Comic It vol. 1


Alrighty folks. The time has come. After much delay, it’s time to see what Comic It is all about ~
Is it everything “older ladies” will appreciate?
Can it beat Ane Lala?
Let’s find out ~


Good Night, I Love You by Tarachine John Chapter 1
Double Red Line by Nakagawa Itsuki Chapter 1
Saraba, Yoki Hi by Akaneda Yuki Chapter 1
Ogeha by Oimo Chapter 1
Dojin Katsudou, Hajimemashita!? by Nakajou Akira Chapter 1
Senjou no Inu by Sumida Moto Chapter 1
Hiso Hiso – Silent Voice by Fujitani Yoko Chapter 22 and 23
Shounen Oujo by Yukiharo Utako and Musashino Zenko Chapter 20



Good Night, I Love You

After his mother passes, main dude Oozora heads off to Europe due to an argument with his estranged brother. He’s traveling because he wants to comply with his mother’s last wish – to get into contact with an old friend of hers (and bro was like, “hah please you can’t even find your own dick. How do you expect to make it in Europe?” Oozora: “Via, bitch”). There he experiences Europe and finds that his mother had planned something bigger than he originally thought.
Good Night, I Love You is definitely a slice of life title of growth and healing, where Oozora will have both a literal journey and a spiritual one as he learns to accept his mother’s death, mend things with his brother, and take his first steps to moving on.
The first chapter was interesting and has me hooked! Maybe because it hits kinda close to home for me?
I’m looking forward to more :)


Double Red Line

From what I could understand, this old lady made these super human peeps that are pretty much living weapon known by the fancy title of Extra. Leo is an Extra – he’s the dude doing the junk thrust bare chested here on the frontis page. Not sure what happened but he went from firing bullets on the battlefield to helping out in the kitchen with his “sister”(?) (not sure if they’re blood related)/ One day, this blondie named Alex comes and tells Leo it’s time to kick ass…after ripping off his shirt (guess bare chested Leo is going to be a thing?). Alex is the son of the old lady who made the Extras and leader of the group, Pandora. Guess some Extras can’t let go of the battlefield and are tearing it up. Alex wants to stop them while at the same time understand his mother’s creations. Leo somehow gets dragged into Alex’s quest due to reasons not mentioned in this first chapter.
It should be known that Leo has a special power. He can read minds if he touches someone.
The chapter focuses on an Extra named Derrick. He’s an assassin who at the same time is raising a war orphan. They somehow got separated and now he’s going on a killing spray to find the child. Long story short, he gets his ass handed to him by Leo and is taken into custody. Alex blackmails Leo into helping him further. The end of chapter 1.
Ah, forgot to mention that people don’t like Extras and want to eradicate them.

Not bad. I’m a little out of the loop with what’s going on so no opinion thus far ~


Saraba, Yoki Hi

”Newlyweds” Akira and Keiichi moved to a new place and are adjusting to their new lives. Akira works with kindergarteners while Keiichi is a writer. One would think this title was slice of life of their new married life together, but I got suspicious the minute the second page happened and the characters were acting weird. I should have known that was an instant clue that something fucked up was going to happen.
And sure enough, we find out that Akira and Keiichi are siblings.
Brother and fucking sister.
End of chapter

What is it with these shojo for older ladies and incest? Am I just out of touch with the world? Is this a thing? When you hit past 25, your ovaries need incest in their life?
Needless to say I won’t be paying too much attention to this title >___>



Dude…this is one fucked up title. This boy is looking out of his window one day with his binoculars (not sure wtf he was looking at with binoculars, probably being a little perv). He sees this thing fall from the sky and decides to go investigate (because why  not). The thing turns out to be space ship for space caterpillars. They plant this other thing that sprouts roots that suck the life out of anything surrounding it – plants, trees, and even people. The boy finds the thing – which has gotten bigger – surrounded by dead trees. Inside the thing is another thing (some bug person). Rather than be freaked out, the boy grabs a stick and stabs the thing, which spits out the bug person. The boy then drags the bug person home (he literally cavemans it – grabs the bug person’s “foot” and pulls the critter over rocks, branches, and stairs (the bug person falls unconscious when it hits its head against one of the stair’s steps). Once at home, the boy dumps water on the bug person to wake “her” up? He feeds the bug person some McDonald’s fries (who cannot resist the lure of fries?) and calls the bug person cute. The bug person blushes, repeating his words, and licks the boy’s hand in appreciation. The boy then backhands the bug (O__O). He comments in surprise about the bug person having the ability to talk. He tells the bug person to repeat his name – Kiji, which she does. He then tells the bug person her name will be Ogeha *crazy face* The chapter ends with the space caterpillars coming back and freaking out about where Ogeha went to.
Bug #1: Herald, for Pete’s sake, where did you leave the life force sucking cocoon?
Bug #2: I’m telling you, Helen, it was right here! I swear.
Bug #1: Well I don’t see it Herold so I don’t think it’s here.
Bug #2: Fuck you Helen!

Not sure how I feel about this title. The boy is fucking weird – he’s got more crazy eyes than someone needing a fix. I feel bad for Ogeha but then I remember she sucked the life out of an old man. He was just reading his paper. That’s messed up. I have no one I’m rooting for. I’ll probably just read to see how more messed up this situation can get.


Dojin Katsudou, Hajimemashita!?

I know those lips anywhere! This manga-ka drew a couple Uta-Puri one shots in Sylph and those duck lips man…
The story behind title #4 is the boy doing the duck pout on the frontis page is going to school to be a professional manga-ka. However, after being told he sucks dick and should go into fanfics by the dude in glasses smiling like an asshat behind him, main dude resolves to do just that. His sister is an otaku and she wants to team up with her brother to draw slash comics.
Him: what’s slash?
Her: *opens a Free Doujinshi*
Her: heh <3

I don’t think I’ll like this title too much. Much like Otome Mania in Sylph, I’m not a fan of watching characters flounder due to no one giving them direction or help, and then getting yelled at/called shitty by people for doing things they weren’t supposed to which somehow motivates the main character to do better instead of saying fuck you.


Senjou no Inu

Took me a sec to realize the manga-ka of Senjou no Inu drew the manga adaptation of Kamigami no Asobi in Sylph. Lots of Sylph faces in It :J
That said, I had no clue what was going on. I guess the dude in black on the frontis is part of this anti-vampire organization and the guy standing behind him is part of the organization as well despite being a vampire. The vampire guy is kinda freaky because he cries like a slapped bitch while ripping apart his victims with several shadow hands that materialize out of his ass o__O;
I couldn’t understand much about the organization itself. They were using big words and I didn’t feel like digging out a kanji dictionary to understand. The ass hands freaked me out too much…

Not a bad title. The art is nice but those poo hole fingers dude…


Overall, Comic It wasn’t bad. It’s got some interesting titles and some fucked up titles. I’d probably enjoy some of the stories more if I had a better grasp of the story (too many big kanji for my little vocabulary :P).
I’ll be sticking around though because I’m committed to Hiso Hiso and Shounen Oujo (Shounen Oujo’s chapter will be in another post!).
Supposedly Shinigami Doggy is coming back too (holy crap how long as it been since that title last published a chapter!?) so we’ll see with vol #2

When compared to Ane Lala, I think I prefer Ane Lala. Ane is more romance orientated while It is more…actually, I don’t know wtf It is about. You’ve got incest, killer bug people, vampires with ass hands, living weapons, and recovery all in the same mag haha. Talk about a smorgasbord!

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