Ane Lala vol 2, Part II

Well look at that. An Ane Lala post :P Holy snaps. I can’t believe this volume (along with all the others) had been sitting on my shelf for the past year. This issue came out a year ago. :U A YEAR ago! Man, going from college life to adult life really did take some time o___o;

Kyou Kanoko #2


The first 1/3 of the chapter is all recap in case you forgot what you read in the first chapter.

The next 1/3 concerns main girl Kanoko actually doing something with sweets (which you’d think the manga would focus more on since that’s what the whole point of this series is ^^;). Grandpa finally remembers Kanoko wants to learn how to make treats like him and thinks it’d probably be a good idea to let her actually try because how else do you learn? (makes me think of the conundrum of needing to have experience for an entry level position haha) You can only go so far when you’re just washing all the dishes in the place and making rice (this ain’t Karate Kid here. Household chores =/= training. It = bitch work). He tells her to do things and she does them wrong. He gets angry and yells at her but thankfully background hottie helps her out so she does get things right in the end.
(and you know the reason why she succeeds? Because hottie EXPLAINED to her what she’s supposed to do. Grandpa. You can’t build an entertainment system without an instruction booklet to guide you. Don’t be that guy writeDSC_0269s a 1 star review on amazon because he wound up in the hospital cuz he didn’t follow the provided instruction booklet (; ̄Д ̄)).

The last 1/3 deals with doki doki stuff. Kanoko’s hot friend Souya is asked to help out with the tea club because he’s hot and that’s all the motivation people in shojo need to go and check something out. He tells the peeps ok because he’s a nice guy. Then he learns the club’s source for tea treats went out of business due to the power of shojo (it’s either death or money problems. This place should be lucky they got handed the money problems card). Souya says he knows a place and takes them to Kanoko’s family sweets shop. The club members freak because the place is old and famous, and there’s no way they’d work with a bunch of kids like them.
Souya: well, did you ever ask?
Club members: what? Of course not. That’s too proactive. And they’ll probably say no which is damaging to our delicate psyche.
Souya: …
So Souya goes in and talks with Kanoko’s grandpa about treats for the club thing. Grandpa’s like sure, I love these kinds of things. Too bad no one ever asks us to help them…
Hottie from Kanoko’s place is tasked with making a sweet for the tea club. He does. Everyone is happy. Jump to the tea club event. Kanoko goes to watch. She gets a hard-on while watching Souya serve some tea, awakening not only her interest in Souya romantically, but also to the realization that guys pouring a cup of tea make her horny. End

Kyou Kanoko is so shojo it hurts. Not a bad read but doesn’t really stick much in my memory since the focus is more on talking about sweets rather than on the main girl doing things with the sweets hur.
Also grandpa sucks. He’s too tsundere to be likeable.


Inferno #2


(dude is so horny for his sis he’s stroking own face since he kinda looks like her given they’re family)

Inferno doesn’t dick around like Kyou Kanoko did. It starts the story on page one. Sis is doing student council things and calls her bro to help out. One of the student council girls is like, omg let’s exchange numbers, and surprisingly the brother compiles. Sis is shocked to which bro tells her not to be jelly.
Her: what?
Him: nothing >__>

To pay her bro back for helping out, sis offers to tutor the brother. Looking at his homework, she finds he’s amazingly dumb, much to his annoyance. They study but bro can’t concentrate because it’s like a billion degrees in the apartment cuz sis won’t turn down the AC. When he complains, she tells him to strip some layers off to cool down – like she currently is! (bro has a front row seat to her cleavage)
(uh he’s sweating, sister. If it’s hot enough to sweat when sitting stationary, then it’s not that serious. Turn the AC up).

DSC_0272Bro gets horny/grumpy due to the heat and his sister’s tits staring at him. Before things can get incestual, mom comes home and is like, fuck it’s hot in here!
Bro: you’re telling me!

Bro gets a text on his phone and it’s from the student council chick. He replies. Sis tells her bro she’s a bit jelly that he replies super quick to her friend’s texts but replies three days later with a “k” to hers. Bro gets grumpier and asks if she even knows what it means to be jelly?
Her: what?
Him: nothing >__>

He leaves to go whack his johnson in his room just as the door rings. Sis goes to answer it and steps out. We learn that sis has a stalker problem and the reason the student council chick asked for bro’s number was to explain that situation to him. Unsurprisingly, said stalker is at the sibling’s apartment (he is the one who knocked on the door). Sis tries to tell him to get lost but he refuses. She has no man in her life so why not try him out? He’s got a nice package and is great at making waffles :D
Her: no

