It is here


I still have other posts but that’ll be it for tonight ~ since I’m on a mag roll, I wanted to show something that came a few hours ago in a shitty package (rare is it that my packages from them aren’t dented in).

It’s Comic It!

It’s such a thin little thing! I’m looking forward to seeing what is considered “manga for older ladies” and to see the continuation of Shounen Oujo! It’s been so long haha. Hopefully I still remember the characters :Y

But first I have to finish reading my Sylph issue :J night peeps!

5 thoughts on “It is here

    • You and me both!
      It’s been so long that it’s a shock to see it right before my eyes ~ !
      I was so tempted to just drop Sylph and read It, but I had to tell myself several times to calm down. I’ve already neglected my poor Sylph issue enough as it is haha

      The cover is lovely indeed! I don’t know who the folk on the cover are though. Think they’re just random people. I thought it was Albert at first due to the dress but he doesn’t have freckles. And I can’t picture him feeding chocolates like that to someone ha!


    • But of course! :)
      I’m curious to see what “manga for older ladies” entails. Ane Lala assumed older ladies liked themselves some incest so I’m hoping It takes things a little less creepy >___>

      I’m just finishing up a post for Sylph and It will be my next read :J


  1. Its not the two from the last page in chapter 19 the hair is different and i to find it hard to believe that its Albert even an older one a time skip would be odd we already had one.

    They do look like they are related with the same freckles and hair colour but the body of the top one looks big compared to the head maybe a man but in this Manga who knows the bottom one could be a male and top one be female what i do know is they are too old for Guy.


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