Ane Lala Feb 2015 Issue (Vol 8)


After some thought, I figured it’d better to just stay recent with the newest issue of Ane Lala rather than try and catch up with all of them ~
Thus…Ane Lala, folks! :D

Also, remade my little icon borders with washi tape style flags and stars ~ Was fun to draw! Glad they turned out pretty cute! ~


Petite Peche chapter 3
Kawaii Hito chapter 4
Tonari wa Nani o Kuu Hito zo chapter ?
Inaka no Kekkon chapter 8
Koyamasou no Kiraware Mono – Returns chapter 3
Kanojo ni Naru Hi chapter 8
Inferno chapter 8
Hoshi to Issho ni Aruiteru oneshot
Ai ga Chikyuu o Sukuu no da! chapter 8



Title: Hoshi to Issho ni Aruiteru (星と一緒に歩いてる) Walking with the Stars
By: Machida Shikaku (街田シカク)

Nanase’s horoscope was right. Her day sucked.
After getting dumped by her boyfriend for a pretty young thing at work, Nanase decides alcohol is needed. Pronto. When she stumbles upon a little hole in the wall bar that has the same name as hers, it’s fate, right?
But fate has a funny way of helping us out.

With the aid of Jack and Jamison, Nanase’s reign on her emotions loosens and she starts making a seen. She complains about getting dressed up and laments about her horoscope. A worker nearby kindly tells her only fools believe in horoscopes.
However, before Nanase can get physical, Georgie knocks her senseless instead and she passes out.

She later wakes up in a place she doesn’t recognize. Turns out the owners of the bar moved her to their living quarters to sleep off the booze. And thankfully they’re not rapists as she’s mostly ok (rocking a hangover but what can you do?). She learns the bar is owned by two individuals, Didn’t Bother Remembering His Name whose dream is to have 5 wives (you go bro), and Chika (short for Chikashige). At night they use the building they co-own together as a bar but during the day, Chika uses it for his side job as a fortune teller.
Nanase: but didn’t you just say only losers believe in horoscopes? 【・ヘ・?】
Chika: bitch you did not just lump fortune telling with that trash so god help me  ಠ_ಠ

Despite his prickly nature, Chika is a popular fortune-teller. Why?
Because he has a good looking face.
I mean, this is shojo.
It’s not not known for its shallow standards with popularity.
As long as your face is easy on the eyes and you’ve got a good dick bulge in the jeans, you’re pretty much golden.

Over the course of the one-shot, Nanase continues to visit the bar and interacts with the owners there. Eventually, Chika explains why he thinks horoscopes are meh. He believes they’re good as some form of guidance when one is a little confused with what to do with their life but they shouldn’t be taken to heart. Fuck those lucky items and color shit. That’s just a way for people to make money. Come to me if you have that kind of money to burn :/
Nanase acts as a foil to Chika’s thinking because she continues to believe wholeheartedly in the horoscopes. Whatever her lucky item is, she buys it. Lucky color? Already wearing it. Lucky number? Eight giant ass keychains on her purse yo (no, she literally has 8 teddy bear keychains attached to her handbag). Nanase holds on to the belief that things will turn around if she follows what her daily horoscope says (and if her day is crappy, that’s because her horoscope said it’d be). However, that all stops when she’s about to buy some lip gloss (lucky item!). Her man and his new bea walk by. They don’t notice her but she sees them. After all she’s been doing to turn her luck around – to get back the love she lost – it turns out it was all fruitless. Her old BF has been going on with his life while she’s been stuck in the mud.

