero-Sum. First off is Shuuen no Elysion starting in the June 2015 issue and the other is Shounen x Shoujo Shousetsuka starting in the July 2015 issue. Just based on pretty pictures alone, I’m curious to see what Shounen x Shoujo Shousetsuka is about :D


Shuuen no Elysion will be taking the cover of next month’s issue ~

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