March 2015 Zero-Sum (Driblet)

…it’s been so long since I last read this issue that I don’t really remember much.
So that means this’ll be quick! :P


Amatsuki takes the cover! (love the coloring, as always :3)


Tales of Zestiria chapter 1 *new*
Battle Rabbits Chapter 5
Sennen Meikyuu no Nana Ouji Chapter 6
Taketori Overnight Sensation Chapter 6
Amatsuki Chapter 125
Karneval Chapter 88
Sore ga Sekai no Futsuu ni Naru Chapter 14
Are you Alice? Chapter 69
Halcyon Chapter 8
World End: Debugger Chapter 6
Makai Ouji devils and realist Chapter 62
Tenkyuugi – Sephirahnatus Chapter 58 (final)
Landreaall Chapter 141
Heisei Project: Imitation Hero Chapter 3
Corseltel no Ryuujutsushi – Koryuu Monogatari Chapter 47
Shitsuji M Chapter 15
Haimiya Yokochou Tenmatsuki Chapter 137
Strange Plus Chapter 155
Bakumatsu Rock Chapter 10
Telcel Chapter 12
Memento Mori Chapter 27
Hatenkou Yuugi Chapter 108

Cover pages:

tales spread

Tales of Zestiria joins the Zero-Sum family with the March issue. The story follows the video game, just slightly different tho. Sorey is a kid who loves to learn and dreams about the outside world. One day, he and his bestie Mikleo are doing their thing when they bump into a chick named Alisha and the crazy fucker trying to kill her. The boys work together and scare off the crazy fucker. They then say howdy to Alisha and learn she’s trying to find the Shepherd to help calm the cray that’s been plaguing the land. Through meeting her, Sorey decides to speed up his plans on checking out the outside world. His man fan Mikleo tags along too because you ain’t leaving this sweet bacon cooking alone, son.

Honestly I had to look up the story on wiki because the manga version was confusing. I didn’t know Mikleo was invisible to people because he’s some kind of spiritual being! You don’t understand how stupefied I was when Alisha kept saying how no one was there. I’m like, bitch, there’s clearly someone there! How can you NOT see how high Mikleo’s pants are riding??

While the pacing is confusing, the manga is enough to keep me patient until this winter when the game will be out ~ :3

Heisei Project: Imitation Hero – still looking for bro

(lol this was the only series I remembered since I’m following it xD)


A new series called Kaitou Alice will start in the next issue ~ And yeah :P
Told you all this would be a quick post!

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