The one shot reaches its climax when Chika vents after a rough session with a client. She kept pestering him about lucky colors and lucky items to which Chika nearly farted in her face to shut her up. He grumbles how the client was like Nanase – who clings to ideas like that and has no confidence in herself. It’s quite sad.
Nanase: (╬⓪益⓪)
Chika: really!? you had to come in for THAT part!?
In despair after seeing her man happy while she was dragging ass, Nanase found herself at the bar just in time to hear Chika call her a sad loser pretty much. In anger she throws her shopping bag of all 3 inches at him (it has her lip gloss in it) and runs away. She comes to the realization that she needs to move on. She’s stopped contacting people or doing anything fun on the weekends. She just follows her horoscope and goes to the bar to drink the night away.
Some shojo air trips her up and she starts to fall only to be saved by Chika. But that doesn’t make her happy as she remembers his comment from earlier. She yells at him, telling him to gripe at how pathetic she is for believing in horoscopes (and pretty much everything she just said in her head moments before he appeared). Eventually, he shuts her up by placing his almost yaoi hands on her face. Just shoves it right on there, like her face is a melon he’s just about to pick up one-handed. This strangely enough calms her down.
In a surprising turn of events, he uses a shojo speech on her. Hoho! He tells her that it’s only natural to be hurting after a hear break. Kinda weird not to be. Such an experience leaves a scar and if you’re not careful, it can trap you in a dark place.
But he noticed that when Nanase visited the bar, she never once bitched about her old love, like a lot would. She didn’t treat the bar like how most of us do – as a place to drown one’s sorrows in. And just now, she realized her problems which isn’t an easy thing to do.
‘For you, not saying anything, turned into a strength all your own’

His shojo speech turned out to be super effective as it not only left Nanase crying her feels but it helps her move on. The one-shot ends with Nanase meeting the bar owners again, this time for work (whatever that is she does). She hands her business card to Chika who comments on her name – it’s a nice name. Nanase blushes but then gets angry at Chika when he calls her a boozehound.

I liked the art but the story left me hanging :( Also, I didn’t like how the manga-ka worded a lot of things. Made it kinda difficult to understand who was the subject of the whatever – was it the boyfriend, or was it the main girl?  Or was it just a general comment?
But of course, my shitty translation skills may be to blame for the lack of understanding hur :P

It’d be nice if this one-shot became a series. I’d like to see more about this little world – like, what does Nanase do actually? And what about What’s His Face – the one that wants to be a Mormon minus the religious bit? Plus, can we actually see Chika in action? I want to see this guy and his fortune telling skills at work!

Title: Tonari wa Nani o Kuu Hito zo (トナリはなにを食う人ぞ) My Neighbor Eats What? (lit. My neighbor is a person who eats what)
By: Fujitsuka Yuki (ふじつか雪)

From what I gathered, this isn’t actually chapter 1. But if it must be described as so, then it has a chapter 0. Tonari originally started out as a one-shot and I guess got popular enough to be serialized. It would have been nice had Ane Lala done what Comic@loid did with its first issue and posted the one-shot in addition to the new material (this way new people aren’t confused as fuck when they see flashbacks that prelude to earlier content three pages in – like me hur!).

The main girl – Suzuna – moves to Tokyo from the sticks to attend school. She used to be a bit more chubby but worked hard to slim down a little (gotta respect Suzuna a bit in that she knocked off 30 lbs. Like damn, that’s some dedication!). However, I guess living on her own was too tough for her (she didn’t know how to cook or clean or just live in general) and she nearly died. Thankfully she did her dying after answering the door and the person at the door – her neighbor – was able to cook her some food and keep her from becoming a statistic. After eating his cabbage roll (the food, not his dick), she begs the neighbor to teach her how to cook and not die. He agrees because why the hell not and that is basically chapter 0 (add in some family drama but no one cares).

Chapter 1 continues to have Suzuna learning how to cook from her neighbor – Seto. The majority of the chapter is about Suzuna learning to love her name. Suzuna in Japanese means turnip. Suzuna thought all her life that her parents named her that because she was red and fat (wtf kid) but later learns the origin was something less stupid and more meaningful. When she was younger, she was born premature and underweight. Her father wanted her to grow up strong and big like a turnip, thus her name. I’m guessing it’s cuz dad is a farmer, that’s why the name since most parents would not name their child after a root vegetable.
Mom: dad don’t have the future eyes. He didn’t name you cuz he knew you’d have a little chunk growing up. That blame can go to the lack of movement and sugar :/

Seto during all this time gets a little sick and Suzuna actually cooks something without setting fire to her face. The food makes Seto happy because he’s always been cooking for his family and taking care of them. Suzuna gets super embarrassed when he thanks her, using her first name instead of last when addressing her.


