Poison x Family


Man, I feel like I barely have time to wipe my butt :T
Anyway, small update this week. Blame the food poisoning.
Word of advice: don’t go for the egg salad sandwich. It’s not worth it :(

(only good thing that came out of that episode was that I started watching Hunter x Hunter. It was on Netflix and it was so engaging that I forgot my agonizing pain…until the end credits came)

(ps. love that my coworkers told me I need to man up my gut haha (where’s my sympathy!). My poor country stomach is still no match for these city germs!)

Also, I won’t be updating next week because I have relatives mooching visiting this weekend… Amazing how family suddenly remembers me now that I’m in the big city… >___>;

I’ll be finishing my catch up of Zero-Sum with the June issue and then I’ll start tackling Sylphs.

And I guess I’ll end this post by saying I saw a man chewing on a stick during my morning commute. I was close enough that I knew that shit wasn’t a cigar, slim jim, or any sort of food product. It was a damn tree appendage O__o;
Either this dude has a really bad smoking habit and needs something to suck on while he waits until he can go out and smoke (and apparently this stick was the only thing he had on him), or he’s some sort of mystical animal species and that’s his food source. Either way, it was an interesting start to the work week haha!

7 thoughts on “Poison x Family

    • Wow you’re super far ahead of me!
      I’ve gotten to the part where Gon and Killua are learning about Nen from that guy that can’t keep his shirt tucked in. Unfortunately I had to pause for the moment due to RL but I hope to jump back soon. That anime is so addicting ~ <3


      • Netflix ends HunterxHunter at this King Ant arc. It sux that it’s been 2 years since then. I don’t know if they’ve made the anime version of it yet but my brother has read the manga , and he says the story’s gone waaaay beyond that . Addicting, isn’t it ? I love Gon and Kilua !


        • Well dang! It’s such a good anime. Sucks about the gap between the anime and the manga.
          I heard the manga has been on hiatus or something too so it’s going to hurt when I finally catch up :(

          The anime is addicting! Gon and Killua are so cute! I love shows about friendship :D Its just so…heartwarming, I guess is the word I’m looking for? (I’m hoping Kurapika and Leorio come back some day. Leorio was some great hilarity!)


  1. Gon is so pure ! And innocent. I love Killua too, but I have this nagging feeling he’s going over to the Dark Side.

    Have you read Inuyasha , or watched the anime ? The anime ended in 20o8. It was good too, but it did become boring at one point. I’d like to know your take on it. I love all the main characters, except, surprise, surprise, Inuyasha himself.


    • They are indeed! It’s quite refreshing haha!

      I did watch Inuyasha, or whatever was on Cartoon Network. I never got to watch the end though. There was a long stretch of time for a while with Cartoon Network where seasons got repeated over and over again to the point where I just peace. My friend told me of the ending and it was cute ~
      I remember liking Shippo, Miroku, and Sango the best. Inuyasha needed to take several chill pills and get his dick in order (I remember my friend was soooooo pissed about Kikiyo. Anytime she came on and Inuyasha started gyrating towards her, she’d demand Kikiyo go back and die haha)

      I also used to watch Dragon Ball Z on Cartoon Network but I left when they kept repeating seasons over and over again.

      Man, now I want to watch Escaflowne. I only go to see up to a certain amount. I missed the last few episodes and by the time I got to watch again, it was back to the first episodes D:


      • InuYasha ends at episode 193. I heard there were actually 3 movies. Netflix has about 50 episodes. I watched the rest on YouTube, but English dubbed is only up tp 156 I think. The rest up to the end are subbed in Vietnamese.

        Oh, goodness. Don’t get me started on Kikyo and InuYasha. I hate these two. Kikyoooooo! Kikyooooo ! Awww, shaddup ! ! InuYasha is a two-timing scoundrel. He’s always looking for Kikyo, and whenever he knows where Kikyo is, he leaves Kagome behind. In fact, there’s a part where Inuyasha decides and chooses to be with Kikyo. he wants to be with her, even in death, and he kisses her twice… passionate kisses. Inuyasha’s love for Kikyo is eternal. And he tells that to kagome. kagome leaves feudal japan…. I really wished she never returned…. but then she decides to become a martyr of love and returns, even though Inu told her straightforwardly he wants to be with Kikyo. I hate Kikyo because she’s already dead, she’s made of clay and graveyard soil, but she still tries to separate kagome and Inu …. she seems to be making Inu feel guilty. Inuyasha has broken Kagome’s heart so many times,dozens of times. I skip the ones where Kikyo and Inuyasha have their loveydovey moments.

        I seriously believe Inu doesn’t deserve Kagome’s love. He should have DIED, or remained alone, and forever yearn for his dead lover !! And kagome should have gotten together with her classmate who is actually the school’s idol, and who’s really smitten with her.

        The ending is cute because Sango and Morute get married and have 3 children. As for kagome and Inu, it is assumed they are married,
        too, they live together, and she calls shuseimeru , Inu’s older bro, onii-chan.

        I have 3 box sets of Escaflowne. I don’t remember the story anymore. The last time I watched was in HS.


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