Flying out folks ~


Currently chilling at the airport. Survived security and the bus ride here (damn do I miss driving a bit).
Was hoping to have posted my Comic It translations and my Sylph post before leaving but…yeah. They’re saved on my computer so hur hur!
Also was scrambling due to life. Hunting for presents/wrapping presents/making presents, baking pies (hopefully no one got the shits from my homemade eats – I haven’t baked in awhile……), hanging out with friends and being social, attending many holiday parties, and basically not doing any blogging shiz haha

(So those posts will be my first posts of the new year!)

That said, I’ll be out for ~2/3 weeks to hang with family and friends. So everyone, hope your holidays are happy and your New Years new :P

See you all in 2015!!

2 thoughts on “Flying out folks ~

  1. Hi sorry but when i look through your posts some chapters of shiro ari and some sylph magazine editions r missing can u plz somehow help.
    Have fun on your trip! ^^


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