Can’t really formulate an opinion since this isn’t the first chapter technically :( Lots of food terms thrown around, though I wish the manga-ka used actual recipes with times and stuff so it’d make trying to translate everything worth it. I gave up translating the food bits because I wasn’t learning anything and it wasn’t critical to the story.
Story wise, nothing really going on that stands out in my mind. Hoping future chapters flesh out the characters because they’re just…there ^^;



Title: Inaka no Kekkon (田舎の結婚) Marriage in the Sticks
By: Karasawa Chiaki (唐沢千晶)

So this isn’t a new series, but each chapter acts like an one-shot so good enough for me :P

The story this time follows four friends. Friends A and B – the girls – have been friends since childhood. Friend A is our main character, Nanao. While she loves Friend B – Mai – she’s also very jealous of Mai, though she keeps it on the low. Mai starts dating Friend C – Taniguchi. Nanao develops a crush on Friend C and is sad that once again Mai wins. Friend D – Touma – is besties with Friend C. He has a crush on Friend B/Mai. Friend A and Friend D know the other has a unrequited love and act as the other’s cheerleader in a way. Their relationship is a weird one – a love/hate one. Jump 7 years. Nanao left the sticks to pursue a career in the big city. She hasn’t been home since. She tells folk from back home the reason is due to her work but in truth, it’s because she didn’t want to see Mai and the crew. However, that all changes when she gets a wedding invitation from Mai. She and Taniguchi are getting married.

Though she dreads it, Nanao ends up going back home. On the train ride back, a guy sits next to her and starts crying like a kid who hasn’t been able to shit properly in a week. Concerned, Nanao asks if he wants to switch seats with her – it’s easier to cry into a window than at people in the aisles. In surprise, he drops something – it’s a wedding invitation. And it’s a suspiciously familiar one…oh fuck.

“Nanao! Is that you? It’s me – Touma” :D

Nanao: WHY GOD WHY!?

To make it even worse, after meeting Friend B – Mai – and Friend C – Taniguchi – again after so long, Touma fakes that he and Nanao are a couple.

Nanao: WHY!?

Touma: tee hee ~

The bulk of the chapter is about the crew rekindling their friendship and of Touma and Nanao getting close. The climax hits when we learn that Mai and Taniguchi have been bickering a lot. They eventually reach a point where they question if they should get married at all. In despair, Mai tells Nanao she would be better fit with Touma and asks if she can have Touma.

Nanao: bitch can I not have one toy from the toy box? Really? ((╬ಠิ﹏ಠิ))

Nanao is the type of person who thinks of others before herself. She’ll give you medicine when you’re sick, will watch the same movie as you even if no one else wants to, and is a ear to cry to. Touma tells her at one point thatit’s a quality he loves about her.
From a flashback, we learn that at some point Nanao’s feelings switched to Touma, however he only had eyes for Mai. The reason she didn’t want to return to her hometown was not just due to her insecurity issues with Mai, but also because of her one-sided feelings for Touma. And now here she is, confronted by both problems at once. While Nanao doesn’t want her friend to take from her again, she also wants everyone to be happy.

Nanao: man, being good sucks :/

Later that day, her and Touma were supposed to meet to pick out a wedding gift. Touma is worried since Nanano is late and hasn’t been able to get a hold of her. He’s surprised when he receives a text from her saying: “Here’s your last chance.” He looks up to see Mai before him.

