I just started watching that Magical Boy anime. The leader dude is my favorite. Anyone that beats the shit out of things with his magic wand then punches said things in the face is A okay on my list :)

Hey peeps ~

How have you all been? Hopefully 2015 is treating you all better than me. Just learned my package with my Christmas presents has been lost by the USPS ; v ;) I pretty much got blown off when I asked wtf happened. Hopefully the post man is enjoying my ad-free kindle, since it was last shown in his custody (and it’s been over a week since then).

Other than that, I’ve been slowly getting back into the adult life groove. When I returned from my break, I started to rearrange all the furniture in my apartment. I blame a collective amount of 5 hours in sleep over a two day period for my sporadic cleaning behavior (jump start on spring cleaning?). I just now got things situated. It’s pretty nice being able to see the floor again ^^

In manga news, guess whose ass finally got Feb’s issue of Sylph? (even though the March issue just came out!)


:P (don’t worry – Jan’s issue will be written up soon ~)

I also grabbed some other manga since there was a sale going on (I also bought some stationary and pens but who wants to see that :P):


Shoujo, Shoujo, Shoujo na no.
15-byou Dake – I Know I’m Falling
Taberarechai na ko! #2

Also, I’ve been watching Sailor Moon Crystal but after reading many reviews saying the manga was better, I finally decided to check out the source material ~ (yeah, I’ve NEVER read the manga hur. I only watched the original anime ~)


Love the new version. It’s so sparkly! The paper is of great quality too! Reminds me of VIZ’s BIG Edition for Fushigi Yuugi! I also grabbed two blind boxes of Sailor Moon figures. One for me and one for my friend (there were only a couple left so I thought meh fuck it let’s do this!). I got Mars ~ I’m happy she’s not that big of a bitch like the original anime made her out. She’s one of the few things I like about the new anime.


Also, I got my order too:


Emerald Ciel Winter Edition
Ane Lala
Majo Rin 1-3
Mahoutsukai to Teishi no Futekisetsu na Kankei (1-4)
Kyouai Catastrophe 1
Kitsune no Ki no Ha
Escape Sheep

Yeah, January was basically me drowning in manga (I also got my January manga preorders from rightstuf and anime from Funimation’s Cyber Monday deals and from rightstuf’s Holiday deals but that’s just too much stuff to overwhelm you all with ^^ November to December always hurts the wallet a bit).

Other than that, I’ll be updating soon ~ I have a couple of posts written up but I just haven’t added pictures yet hur ~

Take it easy everyone!

5 thoughts on “Back!

  1. yahoo sylph~

    hahah that doodle, Sparkling Prince ftw xDD
    i’ve also only watched the anime of Sailor Moon, but having read the manga (halfway cause didnt got the second half yet) it is totally different
    ooh you got Mars in seifuku *^* i’ve also got one but Venus with Artemis in their senshin uniform xD


    • Hello my friend!
      Long time no see (on wordpress) :) Hope all has been going well for you!

      The magical boy anime is hilarious. Just when I think they can’t get more crazier, I’m surprised!

      Indeed to the manga! I’m surprised by the differences. I like the manga better than the Crystal anime though. The anime was trying too hard to be the manga that it made things awkward. Things flowed better in the manga. Like when Sailor Moon first meets Tuxedo Mask. He’s holding his cape in the manga, but not for 5 hours like in the anime as he hops away haha!

      Nice! The series my bookstore sold were the characters in their school outfits. I didn’t realize there was their transformed version too! Jealous ~ ! ^^


      • holy moly, i forgot to check my old account!!!
        I’m doing fine, just a bit sick but I won’t die from that, right?

        I actually dropped binan koukou at that time, but recently i’ve completed it, NO WORDS FOR THAT ANIME THAT WILL GET A SEASON 2… :’)

        True, I didn’t like the crystal either although i finished it. Just like you said, the manga has its charms and in a way you understand why …based on feeling proably, while the anime made it like every decision was made too quickly, which is why i think it went all akward.

        hahaha Well I got mine from conventions, i don’t have japanese bookstores or bookstores that sells little figurines ;__;

        anyways sorry for the uber late comment, but you know where to find me ;)


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