What I read (for like the past 2/3 weeks ha)

I’m no good at reviews but I figured I could just blah on what I’ve read. If anything, just to give the titles exposure because a causal fan who doesn’t stalk various publishers on twitter wouldn’t know about all the translated manga coming our way.

Don’t look at me like that….






D-Frag! #2 – a blind buy that turned out to be a fun read for me. The random hilarity still continues to shine in volume #2. Main dude Kenji has some awesome reactions and the vice-president is such an M, I can’t stop laughing at him xD

Yume Kira Dream Shoppe – I wanted to get this volume before it went OOP. I’m a big fan of Aqua Mizuto. I have almost all her manga save for the series she’s best known for – Milky Crown (for some reason, I have yet to stumble upon any volumes of that series at Book*Off :( ). Think the reason I’m such a fan is because one of my first Japanese manga I bought was one of hers. While I didn’t understand a damn thing going on, her cute art was enough for me ^^ That said, Yume Kira Dream Shoppe was an ok read. I liked the short story format involving different couples but I would have liked more info on the main character Rin. Who is Rin? What’s up with Yume Kira Dream Shoppe? What’s up with introducing 2 new characters in the last chapter that deal with Rin and then never explaining about them? Each chapter ends with the same spiel so the series could stop at any point in time. Maybe the series wasn’t popular enough to go beyond 1 volume or it could also be it was just supposed to be one volume? Who know ~ Read if you like your shojos cute ~

D.Gray-Man Omnibus 13-15 – I really hate Viz’s omnibus format. The paper is so shitty and the overall feel of the book is flimsy. I will gladly pay a few extra dollars for a book that doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall apart after one read :/ That said, I’m greatly enjoying D.Gray-Man. I just fly through these omnibuses. The story is filled with action and mystery that leave me crying when I hit the last page because I want to know what’s going to happen next ~

Barakamon #1 – Bought because the guy on the cover looked cute ~ :P However, the series surprised me. It’s pretty funny and has some good life lessons in it. Lookin’ forward to the next volume :)

My Love Story #2 – manga like this make me love shojo even more. If you haven’t read this series yet, do it. Like, right now. Stop reading this and go ~

Kiss of the Rose Princess #1 – I thought I told you to stop reading and go read My Love Story :P If you’re still reading, must mean you’ve already read My Love Story, right? Right??? Haha, anyway. Kiss of the Rose Princess. Nice to see the author of Stray Love Hearts having a series of hers finally translated! Her art is gorgeous ~ The plot right now is kinda mah. The first volume served to introduce the bishies surrounding our protagonist. Hopefully we get a bit more story with the next volume ~ If not, at least I’m getting eye candy out of it! ^^

I Am Alice ~ Body Swap in Wonderland #1 – bought to support Seven Seas and their bishi line ~ While not the smartest of titles (for example: in one scene, a large Griffin is attacking the gang. Alice grabs a knife to defend herself, steeling herself because she doesn’t know how to use a knife. This display of bravery moves the heartstrings of a character who before was like, suck it bitches I ain’t helping. However, the emotion kind of loses its effect when you can see a better choice in weaponry holstered to her side – bitch got a gun and I’m not sure why she doesn’t just “spray and pray” with that thing rather than dick around with a butter knife…) it’s entertaining. You’ve got nice eye candy jumping around acting like fools haha. This title really reminds me of Kiss of the Rose Princess now that I think about it ~

Fushigi Yuugi Big vol 1 & 2 – hell, THIS is how you do an omnibus. These things are HUGE! They could double as weapons. But I love the fact that these Big versions are sturdy as hell, and the paper is of great quality. Only minor problem is the spine tends to eat some of the dialog bubbles but it’s not that serious.
I used to collect Fushigi Yuugi a long time ago, but when the format of the tanks changed, I stopped hur. With the release of these Big versions, I figure it was time to complete the collection ~ Right now since I’ve already collected the volumes compiled into these two Big versions, I’m just taking a stroll down memory lane. The series is amusing as I remember.
And over emotional. Ah Miaka…calm down, girl. Stop running away all the time :P

Any one reading anything good themselves? :J


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