Comic It vol 2 (Driplet)


After some technical difficulties, it’s Comic It to finish the posting spree!

Double Red Line by Nakagawa Itsuki Chapter 2
Good Night, I Love You by Tarachine John Chapter 2
Ogeha by Oimo Chapter 2
Shounen Oujo by Yukiharo Utako and Musashino Zenko Chapter 21
Saraba, Yoki Hi by Akaneda Yuki Chapter 1.5
Hiso Hiso – Silent Voice by Fujitani Yoko Chapter 24
Dojin Katsudou, Hajimemashita!? by Nakajou Akira Chapter 2
Tabi wa Michidure Yo wa Neko Darake by Mikami Takeru (oneshot)
Shinigami Doggy by Yamamoto Kana Chapter 12 and 13
Hakase ga!! by Sakondo Eri Special Chapter


Tabi wa Michidure Yo wa Neko Darake (loosely translated as Accompanied by Cats) – dude’s (the one with glasses) work of employment falls under due to debt and he’s now joining a good portion of the world in unemployment status. Rather than freak out and conserve his money, he goes on a trip to some place because why not?

So all dude wants to do is just walk around and forget his worries but hell no because that’s boring – thus stuff happens! While escaping some locals trying to tourist trap him, main dude hides under a tree. But he’s not alone. A little girl there looks at him in surprise and points up. Doing the natural thing, he looks up in time to see a shoe come rocketing down on his face.

Turns out another dude was up in the tree, trying to get the little girl’s cat untreed. Unfortunately for him, Gravity was not kind and yeah (critical damage for both dudes).

Once main dude regains consciousness, dude B – Meow – apologizes for denting in dude A’s – FML’s – face. Meow is a photographer of sorts who likes to go around and take photos of cats. He’s very passionate about cats, like crazy cat lady level. Meow’s enthusiasm catches on with FML and he eventually finds a reason to give a fuck again.

Wasn’t bad. I liked the art. The cats were drawn adorably :J Meow reminded me a lot of one of my friends who has a crazy love for cats. Her little serial killers as she calls them.

Me: …that doesn’t sound healthy oAo

Red Line – a lot of talking from characters no one gives a shit about. Pretty obvious these characters are evil but blonde don’t care. Let’s see…the two guys get into a fight, one getting angry about being called a mama’s boy and the other angry about being made fun of for “pretending” to have a family (shrugs). The chapter ends with the appearance of a female Extra known to Leo (who is also next on the Extra hit list).

Hiso Hiso – poor Kouji ;—; watching his internal struggle with the concept of family is heart wrenching. Stupid ho mom for inflicting this trauma on him!

Saraba, Yoki Hi – nothing happens. Just living.

Ogeha – I really feel uncomfortable reading this. I can’t tell if it’s comedy or abuse….and I like no one. The boy is an abuser and the bug itself is “innocent” so to speak but it sucks the life force out of people. So………yeah.

Dojin Katsudou, Hajimemashita!? – I should have known when one of the main characters was a yaoi fangirl, there was bound to be some sort of BL scene triggering during my reads. And yup! Right smack there on pg 15, two dudes rolling in the deep. Me and everyone on my commute got an eye full.


That aside, I like the new character introduced – Beni-chan. She not only draws comics but she also cosplays and works full time. When the main dude asks “how do you do it?”, she calmly tells him she loves her hobbies and that’s how she can stick with them. That’s really good advice. If you love what you do, then do it!

Really hope we get to see more of her :3

Shinigami Doggy – shit I don’t remember horse radish from this series. I need to reread the tanks (hell I need to buy the 2nd tank hur).

From what I can gather, somehow Ken is able to go into Yuugo’s memories (to the time when he was alive), and we see he and Shin have some kind of relationship, but it’s not clear what it is. Shin is a hit man or sorts who takes out targets assigned to him. These targets are related to rich boy Yuugo. Cuz the people who associate with him get injured in some manner, people have ostracized Yuugo. Mixed in the middle is this female teacher who has taken a shine to Yuugo and is some kind of family to Shin (not sure if blood related).

The chapter ends with Yuugo getting a cat, the female teacher getting a hit placed on her, and Shin getting shanked.

Keep it crazy, Shinigami Doggy.

Nothing to note in the previews since Comic It really doesn’t do previews. The cover for the next issue will be Hiso Hiso (that much I know :P)

I meant to do this for the first issue but on Comic It’s website, they detail how the cover art was chosen. For this issue there were several possible versions before one was chosen. Here they are (in rough form):


I’m really warming up to Comic It. I was a little meh with the first volume but the second volume drew me in more :3 (except for the incest story and the freaky bug story. They can go away…)

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