Nanao is squirming in her room, trying not to think of Touma and Mai. After her 50th lap, Nanao decides to go for a walk and on the way down the stairs, she has an epiphany. She realizes it’s not just Touma she wants happy. She wants Mai to be happy. She wants Taniguchi to be happy. And what she did isn’t going to make them all happy. Shit!

She starts to head out to save the day but bumps into Taniguchi and Mai at her door. Turns out Touma contacted Taniguchi when Mai confessed to him. He talks with Mai and it turns out she’s been holding in a lot of issues. As he waited for Taniguchi to head over, Touma tells Mai she needs to be more honest with Taniguchi and with herself. Blah blah. She reconciles things with Taniguchi and both go to Nanao’s place to apologize. Mai admits that she was always jealous of Nanao – she was number 1 in the class, she’s living the life in the city, and even got a man. She let her issues take control of her life. Before Mai can throw her depression train into full speed, Nanao apologizes to Mai as well. She should have been there for her friend when she needed her. She’ll do her best to be a better chum (Nanao: gonna keep my insecurity issues underwraps tho). Things fixed with the three, Taniguchi tells Nanao he left something important to him at the place Touma and her were supposed to meet, and asks if Nanao can go it.

At the café, we see Touma. Nanao scolds him, telling him good job and wtf. That was his chance go get lucky! The hell dude?

Touma: well…that’s cuz I love you

Nanao: and you stupid fool. You could have had her and what?

We’re given the final flashback of the one shot – it wasn’t just Nanao who had a change of heart. So did Touma. Seeing how Nanao always helped him out and was there for him got the heart muscles twitching for her. But he was sad that Nanao liked Taniguchi so he was sure nothing would happen. Lot of feels are thrown around here, ending with the two confessing to one another.

The one-shot ends with Nanao going back to the sticks for Mai and Taniguchi’s wedding, and is joined by Touma who sits next to her.

Was a cute story ~ Marriage in the Sticks hasn’t failed me yet <3

As for the other series:

I need to get the tank of Kawaii Hito because this shit is adorable. Hard to believe this is by the same person who did Samishii Hito, because that crap was weird!

Yet another good chapter of Petite Peche! I like the emphasis on friendship. You don’t see too much of that in shojo. Usually the focus is on getting senpai ~ gotta get dat dick! I really hope VIZ, or hell Yen Press since they just got themselves a Hana to Yume title, licenses Petite Peche. It’s a nice slice of life and it’s something different from all the supernatural shojos out there (not that I don’t like myself some supernatural shojos ;3)

Inferno – that scene where the sis is hiding out in a classroom and bro comes in wearing a mask. And they just stare at each other for like 3 minutes before he comes over. But instead of doing the normal thing and going AROUND the desks, bro just shoves and kicks the desks out of his way – and anyone whose moved desks around in a classroom knows how annoyingly noisy those little shits are – before standing in front of sis.
I couldn’t tell if this was supposed to be a significant thing because I was too concerned about the furniture haphazardly flung to the ground. Dude, I know public schools aren’t the best but come on! Who’s going to pick that shit up?

Ai ga Chikyuu o Sukuu no da! – they finally got together… *shudders*


The next issue will have a new series called “The Suzuki Chronicles” by Tsujita Ririko. Only thing I know about this manga-ka is her one manga has been running forever in Lala DX.
Ai ga Chikyuu o Sukuu no da! ends in the next issue *fist pump* One less family love story.
Hibiki Wataru is writing a one-shot titled “Koi Hito Yo” (I thought this looked familiar so I googled it. The manga-ka had written another oneshot of the same name awhile back. Not sure if it’s a continuation or just set in the same universe/theme. We’ll see ~).
Expect another chapter of Asa Made Matemasen!

And that’s it ~

If you’re interested in buying the issue, it’s available for the kindle on For me, I can’t buy it because it’s region locked so I use BookWalker instead. BookWalker don’t care about the region lock for this particular title. It just wants my money.
(now if only Aria can be region free…)
I have the app on my ipad and when I make purchases, it’s through itunes so it all works out ~

See ya peeps ~

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