Before things can get crazy, bro appears and is like, oh she don’t need your brunch menu or your small flat rate package. He hugs sis from behind and tells stalker dude that she’s got her mouth full with his GIANT DICK for some shitty waffles! And apparently that’s all stalker boy needed to leave and go home, off to stalk someone else ( ͡ಠ ʖ̯ ͡ಠ)

When told about what happened the next day, the student council person is kinda confused. She’s happy the bro helped the sis out but she’s weirded out by his methods. Wouldn’t punching the stalker in the face seem more appropriate than grabbing your sister’s bits? Sis tells the student council crew that her bro doesn’t really care for her and he was being a bro.
Them: uh no…pretty sure that’s the opposite and he also just wanted to grab your titties.
Her: what?
Them: nothing >___>

The chapter ends with the siblings alone again. A thunderstorm causes a power outage. While trying to feel her way around, sis bumps into bro. She places her hand on him to make sure he’s really the bro and not a wall or something. He tells her to stop touching him and she asks why.
Him: cuz I’m getting hot and it’s spreading down south (✿´◉◞⊖◟◉`✿)
Her: ew *pulls hand back*

Mom comes home later and the sis acts like nothing weird happened while mom was out. Bro leaves to go smack his dick in his room since he’s got repressed feelings for his sister. End.

This series is still weird for me. Think it’s cuz of little sis. Bro is pretty clear that he’s got bottled-up feels for his womb buddy. But sis. I can’t tell if she’s just thick or if she’s messing with us.


Ai ga Chikyuu wo Sukuu no da (Love will Save the World!) #2


Back to back incest, dude…

This chapter is basically about main girl Makoto getting over her prior heart break in chapter 1. Since then, Makoto has fallen in love 8 other times but they never went anywhere since every one of these individuals had a girlfriend (or in some cases, wives (・□・;)). #9 is a good looking waiter. When she and main dude go to scout him out, but in the end, she freaks and tells main dude she’s not ready.
Him: okay…then why are we even here? (;¬_¬)

We find out that Makoto’s first boy toy made a baby with his old girlfriend and they’re getting married. Makoto is all levels of sad because he chose the pregnant girlfriend over her and that’s just damaging to one’s self confidence (me: ಠ▃ಠ !?). This has been preventing her from being able to move on and love again (me: ಠ▃ಠ !?)

DSC_0274At the same time Makoto is getting over her issues, main dude is trying to work on his own (I forgot his name so I’m calling him “Meowth”). It has been 5 months since Meowth broke up with his girlfriend. He learns that during that time, his old boo went back home and is getting married.
Let me once again iterate that it’s been 5 months since their breakup.
He’s sad because she’s moved on while he’s still stuck in the past. He decides that since it doesn’t look like she’s going to be coming back any time soon, might as well chuck her stuff out ~ (*。_。)┌┛*get
While this is happening, he gets a call from Makoto (this is where I realize they live in different apartment rooms – this whole time I thought they were together in the same place :Y). She tells Meowth she’s ready to confess (him: uh now is not a good time for this. I’m trying to work through my own issues and I don’t have room for yours too…ヽ( ̄д ̄;)) but she wanted to know that if he hadn’t a girlfriend, would he have thought of her as a potential squeeze?
Rather than think “uh that’s weird” he instead translates the situation to her not having in confidence in herself. Dwah ~
Me: you’re an idiot and this is disturbing… ಠ▃ಠ

The next day, Makoto confesses and gets rejected since the dude has a girlfriend. However, she’s finally moving on. To celebrate, she finds Meowth and tells him everything. He cooks her food at his place and that’s when Makoto notices the Glad bags filled with women’s clothing. Cat out of the bag, he tells her the truth – it’s only been him and his hand since she came. His old lady left long ago.

Makoto is all OMG because this means he’s free! What makes it even more awkward is that Meowth said he could see her as a potential squeeze when she asked him earlier. DUN DUN DUNNNNN!

>___> I guess the part where they’re kinda family isn’t relevant here, eh?


Part II down ~ As screwed up as they are, I’m looking forward to reading the next chapters of Inferno and Love Will Save the World! Purely because I want to know if they’re really family in Inferno and are they really going to get together with Love Will Save the World.

Most likely Part I will be ready in the New Year. I’m peacing here soon to visit family so I’ll be away from my computer for ~2 weeks. But hey, I’ve been disappearing a lot anyway so this will probably feel normal haha :P

2 thoughts on “Ane Lala vol 2, Part II

    • Indeed they do! ^^ I feel like it’s the new “thing” though I’m sure it’s been around for awhile. Just maybe not as noticeable as it is now? (so hard to go through an anime or something without someone screaming “Oniisan!” / “Oneesan!” haha).

      In my gut, I have a feeling they won’t be related like you said – adoption or something will save their “forbidden love” ~ :P But it’s surprisingly more fun to be in the mindset of “are they really? are they?” xD


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